After El Paso and Dayton, the left should push their hands to the men without blaming them. Iman Amrani | Opinion

a Terrible acts of violence capture many innocent lives. Passionate live streams detail events, allowing mobile scenes to spread quickly online. Then came the condemned tweet of world leaders, and the onslaught of anger was divided into factions.

The manner in which shootings, suicide bombers or knife attacks are politicized, based on the background of the assailant and victim, shows how successful these practices are in deepening social divisions. And that is one of the intentions of the abuser to share, regardless of race or politics.

Strict gun techniques will certainly help, but attackers use knives, wagons or homemade explosives to kill and swear. Trump's words must have fueled the flames of hatred for the alienated minority, but his anger and anger existed long before he came.

Certainly the questions we need to ask go deeper. Half Hispanic, Half Muslim, Half Western, Half Female, Black, Anti-Semitism, Starburst GBTQ, why are so many young people radical? This way?

I know that discussions about men and men are as politically responsible as discussions about terrorism. This partly created the Guardian video series for modern men this year.

As a reporter, I dealt with stories in a man-dominated space, from culture and sports to crime and terror. And conversations about the relationship between masculinity and violence often led to partisan debates where “left” seemed to demonize men and “right” claimed ownership of masculine identity. This discussion has intensified with the rise of the #MeToo movement.

12 Jordan's rule of life is a global bestseller and millions of views from videos on YouTube are still a problem because of his ideas. When he went to his event in Birmingham, he was surprised to see many of the audiences described as Jeremy Corbin supporters, "left" and even Marxists, but he was accused of being a "right" audience. .

Peterson's main doctrine is that men and women need purpose and responsibility to find the meaning and direction of life. In an interview with Fox News last year, Peterson asked why young people "raided the school." "They are vain and desperate," he replied. "Life can be made that way without purpose and destiny."

In a seemingly fractured world in which organized religion is debilitating, this point is particularly important when looking at the profile of those who commit significant acts of violence.

Men who grew up in confused homes and who have gone through a nursing or prison system are prone to radicals. They often have little or no relationship with spirituality, politics or religion early in life, but are drawn to Kalia's vision to legalize the murderer based on an isolated interpretation of the Koran. Or isolated white supremacists imagine racial wars that draw them as brave heroes in great missions. Of course, this is a terrible extreme, but if people get lost and disillusioned, they should move on to tribalism. The bigger cause is to find belonging and purpose.

Breivik's Behring Anders tried to give meaning to his murderous shock. He wrote a 1,500-page declaration railing for "European Islam" before the death of 77 people in Norway in July 2011. Brenton Harrison Tarrant, who drove 51 people as mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand this year, wrote a 74-page screed that inspired Breivik and posted it on the web forum 8chan. Last weekend Patrick Crusius posted his declaration on 8chan, killing 20 people in El Paso, Texas, aiming at Hispanics.

In Fox's interview, Peterson commented on how snipers had affected each other: “These are like psychological epidemics that track each other and have a competitive element…. Some of the things they motivate are motivations for notoriety – notoriety is better than ignoring it. ”

No matter what people think about Peterson's politics, there is no doubt what he says. People on the left tend to give trivial answers to him rather than be interested in his ideas, but this is certainly unproductive. Peterson wasn't the first to explore questions about these purposes and meanings, but it became accessible to many, depending on how they were packaged. As a result, he was able to “own” a discussion about men.

His biggest critic accused him of being a intellectual intellectual and dismissed him as the right icon. However, few present well-developed ideas about the crisis of men and the role of men. Certainly no man is lost and deprived of his reach. It is not enough to call patriarchy, poisonous masculinity or misery.

Resolving the lack of perceived purpose and meaning in the lives of these people will be the first step to engage many groundwater recruiters or Trump disillusioned, who are currently being frustrated, feared and angry by hard liners is.

It's not about compassion or excuses, it's about identifying and breaking patterns and offering solutions. The only way we can do it is to break away from partisan political scripts and ask questions about the complex issues surrounding men. Until we do that, we will be stuck in the same endless cycle.

Iman Amrani is a patron multimedia reporter



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