Fully alive to threat from eastern border: COAS

Islamabad-Saturday Chief General of the Army Chief of Staff Khasar Yabe Bazwa (COA) said Pakistani forces are ready to stop all Indian adventures and invasion.

According to the Inter Service, “We are threatened by the eastern border with regard to what is going on in Jammu and Kashmir, which is occupied by India and are fully prepared to stop misunderstandings and invasion. Promotional press release.

The Army Chief of Staff appreciated the readiness and fraud of the army despite the weather, terrain and the highest battlefield enemy in the world.

While visiting Gilgit's large headquarters, Camarza Bedbads and General also placed flower wreaths at the Shuda Monument.

The US Army's statement decided that as tensions between Pakistan and India increased, New Delhi would deprive IOK of its special status and enforce information containment in the Himalayan valley.

By abolishing Article 370, the rest of India now have the right to acquire property and settle permanently in Kashmir.

Kashmiri and critics see this move as an attempt to dilute the demographics of the majority of Muslim areas with Hindu settlers.

The indefinite curfew that came in on Day 20 remains at IOK and political leaders are in detention.


Source Link : https://nation.com.pk/25-Aug-2019/fully-alive-to-threat-from-eastern-border-coas


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