City pulse

Space of time

The Canvas Gallery hosts an art exhibition titled “Space in Time” and exhibits works by 23 new artists by August 29. Call 021-35861523 for more information.

Five statements

The ArtKaam Gallery will host an exhibition of arts by Ahmed Anwer, Farrah Mahmood, Kausar Iqbal, Sumaira Amin, and Syed A Irfan, up to September 3rd. Call 0317-1160642 for more information.

Creative Karachi Festival

Alliance Française hosts T2F's 3rd edition of the Creative Karachi Festival on August 30 and August 31, from 2 pm to 10 pm, which is positive through art, creativity and dialogue. It aims to bring about change. Call 021-35389043 or 021-35873402 for more information.

Reflection of the Divine

The ArtScene Gallery will host Shakil Ismail's personal art exhibition titled "##; Devine's Reflections & # 39;" until September 2. Call 0302-2740111 for more information.


The Full Circle Gallery will host a personal art exhibition by Ahmed Faizan Naveed called & # 39; Soliloquy & # 39; until September 10th. Call 0303-2239038 for more information.

Can you live outside the language?

The IVS Gallery hosts an exhibition titled Pizza Arteries, Lucas Odahara, Omer Wassim, Patriarch Hydra and Basililla Stilini Andu, & # 39; Can You Live Outside the Language? & # 39; until September 24 It is. Call 021-111111487 for more information.

Earth cover

The Koel Gallery will host an exhibition called “Earth Cover” that shows the works of Farrukh Adnan. The show is open from 11 am to 8 pm (excluding Sundays), Thursday, September 5th. Call 021-35831292 for more information.

Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/518859-n-a


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