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20. Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Cujo has more thrills. Apt Pupil certainly has more chills. But with his only director effort, Stephen King, the great historian of retro Americana, somehow made a perfect drive-in movie. .

19. Secret Window (2004)

King wins his most beautiful screen deputy in this sleek and twisted thriller for the controversial writer (Johnny Depp). Those who prefer the retreat of the lake are stopped by revenge rivals (John Turturro) with unique hats. The original novel, modified and directed by veteran writer David Koepp, is allegedly plagiarism, one of his greatest fears.

18. Children of Corn (1984)

Paganism of murderer child… Children of corn.

Paganism of murderer child… Children of corn. Photo: Allstar / New World Pictures

Ban this scythe filth! King's insecure story about the pagan worship of killer children was originally published in the penthouse in 1977 and so far has inspired 10 screen adaptations. The atmosphere original, featuring young Linda Hamilton with an extremely creepy chorus score and Midsommar moments, is the best of the most rotten crops.

17. Creep Show (1982)

Decorated with great cartoons, this lush horror anthology features five space stories, commanded by King Zombie Overlord George A Romero. One of the greatest pleasures is the unfortunate hillside, which is transformed into a mossy mutant by King's expanded cameo, a proper metaphor for his imagination.

16.Night Flyer (1997)

Based on the King short novel, which originally debuted at HBO before the neglectable movie was released, this affordable cooler is worth tracking down Ferraer's ferocious performance. RoboCop Star takes unnecessarily militant tabloid hacks into the sky to hunt down serial killers in the air unnecessarily.

15.Pet Sematary (2019)

Recent Advances in Creepy Cat Makeover ... Pet Sematary.

Recent Advances in Creepy Cat Makeover … Pet Sematary. Photos: Allstar / Paramount Photos

For better or worse, this secular adaptation to one of King's most angry novels confuses the audience's memories of the previous 1989 film. However, the story of a young family who tries to reverse the tragedy with the help of unclean burial grounds retains appalling charges and clearly benefits from the recent advances in appalling cat cremation.

14. Green Mile (1999)

Textured Ripped Rider… Green Mile.

Textured Ripped Rider… Green Mile. Photo: Allstar / Warner Bros

After expanding King's novel Shawshank Redemption, writer / director Frank Darabont grew larger with the story of an old prisoner's story originally published in a serial form. Effortlessly three hours, Green Mile sheds tears of texture to discover magical realism in the row of death in Louisiana in the 1930s, while the gentle but ruinous prisoner of Michael Clarke Duncan suffered prison Prison guard Tom Hanks is getting more and more suffering, symbolically absorbing the

13. Dolores Claivon (1995)

There are no ghouls or demons to change, but the real monsters are still hiding at the heart of the 1992 bestsellers, written in one continuous screed to imitate the title character's testimony. Kathy Bates is amazing because she suspected a weak caregiver killed her rich charges. The intervention of her strange reporter daughter (Jennifer Jason Lee) backfires in their traumatic past. The false story between the mother and daughter freezes Taylor Hackford's resonance drama, which is skillfully tailored to Taylor Gilroy's screen.

Christine (1983)

Blood and chrome: Christine is a messy and supernatural 1958 Plymouth Fury that allows her dweeby owner Keith Gordon to become a formal dream boat. This bloody story takes time to turn into a high gear, but director John Carpenter makes memorable images from King's rather stupid source material, especially the flaming Christine flaming up in Greece, who flees on a lonely country road. .

11.Running Man (1987)

This delightful wham-bam sci-fi satire is an adaptation of the Quickie King novel written by his pseudonym Richard Bachman. This digs most of the plot except for the juicy premises. The public while the elites lived. Schwarzenegger is a free fighter who is indomitable even in yellow spandex, and the real American game show organizer Richard Dawson offers a real smile as a villain.

10. The Game of Gerald (2017)

Invalid role play… Gerald & # 39; s Game.

Invalid role play… Gerald & # 39; s Game. Glen Wilson / Allstar / Intrepid Pictures / Netflix

Looking back at 2017, there was a feast of Stephen. It's a cinematic King Love Inn featuring a rich peak (the success of the storm) and a hoop cushion low (the deadly Dark Tower). In the extreme, Gerald & # 39; s Game, one of the two King movies Netflix released that year, was a bit lost in shuffle. The addition of viagra is 127 hours by default. Carla Gugino leaves her handcuffs on a bed in a nest of love far away after her role play with her husband is messed up. Slap and tickle set-ups quickly become a struggle for life and death in phobia, and Gugunole digs deeply into the trauma of the past to find a means of survival.

