The internet blew up with hilarious #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories jokes after Trump’s puzzling reference to US soldiers seizing airports


After President Donald Trump made a confusing comment about the US troops who occupied the airport in a speech on July 4, the Internet was enthusiastic with jokes and memes about the revolutionary war with the airport.

"Our troops broke down the air, knocked down the walls, conquered the airport and did everything we had to do, and there was nothing but victory under Fort McHenry under the red flash of the rocket. And when dawn came, Trump was in Said in a speech at the mall.

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It is not clear whether the "airport" was mistakenly written in the speech or whether Trump said "airport" instead. The first plane was not invented by the Wright brothers until 1903, with the revolutionary brothers and a century later. Opened in Maryland College Park in 1909.

Social media users had fun by making jokes and memes about Trump's cafe on 4 July. #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories It has become a popular topic on Twitter.

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