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IIt was a long day on Friday night. You are a young woman when you go into a bar and look for a friend, when a man you don't know approach you and grab you and get close. "SPIN" speaks intensely and turns you into a circle. This is a command, not a request. When you try to leave, he hides sadness for a while, sticks out his eyebrows, declares your love, the pain of his eyes. “Don't be ashamed of me,” the man growls and tries to pull you towards the door, towards the taxi, towards the apartment, even when you resist.

The game: The Game: The Game: The Game: The Game: The Game: The lens of a “pickup artist”, a profitable but emotionally transformed community that teaches how dating men are well-tuned and manipulative men to extract others Game to transform into a survival horror by filtering “romance” through women's sex at all costs. In traditional dating simulations, a variety of romantic interests are offered and recommended to choose the one you like the most. As with pickup artists, this is not what you want in a game. Instead, you are provided with several men who are willing to do various things that will take you to bed. Each one is based on a real leader in the seduction community and tailored to his specific approach.

Created by artist and academy Angela Washko, The Game: The Game immerses you in one of the balanced "seduced" routines. He feels your anxiety and makes it feel irrational to say “no”.

Pickup Line… You can see an excerpt from the game.

Washko became interested in pickup artists through her work in the massively multiplayer role-playing game World of Warcraft. She discussed how to facilitate the discussion about the poor treatment of female players and make the community more welcome. Some of the men she mentioned mentioned the books of pickup artists, especially those from Roosh V (aka Daryush Valizadeh).

Authors of books such as Vang Iceland, Bang Poland, Bang Ukraine, etc., who have advised on how to procure sexual activity in various countries through manipulation tactics, Valizadeh was once a personal property Insisting on the legalization of rape, women insisted on protecting themselves. Take better responsibility for their actions. He later claimed that this was a satire, but in his book there is a graphical depiction of the situation depicting sex with women who are too addicted to consent, unconsciousness, crying or rejection. Valizadeh said: (He found God while eating mushrooms, and, ironically, banned all discussions about casual sex in his forum.)

After reviewing the text and practice of the "Seduction Community", Washko decided to start deep diving, acquiring sometimes expensive primary materials and text from various systems and mapping the differences. All citations or interactions with specific "leaders" in the game are taken directly from coaching videos, guides or other basic materials. Some exchanges are rewritten per word. By asking players to experience from a woman's point of view, not a man, these skills instantly transform from a temptation to a nightmare.

If these temptation tactics, designed to gain consent through persistence and manipulation, seem shocking and confusing to those who accidentally know the PUA community, Washko says that the most extreme tactics that the fix head of the scene usually claims are hundreds of dollars in video, You have to pay thousands of dollars for the seminar. “Most of the coaching content won't be seen free,” says Washko.

“But after buying these materials and watching the main coaching videos, I was surprisingly confused… There was a shocking act of neglecting consent. It is incredible that such a video was not scrutinized and disseminated. I think this is because of the paid wall. ”

Angela Washko's Game: Screenshots of the Game

preference… Game: Game Picture: Screenshot of Angela Washko

As a genre, dating simulators provide a particularly resonant space to explore trading perspectives on sex and dating. In most dating simulations, players are given a list of romantic interests, and they need to adjust their behavior or conversation choices to get a positive response from the target and gain body or mind. If you speak or do the right thing and get enough score, you can get what you want, whether it's sex or love.

This is obviously not the way real life works. The game is designed to win through technology and perseverance, but humans have not been pre-programmed to meet the needs of any individual who makes himself attractive. But Mr. Washko says many talented pick-up artists use video game metaphors to talk about temptations. When interviewing Valencia, I explained what to do if you reached a certain point of temptation and offended the woman. Actually perform the reset. I felt that I had to spend some time moving to the next level. In the end, you get what you want. ”

It is not only inhuman, but also dangerous to recognize that any woman is “winning” if only enough time and force is applied, such as a sexual treasure chest that always opens with the right code or with sufficient psychological strength. In this framework, it is not “no” but rather another obstacle to be overcome by working at the various pressure points of anxiety, humiliation, and psychological coercion. After all, what does it mean to “win a game” if she doesn't force her if she simply targets her or even doesn't care about the man who repels and frightens him?

The Game: The Game paired with the tense and minimalist soundtrack of the experimental band Xiu Xiu, bringing out phobias and tacit threats. When various men return you to the corner, manipulate your body, and try to force you into situations where what you want is not important, the music sings with trembling muscle fears.

Washko has played The Game: The Game with hundreds of testers, and some of the most convincing answers come from men, “This is a horror game. This is a nightmare. Waschko said women often have different perspectives. “This is my life. This is every day. ”



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