9. Mist (2007)

The third (most recent) King adaptation by writer and director Frank Darabont changed the golden past of The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption to a much more modern shade of gray. The big city artist Thomas Jane and his son are trapped in a small town supermarket when the ominous fog comes. If the misty night tentacles are masked from the outside, the internal situation in which the microcosm of American society breaks down quickly is not much better. As a lack of volatility factions. The critical reaction was ignored by Darabont's revision, ending with a 1980 novel, the wicked kicker that King publicly admired, but it feels like a modern contemporary fable.

8. It (2017)

One of the most successful horror movies of all time ... Pennywise with Bill Skarsgård.

One of the most successful horror movies of all time … Pennywise with Bill Skarsgård. Photo: Allstar / New Line Cinema

How do you explain It's runaway success, one of the world's most successful horror movies, earning $ 700 million worldwide? King's best-selling 1,100-page book and the 1990 TV mini-series helped raise the reshaping killer clown Pennywise to a competent cultural pussy man. But it would also help to decide to cut the novel cross-cutting timeline into two separate chunks. Argentinean director Andy Muschietti created a well-woven ghost train that confuses shock in the 1980s. Now all he needs to do is repeat the trick without the upcoming sequel, the Stranger Things trap.

7. 1408 (2007)

John Cusack plays a supernatural derailer who has transformed from an original King Audiobook short story into a novelist for B & B, rumored in this original room. He visited the grand old NYC hotel with mysterious postcards and insisted on staying in a cursed room despite the serious warnings of ecstatic director Samuel L Jackson. Cusack's wise cynicism will rattle and unwind. Impressive is the visual patong that slowly turns the ordinary room into a catastrophe, with the logic of dreams.

6. Beside Me (1986)

"Do you want to go see the dead body?" A novel about a difficult gang trying to kill time by a horrible young gang under the direction of Rob Reiner during the holiday season and beginning a suspicious quest. The Spinal Tap man mobilized the winning performance in his intense facial ensemble, especially in the soulful scraper of the Phoenix River. At times, despite the transition to mass pucking, the film was infused with such a heart and warmth, becoming the touchstone for almost every small town lazy summer tale. Reiner finished everything in 90 minutes, adding something that couldn't disappear too quickly.

5. Misfortune (1990)

Close coordination battle of the will ... unhappiness.

Close coordination battle of the will … unhappiness. Photo: Allstar / Castle Rock Entertainment

Hammer Time: Reiner shot another scene that was less warm in adapting King with this thrilling thriller. James Caan is a mess writer who wakes up from a snowy car accident and realizes that a caring fan of Casske Bates is taking care of him. It is a close coordination battle of the will as one scene of the notorious semi-surgeon. Bates won the Oscars, of course, but Cairn, the most capable braser in Hollywood, is also excellent.

4. Shawshank Restraint (1994)

King's original novel about the seemingly mild banker who was imprisoned for double murder in 1948 was all about playing a long game. So it seems appropriate for Darabont's well-groomed adaptation (taken as reminiscent of Roger Deakins) to increase the IMDb ranking, taking about 10 years to reach the highest level in the best film poll ever. The abuse that Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) lasted for nearly 20 years in Shawshank Penitentiary seems too realistic and relevant, but his victories (especially one opera) all look sweeter.

3. Shining (1980)

Stanley Kubrick's poise and apathetic adaptation to King's third novel is literally a cult film. In 2012, documentary room 237 gave hints of higher truth to fans and theorists who pursued meticulous production design. Thanks to Jack Nicholson's wild performance, he hacked the path to our collective consciousness, making it the most powerful of the slashers. For years King clearly hated it but brought Stanley late in the cold. His 2013 novel Dr. Slip is a sequel to his 1977 novel and Kubrick version (with his movie because of this Halloween).

2. Carrie (1976)

De palma's blood .. carry.

De palma's blood .. carry. Photos: Everett Collection / Rex Features

It didn't take long for Hollywood to realize that the upcoming king is equivalent to discovering new heredity in relation to horror movies. His debut novel was in a cinema within two years of publication. Brian De Palma turned King's story of terrible high school bullying and psychotic anger into something like a high school raid movie. Despite the 2013 remake, De Palma's bloody explosions remain in decisive form.

Dead Zone (1983)

Will you kill Baby Hitler? Dead Zone.

Will you kill Baby Hitler? Dead Zone. Photo: Cinema / Rex / Shutter Stock

When everybody, who is desirable for Christopher Walken, woke up in a coma, moved to other parts of the world, including his sweetheart. What he left behind was the ability to predict the future through increasingly hot hairstyles and touches. Then the meeting with the bully populist politician (Martin Sheen, who is walking a long way from the West Wing) goes to the extreme to fill Johnny's nobility with a nightmare vision of the future president and stop nuclear war. Built on the powerful performance of the Walken, David Cronenberg's thriller is patient, understated, surprisingly warm in spite of its surgical reputation, and has long been enduringly tested. Would you kill Baby Hitler?



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