India will attempt ‘false flag operation’ to divert attention from occupied Kashmir, PM Imran warns – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday warned the international community of a possible "false flag operation" by Indian leaders to "divert attention from massive human rights violations" in occupied Kashmir.

"I want to warn the international community that Indian leaders will most likely attempt a false flag operation to divert attention from their massive human rights violations and the unleashing of a reign of terror in IOJK [Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir]"said the prime minister via Twitter.

"We are hearing statements from the Indian media that some terrorists from Afghanistan have entered IOJK for terrorist activities, while others have entered the southern regions of India. These statements are likely to divert attention from the ethnic cleansing agenda and Indian genocide in IOJK, "he added.

The Prime Minister's comments come when the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visits France before the G7 summit.

According to AP, French President Emmanuel Macron, in his meeting with Modi on Thursday, pressed to talk with Pakistan about the crisis in occupied Kashmir.

As part of its three-nation tour, Modi will visit the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain next. In the United Arab Emirates, Modi will receive the nation's greatest honor, the Order of Zayed, according to Hindustan Times. Modi's visit to Bahrain will be the first of an Indian prime minister.

Earlier on Wednesday, in an interview with The New York TimesPrime Minister Imran had expressed concern that India could undertake a deceptive "false flag operation" in occupied Kashmir to try to justify military action against Pakistan, adding that Pakistan would be forced to respond.

“And then you are looking at two countries with nuclear weapons eye to eye, and anything can happen. My concern is that this can escalate and for two countries with nuclear weapons, what we are facing now should be alarming to the world, ”he said in the interview.

India stripped the cashmere of its seven-year special autonomy through a hasty presidential order on August 5. A blackout of communications and strong restrictions on movement imposed by the Indian authorities since the eve of this development entered its 19th day on Thursday.

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