CNG price reduced by Rs 4.40 per liter

ISLAMABAD – The All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas Association (APCNGA) announced on Saturday that it would lower the price of 4.40 rupee CNG per liter throughout Punjab, including Islamabad.

"The new price was calculated after the ratio of RLNG (Regassified Liquefied Natural Gas) to dollar fell against the rupee," said the central director of the Abdul Giyas Paracha Association, APP said.

He said the product was sold for 89.90 rupees per liter of Punjab. [from Attock to Bahawalpur including Islamabad]Available at 85.50 rupees per liter.

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He asked Punjab that all CNG stations received RLNG from Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Company Limited instead of natural gas. In other regions, he added that the outlet receives natural gas that sells goods after compacting in kilograms.

He also explained that CNG prices have been deregulated, and as a result, some profits can be given up to compete in the market by adjusting the yield of commodities at any outlet. The new price will take effect from September 1st.

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