British Airways tests first-class virtual reality headset

First class passengers on British Airways will soon receive more perks when the airline starts testing the new virtual reality headsets.

The airline announced on Wednesday, August 14, that first-class customers on some international flights will be able to watch in-flight entertainment such as movies, documentaries and travel programs through a custom VR headset for eight hours. continuing. The headset offers 2D, 3D and 360 degree formats.

There is also an option for the passenger to choose a treatment program from the VR headset, such as a guided headset or acoustic therapy. This program is designed specifically for passengers who are afraid of flying.

“We are always looking for the latest technology to improve the customer experience on the ground and in the air. Virtual reality has the power to revolutionize in-flight entertainment, and we are very pleased to demonstrate this new eyewear as this new eyewear must create a unique and memorable journey for our first customers. ” Sajida Ismail said.

British Airways has partnered with SkyLights, a specialist in VR glasses, to create custom headsets. Headsets immerse passengers in the 3D world, whether sitting or lying down.

Only first-class customers traveling from London Heathrow Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York can experience the trial. In other words, to experience 35,000 feet of VR on the ground, you'll need to spend around $ 8,000 on a return first class ticket.

Last September, Alaska Airlines tested SkyLights VR headsets and noise-canceling headphones for passengers.

As technology advances, airlines are looking for more ways to make the flight experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Honest and flying can be stressful and tiring. Unfortunately, most of these technical features and trial versions are available only to first-class passengers.

American Airlines and the mattress brand Casper have partnered in 2017 to provide passengers with Casper mattress pads and premium lumbar pillows to enhance cabin comfort.

Apple Music announced a partnership with American Airlines last January. In general, passengers will have to pay extra to access the Wi-Fi connection during the flight.

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