& # 39; No Man & # 39; s Sky & # 39 ;, released on August 14 & # 39; Beyond & # 39; Patch with VR and Secret

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No men's sky A few years ago and received some major patches where the game was transformed into an incomplete release and a completely different experience. Nearly all changes are better. new Beyond The update is the next literal game changer, so you don't have to wait for two weeks.

Hello game today announced No man's sky: beyond Director Sean Murray calls it “the most ambitious chapter ever” in the life of the game, and this update includes a “new social and multiplayer experience”. Solo experience.

Biggest addition so far Beyond New VR mode. It can be used for both Steam VR and PlayStation VR. Xbox One doesn't support VR headsets, so players on that platform have no fun.

The VR experience is designed to radically switch the game screen to hold and steer the joystick inside the car, with the display on the front. Weapons are held in real hands by tracked motion controllers, and you can feel like you're flying through a hole in the space where the space speeds up.

That's not all Hello Games' official announcement mentions three new features, but only requires extended multiplayer and VR support. What is the third feature? It's a mystery now. Short teaser trailers have little clue but the music doesn't seem somewhat ominous?

Hello Games' improvement efforts No men's sky Thank you for your time. When first released in 2016, it met with medium-sized reviews, and many of them were criticized for having no incentive to continue playing, despite their huge size. This criticism liked it as it added basic components and multiplayer functionality so players could come back later.

No men's sky Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. We are patiently waiting for the day when the game supports the Nintendo Switch. You can play everything through VR Goggles on Nintendo Labo.

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