Best virtual reality games

If you can't immerse yourself in the game with only 4K gameplay with high frame rate and HDR support, you may want to stop watching television and wear a virtual reality headset. Whether you're playing on PlayStation 4 or PC, there are plenty of VR games to choose from, and you've picked some of the best games for each platform.

In the case of PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, they stuck to exclusive products. Vive doesn't focus on exclusive products, so some of the games listed on those headsets are also available on Rift and PlayStation VR, and the program allows you to play many Rift games on Vive.

These are the best virtual reality games you can play now.

Playstation vr

Blood and truth

Walmart PSVR Playstation VR Bundle Deal

PlayStation VR has been one of the most popular virtual reality devices in history, but previously there was no true killer app. Blood and truth. Based on the "London Raid" component Playstation vr worldThe whole follow up is essentially a playable Guy Ritchie movie. Car chases, numerous shootouts, stealth components and thrilling set pieces are among the most impressive games in VR. You won't be surprised to see it coming from the same studio. getaway. Blood and truth The reason for using PlayStation VR is more than just demonstrating the usefulness of this technology.

Gran Turismo Sport VR Mode

Gran Turismo Sports

Gran Turismo Sports It is one of the most realistic racing games on the market, offering a tremendous amount of authenticity in both the included vehicle and its location, with impressive modes and features to keep every head. However, in the VR mode of the game, the action actually heats up, providing all the thrills of a first-person race with virtually no written risk of entering the car. If ding bumpers, you do not need to pay for repairs!

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Firewall: zero hour

Firewall zero hour

It's a frenzied and awesome thing you usually see on virtual reality devices and it's been completely removed from the best games. Firewall: zero hour As a tactical multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege You can create one of the true competitive games on PlayStation VR. Use the PlayStation VR Aim controller to select one of the 12 characters and carefully move forward with your squad as you defeat the enemy and hide cover. There are also cooperative and solo modes that will help you get used to shooting or practice working as a team.

Resident Evil 7: Biological VR Mode

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard It was even more terrible to turn the traditional third-person action of the series into first-person view, going down an unfamiliar hallway or turning a dark corner. Naturally, playing this in virtual reality makes you feel like you're actually being hunted by the mutant Louisiana family. The whole game can be played in VR mode, and in the Halloween season there is no scarier way than to turn off all lights and wear earbuds and then head home.

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Until Dawn: Blood Rush

Blood Review Dawn Dawn Rush

Need some more "pew pew" in your VR horror game? Don't look anymore Until Dawn: Blood Rush. On-rail shooting game, not main timing and selection based adventure Until dawnIt's not less scary. You have to defend yourself against the fearsome monsters with various weapons that occur on the roller coaster with as many paths as possible. The game was used for free on PlayStation Plus and has a leaderboard around the world, so you need to get high scores of many friends to win.

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League: Mechanized Battle League

Best game dtsuperbowlrigs during super bowl half time show

If you can not choose between first-person shooters and sports games in the studio League: Mechanized Battle League. Guerrilla Cambridge's hybrid game was one of the headset's best launch titles, offering a combination of teamwork, fast-paced action, and verticality. League It feels like the harshest paintball game, but instead of someone wearing a plastic mask, they wear mechanized clothes and switch to several multiplayer and single player career modes.

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Oculus Rift

I expect you to die

I expect you to die | Shell games
Rest games

Oculus Rift was able to perfectly play games for the original console or PC, but Schell Games wasn't interested in that market. Instead of the studio I expect you to dieA game that can only exist in virtual reality. It's your job to use Telekinetic Secret Agents to infiltrate various dangerous scenarios using items found in your environment. The pins of the fire extinguisher can be used to release grenades, and the leaked pipe can cool the engine nicely. Schell Games might expect you to die, but you don't have to accept fate.

Dirt Rally VR

Code master vr trowel rally

Enjoy VR Driving Gran Turismo Sports If you want to experience the full racing game through the headset on PlayStation VR Dust Rally. Available as a component in the Steam release and as a standalone game through the Oculus store. Dirt Rally VR Compatible with all cracks using the game all modes. The game has single player and multiplayer, no variety of outdoor places and car crash to see when racing.

Lucky story

Lucky story

Classic 3D platform games are rare these days and are rarely seen in virtual reality. Lucky story Check out both boxes with many collectibles and challenging jumps, as well as additional camera controls provided by Oculus Rift. Lucky is a lovely mascot that brings back memories of heroes like Banjo-Kazooie. Lucky story If you own the headset, it's free and if you decide you like the game, then the non-VR Super Lucky's Tail Also available for Xbox One and PC.

