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Volunteers check hazelnuts

Find the Great Forest of England

Forestry Big Forest Find in England is the largest forest wildlife survey in the United States. Volunteers can download the free iNaturalist app and then use it to identify the species they found to take and upload pictures of animals and plants in their local forest. This can be everything from moss and other fungi to birds, butterflies and mammals. Such observations are verified by experts and added to the national record on biodiversity. Accurate records help ecologists, scientists and rangers provide homes for wildlife and care for the forest. There are also expert-led activities such as Savernake Forest in Wiltshire on October 5. Big Forest Find is part of Forestry England's 100th Anniversary. The Forest Committee was established in 1919 to restore the country's forests and woods after the First World War and is currently preparing for the climate crisis.
Free until October 31, forestryengland.uk

Dormitory Survey, Somerset

Volunteers check hazelnuts

Photos: Ben Birchall / PA

National Trust's Working Holidays include a range of outdoor activities, including plant and animal research. Volunteers can identify plants at Woolbeding site in West Sussex, monitor bats and birds at Arlington Court in Devon, or survey wildflowers and butterflies at Golden Cap site in Dorset. One of the upcoming vacations is Holnicote estate in Somerset. September 23-27, 12,000 acres of badlands, woodlands and beaches in Exmoor National Park. Volunteers will participate in annual barn surveys before small creatures hibernate in October, and will help with charcoal-making and nasal phishing-forestry. Since 2000, the number of British hazel (or common) lizards has been reduced to one third, which is essential to maintaining a dormant population. The accommodation is in a renovated barn with 2 dorms and a pub within a short walk.
£ 180, including food, lodging and transfers, nationaltrust.org.uk

Cornwall Rock Pool Project

Rock Pooling Cornwall

Photo: Billy Rickards

Rockpooling meets marine research at this year's old social enterprise project. Family-friendly day trips centered around Falmouth and St Mawes offer the opportunity to discover the southern Cornish coast, survey the wildlife in the area, and create a variety of rock pool maps throughout the project survey site. Participants are provided with a waterproof camera that allows them to find photos through a two-hour guided experience, and the end staff collects and tags them with species names before adding information to the Rockpool Project Database.
2-hour guided experience, children £ 3.83 to £ 6.52. Last group event of summer run Above August 31st (St Mawes by ferry from Prince of Wales Pier) therockpoolproject.co.uk session can also be prepared

Project Puffin, Skomer, Pembrokeshire

Project Puffin, Skomer, Pembrokeshire

Project Puffin, Skomer, Pembrokeshire

Plan ahead for next summer and participate in the Pupu Lazzi with the RSPB. Between Early June 2020Visitors to the Puffin colony in the UK must take a new photo of the fish on their bill, take a note of the date, time and location, and then upload that information to a dedicated page on the RSPB website. The idea is intended to help conservation scientist Dr. Ellie Owen and his team pinpoint exactly why the puffin colony is decreasing (the current thought is associated with a decrease in food availability due to climate change. There is). The colony is Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire, where the South & West Wales Wildlife Sanctuary takes a day trip between Easter and the end of September.
The boat fare from Martin & # 39; s Haven to Skomer is £ 11 for adults, £ 7 for children, £ 11 for adults and £ 5 children. Hostel Style £ 30 adult, £ 15 child per night stay. Learn more about Project Puffin at rspb.org.uk

Siluria Research Expedition, Hebrides

Silurian Research Expedition, Scotland

For an in-depth civic science experience, the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust offers a research-driven boat trip between 7 and 12 days on the yacht, Silurian (used for the BBC's Blue Planet shoot). Every year from April to October. The project has been monitoring whales, dolphins, dolphins and whale sharks on the west coast of Scotland for 17 years, has the largest database of any kind in the UK waters, and annually surveys the west coast and adds records. There are also private sailings for 16 and 17 years old. If the week is too long, the charity will launch the Whale Track initiative, allowing anyone who visits the West Coast of Scotland to track whale and dolphin observations through the free app to track the movement of other species.
£ 950pp all-inclusive, hwdt.org

Isle of Wight from the pier

Isle of Wight from the pier

When Ryde Pier opened in 1814, it was to provide foot passengers with an alternative to reaching dry land on long, wet sand to get off the boat (up to 0.5 miles in tides). But today, the sand between the toes is attractive by itself. Especially August 30At this year's Under The Pier arts and nature event, it is a survey by in-pier, wharf and marine marine volunteers, which can be checked with the help of professional ecologists and then submitted to confirmation, records and the Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Association. Island species database). Along the way, young visitors can cast their starfish into sand or listen to the sea with an underwater listener.
3:30 pm-6 pm, free (Take your own net), it is open to people of all ages.

