30 students booked for waving ‘Pakistani flag’ in Kerala

At least 30 university students in India's Kerala state accused the Indian police of "shaking a flag similar to Pakistan's flag on campus" on Thursday. animation.

The incident occurred at Perambra Silver College in the Kozhikode region of Kerala.

As part of the trade union campaign, students in the Muslim Student Front (MSF) conducted a procession including a matrix that "swayed a wave of green and white flags similar to Pakistan".

The students claimed to have waved the MSF flag, but it was so big that it caused confusion, an Indian news spokesman reported.

Students intend to induce violence in Section 143 (any member of the negative assembly for a period of six months or a penalty period) or 147 (penalty for riots), 153 (fully donated) and the Indian Penal Code (149) Provocations) and 149 people (all who are illegal members of the assembly may be convicted of prosecuting common objects).

The police are investigating the student's identity and will “take necessary action”. animation The report said.

Source Link : https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2019/09/01/30-students-booked-for-waving-pakistani-flag-in-kerala/


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