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Apple mistakenly unpatches iOS 12.4 vulnerability that let hackers jailbreak your iPhone again

Cupertino’s giant Apple released last month iOS 12.4, which includes a bug discovered by Google security researchers. Motherboard.

Researchers working with Google’s Project Zero team to discover several iOS flaws have confirmed that a once patched exploit is currently in use. The hacker first released a public jailbreak for the iPhone running the latest software after Apple did not find a fatal vulnerability in the latest iOS release.

“Users tested jailbreak in 12.4 and found that Apple accidentally reversed the patch.”
Williamson made a statement Motherboard.

It is worth mentioning that jailbreak similar to Google Android’s rooting is an elevation of privilege for iOS users to remove software restrictions imposed by Apple. In the unofficial app store

According to the report, Apple’s accident opened the door to jailbreak and execution of malware. Security researcher Jonathan Levin announced that many iPhones and iPads running products other than iOS 12.3 are vulnerable because iOS 12.4 is the latest version and the only version offered by Apple. Levin said the bug was an exploit of more than 100 days or a bug discovered 100 days ago.

Taking advantage of Apple’s mistake, researcher “pwn2ownd” announced a free jailbreak for iOS 12.4 (a new version of the technically ongoing project “unc0ver”) on Monday, and many iPhone owners have since reported that the software is functional. He said Motherboard A malicious user adds snafu to “make perfect spyware.” “It is likely that someone is already exploiting this bug for malicious purposes.”

Pwn2ownd exploited this vulnerability to give an example of a malicious app that could escape Apple’s iOS sandbox to collect sensitive user data. Or a malicious web page can combine the same bug with a browser exploit to achieve a similar effect.

Apple hasn’t mentioned this issue yet.

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