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Ayesha Omar slams Bollywood artists: ‘Are we actors not supposed to be ambassadors for peace?’


Famous Pakistani actor Ayesha Omar drew Bollywood artists for misinformation about the Kashmir issue that is currently plaguing the area.

To support India’s atrocities in Omarupied Kashmir, Omar turned to Twitter and beat the artists on the other side of the border.

Insisting how Indian celebrities, especially Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor, should better cope with spreading the message of peace, Omar tweeted:

“The deceitful attitude of the first #PriyankaChopra and the views of #sonamkapoor now. I am disappointed and disappointed, not to mention. Shouldn’t our actors be ambassadors for peace?” Or just human? ”

Before that, Mehwish Hayat also argued that actors need to be socially more responsible for social issues.

Star Wedding sung Hollywood and Bollywood films to portray Pakistan as a negative.

“I had the privilege of being blessed with a platform to deliver the national message to the world,” she said.

“Unfortunately this has been going on for some time,” Hayat said, and it has led to the rise of Islamic phobias in such a way that movies and cinemas have the power to actually build attitudes and mindsets.

“And showing Pakistan as a backward terrorist, conquering women, or always being a villain in the movie really had a big impact on us and created the image of Pakistan.”

“A common misconception when traveling is” Oh, I belong to a terrorist state. ”

“What I ask for is not a fair description, but a positive description. At least do your research and see what we are and how we are. ”


Source:   thenews. com.pk



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