Full airspace closure for India, ban on land routes for Indo-Afghan trade under consideration – Pakistan

The Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, announced Tuesday that the federal cabinet was considering restoring a total ban on the use of Pakistani airspace for Indian flights.

Arriving on Twitter, the minister revealed that a general ban on the use of Pakistani land routes for Indian trade with Afghanistan was also suggested during today's cabinet meeting.

He said legal formalities were being considered for these decisions to take effect.

"Modi has begun, we will finish!" The minister wrote, referring to the measure of the Indian Prime Minister to revoke the special autonomy of Kashmir occupied earlier this month.

The minister's tweet comes a day after Prime Minister Imran trusted the nation about the government's strategy regarding India's Kashmir through a national speech, and promised that Pakistan "will do everything possible" to support the cause of the oppressed people of Kashmir.

On Tuesday, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information, Firdous Ashiq Awan, said at a press conference that the prime minister during the cabinet meeting reiterated Pakistan's support for Kashmir.

On August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government stripped the cashmere of constitutional rights they had for seven decades through a hasty presidential order. An indefinite curfew was imposed on occupied Kashmir and elected leaders were placed under house arrest.

By repealing article 370 of the constitution, people from the rest of India will now have the right to acquire property in Kashmir and settle there permanently. Cashmere and critics of the Hindu government led by Hindu nationalists see the measure as an attempt to dilute the demography of the Muslim majority of Kashmir with Hindu settlers.

In addition, the Interior Minister of India, Amit Shah, who is also president of the BJP, introduced a bill, approved by the parliament of India, to fork the state into two union territories that will be governed directly by New Delhi.

Pakistan angrily criticized the decision, expelled the ambassador from India, suspended bilateral trade and took the matter to the United Nations Security Council.

The country observed a "Black Day" on August 15 to coincide with Indian Independence Day celebrations, in solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran is committed to taking responsibility for raising the voice of the people of Kashmir in all the forums of the world. "I will be the ambassador of his cause worldwide," he said earlier this month.

Other matters discussed by the cabinet

Awan said that during the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Khan ordered interested sectors to enact laws so that the death penalty would be a punishment for people involved in child rape. He added that the cabinet also decided to formulate a national policy to empower transgender people.

The cabinet also approved the amended Criminal Ordinance 2019 under which prison terms will be granted against theft of electricity, he said.

The SAPM said Railways Minister Shaikh Rashid told the cabinet that the & # 39; free ticket policy & # 39; for the elderly it has changed and now only up to four free tickets would be given each year to people 75 years of age or older.

At his press conference, Awan rejected the impression that Nadeem Afzal Chan, the spokesman for the prime minister, resigned from his post.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1501998/full-airspace-closure-for-india-ban-on-land-routes-for-indo-afghan-trade-under-consideration


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