HTC discovers new VR games more easily with streaming service

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HTC has a new streaming subscription service that gives VR gamers unlimited access to titles made specifically for virtual reality. Dubed Viveport Streaming, the service combines HTC's wireless streaming hardware to stream games to VR headsets with built-in-free-free-freedom (6DoF) support on VR-enabled PCs using 5GHz Wi-Fi. Designed. -Fi connection — Provides a new Viveport Infinity VR subscription.

HTC has created a streaming VR subscription service in a way that makes it easier to access VR content using the platform in the same way as Apple Arcade for iOS devices or Google's Stadia game subscription. It gives gamers unlimited access to over 2,000 games and apps that are part of the HTC library. The subscription service is $ 13 per month or $ 9 per month for a one-year prepayment, boasting over 800 premium VR titles.

Viveport Streaming still requires a PC with AMD or Nvidia's discrete graphics, but not as mobile as a standalone virtual reality experience like Oculus Quest or Oculus Go, but HTC can compete with competitors' mobile-friendly virtual reality headsets on Facebook. In the future, HTC plans 5G-based cloud VR to replace the need for an advanced VR-compatible PC to render the game.

HTC said in a statement, “Viveport Streaming instantly expands accessible content on stand-alone devices to hundreds of titles—thousands of thousands—by providing one-click access to an existing full PC VR content library. "This feature allows you to enjoy high quality VR content rendered on high-end PCs without having to worry about wired connections or purchasing additional VR streaming accessories."

Initially, streaming services will be supported by HTC's Vive Focus Plus, an enterprise-centric headset introduced earlier this year, and features a built-in sensor for 6DoF tracking, but more standalone VR devices will later be compatible with the Vive Wave VR platform.

The streaming service was announced at the China Joy 2019 conference and HTC North Tooth game. Called an open world role-playing game created by NetEase, this game provides a multiplayer experience for gamers to fight and explore in various worlds and biomes. The title will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. HTC also announced a new 6DoF interactive Viveport video player, which allows users to walk up to 360 or 180 degrees of video and be more immersed in the content playing on the screen.

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