England’s batting maelstrom squanders another opportunity

If you haven't noticed, England's test batter lineup is absolutely a big blow. You used at least to rely on cruelty-the top half sinks without trace (but there weren't many changes. The plural ninjas drilled and drilled to achieve something 300 degrees north and took a firm stand in the competition. I did.

However, the components of this England team at the moment do not seem to know the batter, of course, how to type in a test form. In the late 1990s, the auto-completed innings in the cricket captain simulator could no longer generate a random route to England's 258 at 77.1 over. Suitable for this, and some start-up, collapse, recovery, fade occurred. It may be competitive. Probably not.

Either way, a huge opportunity was wasted when Lyon admitted that Australia was not the best. With the exception of Lory Burns, he's at the top of the order. Test Calib yakka's latest display has paid a considerable amount, with a terrible reduction in golie taking 16. Typed in optimal position and appeared in final analysis.

Jason Roy-Too high! Joe Root-Too High! Joe Denley-It's too low! Joss Butler-Too High! Ben Stokes-too low! Jonny Bairstow-Too low! And the spy continues until the 11th tributary of the man who was 92 years old when he last visited the Lord. If the British innings were episodes of Play Your Cards Right, Bruce Forsyth's catch phrase was "Did you not good?" It would have been a bare foot lie.

In the early afternoon, the Lord's pitch, which is generally evenly progressed (fine and flat …), lost its suspicion of poison under a gentle blue sky and undoubtedly swaying comfortably for Burns and Den Lee to accept perfectly Take a period. Scored 2.9 or more in the third place match above 66.

When he first considered the possibility that his decision on the bowl might have been a bit hasty, it was a kind of play channel by right that Tim Payne's eyebrows just shaved off the touch. But of course Roy and Root were already cut off before the two of them already ready to make the most of such conditions.

Now, when Josh Hazlewood squeezes you like a sweaty attacking hound of sweat in a frail summer, you should not be surprised to experience some early casualties in test innings. However, when the main virtue shown by Denly and Burns was to be a straight bat at the point of precaution, judgment and impact (regardless of where Burns waved before the ball was released), it seems strange that neither was placed. . Survival for the new ball was the main goal.

Also, if Denly actually has a future on this England Test team, he must be the one who can bite the bullet and return to the role he played in Kent in the past with Burns. Much more than what Roy did). The job is complete when he absorbs a new ball over. If he goes out cheaply, at least he is not a more valuable scalp. Or the UK should accept the fact that pursuing a reliable opening partnership is a simple example of limiting damage, and Leach must permanently play the role of a night watchman. Sounds rough, but in both cases the same principles apply.

Joe Denly, trying to cheat again, is time to prove and prove his worth Getty images

Instead, the UK chose hitter exposure on international family trees, which was proven in a one-day game against Australia, with an average of 49.64 points in 17 ODIs, including 180 in the UK's UK record of 2018. The transition to Red Ball Cricket Hazlewood himself predicted the day before the series.

According to CricViz, Roy's rate of false shots was 28.7%, the second highest of all Batman in the last 12 months. Burns holds fifth place in this list, but by 21.1% his game has at least the inevitability of new ball difficulties. Roy's hands and active thinking, on the other hand, seem to cause more problems than his talent can currently calculate.

In the case of Root, his secrets, reluctant to give up third place, are not recognized as public secrets. He's now down from 40 on average to 43 innings compared to 48.00 above 60 innings. Since there was no better alternative, his scalp for the new ball with the team in this series and Hazlewood twisting the slope to fix the lbw was a typical example of why he was not so exposed early in the test. innings.

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And for half an hour after lunch, from 92 to 2:30, Australia found the UK a wicket that could fall into a real assault. The remnants of the countermeasured middle instruction are now preprogrammed to get stuck in two minds. Enter the butler and exit the butler. Butler is more stupid than other players because of his role in the England World Cup. If there was a silver lining on Britain's 4th week surrender for three hours of the day, Bestoow at least got to know again in the middle of the bat after experiencing the most amazing collapse on the test form.

Do you remember when Bairstow was undoubtedly the most successful test batman in the UK? In the last 12 months, you wonder if he remembers it, but according to his career record it is mediocre: 1470 is 58.80 for the year 2016, the highest is for 4 centuries, which did not include 167. Against Sri Lanka

The discussion at that time was about whether Bairstow became a true test hitter, not Gilchristian's counter-punching No.7. But as we all know, his preference is for a security person who always plays his two roles. Even that means fixing him in low order in the middle, with all the risks that accompany him.

His half-century was at least the beginning of typical Bairstow ripostes for critics, but starting from 5 to 136 (6 to 9 to 138), there was no way enough to develop into a full-fledged screw. All performance. But either way, his form of intervention would have been shocked. In the soil of the house, his previous 10 men recorded eight single figures, eight, 18 and five ducks can boot.

In such a situation, it is not the same as an insurance policy that allows you to be cast as not actually Batman. But it is rather a matter of up and down in the present order. Not really as good as it is now. And it doesn't look good enough to endure the Australian team with a decisive focus, as it's been exhibited on the coast for generations.


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