Two dead in Korean nightclub balcony collapse at world swim

Gwangju: After the collapse of the nightclub balcony in Gwangju on Saturday morning, local media reported that two people were killed and 10 were injured, including two American athletes, at the World Swimming Championships.

According to a Yonhap spokesman, 38 and 27 years old rushed to the hospital in serious condition after the interior balcony broke out at 2:29 am on Saturday, but both died of injuries.

Among the injured were four foreigners, including American divers and American water polo players, the report added.

The photo showed the ruined rubble, five meters (16 feet) away from the balcony, collapsed under the weight of party attendees.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the New Zealand water polo team also attended.

The man's claim was to radio sports "We just danced and in the next moment we dropped 5 or 6 meters and after that everyone started rushing out of the club." We were below us. "

The world championship ends on Sunday.Washington: President Donald Trump cautioned Friday that the tech company would pressure Apple to move its production to the United States, blocking Apple's request for a duty exemption for device components imported from China.

"Apple for Mac Pro parts manufactured in China is not subject to duty exemption or relief. Tariffs are not charged in the US!" Trump said on Twitter.

Trump later told reporters that Apple wanted to make parts in the United States.

"When I heard that it will be produced in China, I will be charged tariffs if I send the product to the United States," he said.

Last week, Apple asked a US trade representative that certain parts of the $ 6,000 Mac Pro desktop computer could only be supplied in China and would be exempt from US tariffs.

The move begins amid friction between the two economic forces trying to resume the failure to negotiate the end of the trade war.

Trump threatened to deprive Beijing of penalties on more goods in order to receive more revenue and strengthen US protection of intellectual property.

Trump praised Apple CEO Tim Cook, saying, "I like and respect a lot."

"We will fix it. I think they will announce that they are going to build a factory in Texas. If they do, I start to be very happy," he said.



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