Edge of nowhere

Cutting edge

Insomniac Games is a little bit darker for third person Edge of nowhere. A horror game that blends fantasy-rooted fears with natural horrors such as certain deaths falling from ice cliffs is another example of great storytelling of insomnia. Edge of nowhere Definitely less cartoon than any other game seen by the company, but it combines gameplay and story in an attractive way.

Rock band VR

Featuring rock band vr hands

I play the guitar but I want some more fans. a Fans – to cheer you up? Wow Rock band VR, You can live the fantasies of becoming a rock star that enthusiastic crowds disturb depending on your song. Oculus Touch or Rock band 4 The controller allows you to stand on a virtual stage and play like a classic rock band game, or improvise and experiment. Unlike real life, the clubs you play don't smell old sweat.


Crytech Climbing Oculus Touch Controller Support

Developed by Crytek – The company behind the technically amazing game Crysis Climbing If there is no risk of slipping, you can experience all the thrills of climbing without the risk of dying. Full of shortcuts for adventurous players, multiplayer support, and even a “tourist mode” so your friends can try without having to master all the skills.

HTC Vibe

Beat saber

Saber Star Wars Beat Me

Who predicted that a dancing game using two virtual illuminators would be VR's biggest hit? Beat saber Use color-coded saber swings to slash incoming blocks and vary in intensity depending on the song you choose. There are plenty of options to customize, including your own songs, on your PC, and you can do great exercises just by acting as you can for decades. Adding content regularly Beat saber A game that will end in months or years.

Fallout 4 VR

GTX 1070

That Fallout 4 It's in VR. This is not a sampler or teaser for what could be a full fallout game in virtual reality, but full Fallout 4 I was able to experience it on the HTC Vive. From killing mutant creatures to creating a community of dreams, everything can be done behind the headset, giving you more influence of the game's more emotional choices. Of course, you can go out and cause as much personal injury as possible. It's up to you.

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Fate VFR

Fate vfr review beast

I want to enter the world of 2016 Destiny If you tear your chin in half and step on the mutilated body, you will see a demon in your eyes. Wow Destiny VFR, You can do it completely. Id Software has created a whole new story without replacing existing games with VR shooting galleries. Destiny VFR, Which shows that you are on a demon cleanup mission to prevent destroying a research center based on Mars. But most importantly, they provide an excuse to kick the devil's ass.

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Super hot VR

Oculus Quest headset takes you to VR VR 2019 super hot

Original, one of the most original first-person shooter and adventure games Super hotThe ring of the world, which only moves when it moves, creates tactical perceptions that are not usually seen in the genre. The VR version was built on that great foundation, and the update added the option to win the game without firing further achievements, levels and guns. This requires speed and careful planning.

Creed: Rise to Glory

Best Virtual Reality Game Creed

movie Creed II In a battle where Adonis Creed confronts Ivan Drago's son, objectively reflecting a great conspiracy Rocky IVCreed must be trained to be the best boxer on the planet, preparing for the most important fight to date. Creed: Rise to Glory You can do just that with malicious punching controls, player-to-player fights, and training with the legendary Rocky Balboa. You can also visit the film's famous locations to reach the mindset of Philadelphia fighters. Cut me now, Mick!

Arizona Sunshine


Don't let the positivity title fool you: Arizona Sunshine It's about zombies. The western environment of the desert is just the backdrop for you, the evil undead to eat bones, etc., you can take your friends when you try to survive. Unlike similar VR shooting games, you are free to roam the environment naturally. Arizona SunshineAnd you have access to more than 20 weapons to slaughter the zombies you meet.

Oculus Quest


Best oculus quest game boxvrquest

Oculus Quest's wireless independent design is the perfect VR headset for use in fitness. BoxVR One of the most effective athletic games on the platform. Rather than fighting against other boxers BoxVR I practiced various punches against incoming symbols. You'll also need to block your attacks to avoid getting to the wall and keep your score as high as possible. This makes it easy to track your fitness progress by keeping track of calories burned in the game and recording your total cumulative amount for a week.

Dance central

Best oculus quest game oculusquestdancecentral

Who said you need a camera or a Wii Remote to play it? Dance central? In the VR version provided by Oculus Quest, you can be prom almost everywhere when you want to follow the beat and try to get the right pose. Debuting at Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest's debut completes the vibrant art style you'd expect from an online multiplayer, 32 song and dance central games, so you can enjoy your favorite music in the middle of your bedroom or park. Don't be so surprised at the looks you receive.

Apex Configuration

Best oculus quest game apexconstruct

Oculus Quest is perfect for shorter game experiences, but even bigger story-driven games can be handled perfectly. Apex Configuration A futuristic action game full of bow and shield battles and the secret to unlocking and upgrading. It's a full-fledged adventure without sacrificing action, story, or worldview while moving to a portable platform, and is the perfect game when you want to experience something a bit deeper. Dance central or BoxVR.

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