Harvey Weinstein to hear new accusations against him

New York prosecutors have announced that they have filed a new indictment against Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein, who was photographed in April 2019.

The fallen film tycoon Harvey Weinstein, charged with two sexual assaults, should be informed about new charges that could delay the trial and complicate defenses on Monday.

New York prosecutors announced Thursday it has filed a new prosecution against a 67-year-old former producer. The first charge against him was the catalyst for the US #MeToo movement.

The document will be released in state court on Monday two weeks before the jury selection for the trial on September 9 begins.

According to American media, the new prosecution includes the testimony of actress Annabella Sciorra, who is famous for the star turn of the hit TV series "Sopranos".

Sciorra helped spark the #MeToo workout in October 2017. She told The New Yorker magazine that Weinstein raped her at home in Manhattan in 1993.

Weinstein insisted that his sex was agreed and is expected to re-enter not guilty pleas on Monday.

One of Hollywood's most powerful men, Weinstein, has been charged with harassment and assault by more than 80 women, including stars like Angelina Jolie and Ashley Jude.

Harby Weinstein, charged with two sexual assault charges, must be informed on Monday of the new charges that could delay his trial.

However, the producer of "Pulp Fiction" is faced with charges involving those who claim to have raped her in 2013 and two women who made the same claim in 2006.

Sciorra cited a letter written by the prosecution officer in charge of the case, reporting that her claim was approaching the prosecutor too late to be included in the original prosecution.

The judge refused a request for prosecution to present evidence in the Weinstein trial because Sciorra did not testify before the grand jury, as in the proceedings under US law.

The prosecution hopes she can testify with a new prosecution. The number of complainants appearing in court may affect the verdict, as evidenced by Bill Cosby's conviction in 2018.

Weinstein's lawyers are expected to accuse the new prosecution of "desperate" last-minute movements and demand that the prosecution be dismissed.

Bennett Gershman, a law professor and former attorney at Pace University, said the judge is likely to reject their request.

"We will spend more time preparing for the exam," he told AFP.

Attorney Weinstein called for a trial move, arguing that extensive coverage of the New York tabloid would not result in a fair trial.

The decision also seems to come on Monday, but the request is expected to be rejected.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/517726-weinstein-to-hear-new-accusations-against-him


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