The giant baby blimp that makes Trump ‘feel unwelcome’ is coming to DC for July 4, but will have to fly almost a mile away from him

Behind the controversial "Trump baby" blimp, CODEPINK said in a celebration on July 4 that it authorized the Trump balloon flight from officials.

It has previously been protested against Van Trump in London and several US cities.

Guardians: & # 39; The protests of the camp are closed as the opposition to immigrant detention centers grows

The balloon aroused the president's anger that he "displeased" during a public demonstration in London during his visit to England in July 2018.

But the National Park Service said the balloon could only fly in certain areas near the Washington Monument, according to CNN. In other words, it's almost a mile from the Lincoln Memorial where Trump makes a speech.

Floating balloons in the mall are prohibited. That is, the group can not inflate the balloon with helium, but only cold air.

In the statement, Code Pink criticized the restriction, saying that this restriction requested a more prominent position for the balloon.

"CODEPINK said President Trump ordered militarization on July 4 and criticized military parks and tanks, while the National Park Service requested to reject CODEPINK's baby Trump balloon flight two feet from the ground."

"With regards to location, we asked for space in the large, empty space at the foot of the Washington Monument, which didn't interfere with others' vision, but would have allowed the President to see the baby. Instead we only received the location option. Outside of sight."

The president's July 4 celebrations will take overhead tanks and military jets off Washington Street. Some critics say the parade is to politicize a partisan unofficial day.

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