Football: The 10 Greatest Games Ever

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Football: The 10 Greatest Games Ever

If you are a football fan, we will want to know about the top 10 games you have played.

# 10.Liverpool vs. Chelsea | 4-4 (2008-09 Champions League)

Before the Champions League semi-finals, the clash of these two giants was to decide who would move forward. Chelsea were leading after they beat their first leg 3-1. But in the second game, the Reds were strong. But it was Lampard who sealed their fate, and the match ended with Chelsea 7-5 in the semifinals.

Liverpool vs. Alaves | UEFA Cup Finals May 4-4, 2001

This is the first time UEFA Cup Final Liverpool has played since the ban on the tragedy of Heysel Stadium. Full time, both teams were at 4-4 at the same level. However, for an additional time Liverpool won by Defi Geli's own goal.

# 8. France vs Portugal | 2-1 (Euro SF 2000)

Portugal scored in the 19th minute. But with the shooting of Thierry Henry, the match became even. However, three minutes before the end of the extra time, Zinedine Zidane's penalty led France to victory.

Brazil vs England | 1-0 (1970 World Cup)

When Pele went to the World Cup he was forced. But Britain did not let Brazil dominate this game. Gordin Banks denied Pele's goal. However, in 67 minutes Jairzinho scored with a high pass by Pele.

# 6. West Germany vs. Hungary | 3-2 (1954 World Cup Final)

Hungary was one of the best teams of the 1950s. They did not lose the game when they advanced to the World Cup final. They also boasted some of the best players in the world But West Germany got the best of them.

Liverpool vs. AC Milan | 3-3 (2005 UEFA Champions League Final)

This game is called the Istanbul Miracle. Because it's something Reds will never forget. Milan leads 3-0 in half. But in the second half, Liverpool finally came to Liverpool because it finally won the fourth Champions League title.

# 4. Argentina vs England | 2-1 (1986 World Cup)

Diego Maradona has achieved two goals that continue to be discussed in history. On this platform he became one of the best footballers in the world.

#three. Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich | (2-1 Champions League Final)

Bayern Munich scored their first goal and began to dominate the game. However, Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Teddy Sheringham scored ManU's victory.

# 2. Brazil vs. Italy | 3-3 (Le Tournoi 1997)

Friendly Le Tournoi had 4 participants. Although Brazil, France, England and Italy England won, the match between Brazil and Italy won a lot. Italy dominated this game, but Brazil got the best in this game.

#One. Italy vs West Germany | 4-3 (1970 World Cup)

It is still considered a game of the century. It featured a football powerhouse. However, Italian Rivera captured Italy in the final against Brazil.


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