Moth, North Yorkshire

Long Park Forest, A Moth In Central Park At Night.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Moth Night 26 28 September. One of the most sociable events takes place on September 27 at the Yorkshire Arboretum in Yorkshire Castle Howard. Visitors can hear more about the typical local species through drinks in the cafe. Install specialist moth traps around the tree in the late evening. This group will help you investigate traps the next morning, investigate traps, monitor the number of species and identify the movement of species over time.

9:00 -10: 30 PM, 8:00 AM the next day Adult £ 4, Child £ 2, yorkshirearboretum.org, mothnight.info

Merle otter group

European otter, lutra lutra, standing on a rock, looking at photographer on mule island beach in scotland

Photo: Bridget Stanbridge / Alamy

Otters are notorious, but Mule Island, located on the west coast of Scotland, has over 300 miles of coastal habitat and supports one of the highest densities of Eurasian otters in the UK. Many wildlife lovers travel specifically to visit the island, and the Mull Otter Group does not disclose known places, but encourages you to record otter observations through its website (to avoid interference). Sighting reports help the group better understand otter biology and ecology, encourage responsible observing otters, reduce otter road damage, and generally help identify local otter populations. Mull Magic's Otter Detective Walks, a local wildlife walk operator, will allow you to better discover one of the glossy creatures. While sightings are not guaranteed, the basic concept of small group travel is to help visitors find and learn otters responsibly.
mullottergroup.co.uk. Otter Detective Walk Through the Day with Mull Magic Lunch & Afternoon Tea from 60ppm on mullmagic.com

Great British Beach Clean and diverse places

Marine conservation volunteers participating in the Great British Beach Clean event of the Marine Conservation Society

Plastic bottles, bras, teeth, headless dolls… Those who participated in this year's Great British Beach Clean September 20-23. The need for this annual event is indisputable because plastic pollution is becoming a problem on every beach around the world. But it's not just about picking up trash. Marine Conservation Society collects data from initiatives that help support campaigns in the initiative (introducing plastic bag levy, banning microplastics in personal care products and improving wet wipe labeling) Use the map to find organized events. The group cleaning list currently ranges from Bhornhornan Beach in County Down to Gorleston in Norfolk.

Free, mcsuk.org

Big Seaweed Search Nationwide

Man foraging seaweed in Dulse on Northumberland coastline.

Photo: Tim Gainey / Alamy

There are more than 650 species of seaweed in the British Isles, creating shelter and food for thousands of sea creatures, protecting the coastline from waves, and everything from food to cosmetics. However, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and the spread of non-natural species affect the health and distribution of seaweed. To monitor this, a long-running Big Seaweed Project asks volunteers to visit the British coastline at low tide, record seaweed, and record it with a booklet where photos and records can be downloaded. One of several civic science projects organized by the National History Museum, the project is run in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society and can be carried out. all the year round People who live on the beach or spend vacations by the beach

Free, nhm.ac.uk

Northumberland Night Buch Research Project

Northumberland Bamberg Bamberg Research Project

Most of the UK's civil science projects are wildlife-focused, but history and culture are also topics. For example, in Northumberland, the Bamburgh Research Project is a long-term, archaeological field school where volunteers can help excavate and discover water for Bamburgh Castle (the main palace fortress of the king of medieval Northumbria). For 6 weeks as an independent non-profit initiative June and July every year (Plan ahead for 2020) Especially suitable for archaeological undergraduates looking for excavation experience. But anyone over 12 years old can participate even beginners.

£ 280 per week (under 16 years require parent or guardian, including education and equipment) (except accommodation)

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