Five possible headlines you’ll see tomorrow

One of the most anticipated matches of ICC World Cup 2019, Pakistan and India are coming today (Sunday). Both sides met six times in the previous World Cup, and Pakistan never left. victor.

More than a bell, India looks like a much stronger team, but Pakistan has the ability to surprise everyone. They showed it off against the British and know what this epic clash would throw at cricket lovers. Looking at the main players of both teams, we expect one of the following headlines in the paper on June 17.

Kohli-stic missiles hit Pakistan

If you have a limited over-format Batman who can win the match with one hand, depending on his condition, it's Virat Kohli. For years unprecedented hitting performance, Indian treadmills, also known as & # 39; The King Kohli & # 39 ;, specialize in chasing large guns. Yes, I remember when the Champions Trophy 2017 final was foxed twice by Muhammad Amir. But it does not make him a genius. If he goes, he won't stop the tricky hands, powerful drive, delicious cuts and ferocious pulls. Much depends on Kohli's performance as captain, as well as Batman, to win India.

India gets Zaman-ted

Fakhar Zaman is a modern, authentic batman who doesn't really believe in coaching manuals, but relies on his skills, confidence and original talents to harass the opposition. Just 70 quick shots with this Ex-Navy Batman will allow textbook players like Babar Azam to consolidate their launch pads and lay the groundwork for the final attack. India has experienced how deadly Fakhar Zaman can be and will plan for it. But Zaman's legitimacy offers an advantage, because the opponent is difficult to plan for non-traditional hitters. Pakistan will rely heavily on him to reveal the beginning of injustice in an entirely important match.

Bum-Bum-Bumrah has a last hurray when India beats Pakistan

Heavy bats, short borders, and the use of two balls leaned the game in favor of Batman, but the sum was 350. There is a bowler who knows how to bowl a dot ball even when the opposite side crosses the shower boundary. Jasprit Bumrah is incredibly accurate and clever. His unusual behavior helps to trick the batter with a slow ball, while his short runup surprises him when he sees 85+ mph. With Pakistan's second blow, the match between Pakistan and India collapsed, Jasprit Bumrah would be a decisive factor for India to pull Pakistan into the jumbo and eventually aim for the wicket.

Amir Boss India blows lineup with Pakistani bag 2 points

India's blow power is concentrated in the top three. Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli have been doing most of their runs for quite a long time, and India is struggling with a good bowling lineup whenever the top orders that rarely occur are spread. According to the weather forecast, Old Trafford has a cloud rain (if there is no rain). These conditions are suitable for Muhammad Amir, which is lethal under seaming conditions. He has all the power to take care of Indian top spells that have been proven in the past. During the first power play, Amir's spells are very important and can define what matches. If Pakistan ranks third, India is in a situation where the blow to India is diminishing, and lately there aren't many middle and low middle orders going on, which would be a good chance for Pakistan to finish India quickly. If India was hit second time blues However, they rely on three things too much to chase the sum.

1 point earned in Pakistan and India

Well, I don't want to zinc it, but there are all the chances that the game might stop when it rains soon. To make the situation worse, there is no alternative date for this encounter. Pakistan and Sri Lanka, South Africa and the West Indies already suffered the same fate in these two matches. Questions about the timing of tournaments are already being raised at ICC because rain affects very important games. As we get closer to the final stages of the round robin league, some teams are greatly affected by the sharing points of non-paradise games. I hope this is not true today. Both teams can add 2 points to Tally. I don't care either. Even though it would be 1 point each.

Let's see who won this time!


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