Govt trying to ‘murder’ Zardari by not allowing his medical check-up: Bilawal – Pakistan

The president of the PPP, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, said on Monday that the government was trying to "kill" his father Asif Ali Zardari by not following the doctors' advice for a medical check-up of the former jailed president.

Flanked by other PPP leaders, Bilawal was talking to reporters after meeting with his father and his aunt Faryal Talpur, imprisoned in Rawalpindi Adiala prison in the case of false accounts, for almost three hours.

He alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan had thrown his rivals into jail without charge and that accusations were being made against them without beginning his trial.

"This government is trying to put me, my party and my family under pressure," said the president of the PPP. He said the prison doctor had advised that Zardari be taken to the hospital for a medical examination because he was ill, but the prison authorities were not complying with the recommendation.

"The government is trying to assassinate Zardari by not following the doctors' advice," Bilawal said, announcing that his party will approach the courts regarding the matter and if something happens to the former president, those who hinder his medical treatment They will be responsible.

The National Office of Responsibility had arrested Zardari after the cancellation of his bond prior to the arrest by the Islamabad High Court in the case of false bank accounts. On August 16, the court sent the former president to the Adiala prison in pretrial detention.

Alleging that Prime Minister Imran was "more fascist than the Nazi army in Germany," Bilawal said the prime minister was wrong if he thought he would "attack the 18th Amendment."

He said his aunt Talpur was transferred to the hospital jail late at night and was prevented from attending the Sindh Assembly session.

"Imran Khan violated the sanctity of chador and the four walls, "he claimed.

He said that every promise made by the prime minister had turned out to be a lie and that all social segments were reeling under high taxes.

Bilawal said Prime Minister Imran used to hold Zardari and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif responsible for corruption in the country. "Nawaz and Zardari Sahib are in jail, so why hasn't corruption ended? Where do you save money?" I ask.

He said it was due to the wrong policies of the "selected" prime minister that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had "snatched" Kashmir's occupation.

Bilawal revealed that the opposition Rehbar Committee was discussing the plan of the head of JUI-F, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, to organize a sit-in against the government in January; He said his party would present its strategy in this regard in October.



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