Rice University-led Ion innovation district breaks ground

The Ion Innovation District, located in the former Midtown Sears, celebrated an official landmark event on Friday morning, highlighting diversity and inclusion by government officials and local students.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a tent in the building parking lot, "We are not building a new innovation center, a hub just for people in this area." "We are making it for the neighborhoods of the whole city."

Ion will be held at the end of next year as a gathering place for startups, big companies seeking innovation, venture capitalists and more.

Rice Management Co. is leading a renovation project that renovated a 270,000 square foot department store built in 1939 into a luxury office and collaboration center.

“We wanted to build a building that would be a beehive of activities,” said Allison Thacker, president and chief investment officer of Rice Management, which manages university donations.

The former Sears redevelopment of 4201 Main is part of a larger 16-acre rice-led project in Midtown and could ultimately include more commercial development, housing and public space.

Chill universities, Texas Southern University, Houston University, and local high school students gathered across the street across air-conditioned festivals to give ionic leadership to those living in the community. They have recently formed a student union for fair and fair innovation corridors.

Rice University student Mary Claire Neal said, “The goal of the alliance is to be responsible for the leaders of the innovation corridor for the concerns and concerns of the vulnerable classes who have historical, sustained and future relationships with this region. "What we worry about is the pattern of the Gentle Relief, the Food Desert, the affordable housing crisis, unemployment and underemployment."


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