Former Zimbabwe Cricket chairman Peter Chingoka dies

Former Zimbabwe Cricket Chairman Peter Chingoka died Thursday at the age of 65.

Chingoka was one of the first black Zimbabweans to name Cricket at first as a player and later in administration. As a youth pioneer and a useful low-end hitter, Chingoka admitted Barry Richards as being laid off by selecting South Africa XI, who played in the Gillette Cup knockout competition in 1975-76 and 1976-77.

His playing career did not go as expected, but Chingoka became an increasingly important figure in the cricket administration after Zimbabwe's independence in 1980 and was appointed vice president of the Zimbabwe Cricket Union in 1990. Two years later Chingoka was acquired by David Ellman-. As president, he oversaw the most successful period of Zimbabwe Cricket in the 1990s and held its position for several years.

The ICC praised Chingoka's achievements, noting the contribution not only to Zimbabwe but also to the "Africa-wide" game. Chingoka served as ZCU president and later served as Zimbabwe Cricket Chairman, as well as a member of the ICC Board of Directors.

“The death of President Ching Coca is sad news for the cricket world,” said ICC Chief Executive Manu Sawhney. "He was widely recognized as an important leader of cricket in Zimbabwe and was a respected member of the ICC Board of Directors. I was sad that we learned about his death. On behalf of ICC, I would like to express my condolences. His family and friends "

However, Chingoka's accountability time was not difficult, and his tenure gradually declined as a whole due to the decline in talents throughout Zimbabwe, the collapse of established structures, and allegations of mismanagement. He resigned as chairman of ZC in a debate about the financial position and salary of the board of directors in July 2014, but remained a consultant in ZC leadership.

The statement from Zimbabwe's Sports and Recreation Council said, "Peter retired from the current administration of Cricket, but he still remains a repository of Crigg's knowledge and Critorgh, which can be asked for wise advice." . "The void left by Peter will no doubt be filled."

ZC's chief Tabengwa Mukuhlani said he had suffered enormous losses for the national and world cricket family, expressing sorrow as he traveled through Chingoka. Prime Minister Mukliny said, “Principal Ching Coca is a wonderful and very humble man, and he has been respected and respected for his tremendous contributions to his crickets.” "His dedication to cricket games is well documented and considered internationally manager.

"The global cricket family is honored and fortunate to have benefited from his visionary leadership and effort. He will live forever for our memories and for what we are all about."

"I would like to express my sincere condolences to Chingoka's beloved wife Shirley, his family, friends, and the cricket family around the world on behalf of the ZC Board of Directors, management, players and staff. The loss of the great man. And pray to find the strength and courage to overcome this difficult time. "


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