Recent Match Report – Surrey vs Kent, County Championship Division One, 2nd Innings

Kent 369 (Denly 88, Crawley 69, Bell-Drummond 64, Kuhn 54) and 124 (5) (Robinson 51 *) bits Frost 271 (Elgar 63, Poikes 60) and 218 (Elgar 65, Stevens 5-60) by five turnstiles

The sun was the warmest of the week, but it was the quietest when two true men dropped more than 10 yards to break up the riveting contest and put it in the context of the campaign. Kent's senior coach, Matt Walker, is proud of his pride and joy, while Alec Stewart has warned that his Surrey group is in danger of heading in the wrong direction of the championship.

Kent knows all about the second division, which spent eight seasons before receiving promotions last summer. Frost celebrated the first title at the time, but the events and results of the last four days reflect what happened in 2019. Kent's young players faced a challenge and the bowler didn't get any more training. They are doing a very good foundation. Frost, on the other hand, faced injuries, disagreements, and perhaps self-doubt.

Kent scored five points with current Yorkshire third place, while Surrey scored higher than Nottinghamshire. Surrey and Knott meet on Trent Bridge from Saturday. "It's okay to say we're good players and good sides," Stewart, head of cricket. "They have to show why they got the right to be called good players."

Ollie Robinson has driven Dean Elgar for a long time, finishing Kent's first championship at Oval. Six people called Robinson's unmatched rounding in 41 wards, reinforcing the impression that his flanks were improved by their beliefs.

"I think we had a great cricket match," Walker said. "We talk to coaches and outsiders when we wake up, but as a player you have to learn quickly, not really what it will look like. While we made a mistake, the results show how far we've come. I'm very proud of this group, Ollie's small innings were pretty special when the chip went down. "

Stewart thought that frost always represented 60% of the time that overall attempts to defend too few runs ran well. "The other 40% is expensive," he said. "We have to realize that if we proceed as we are, we are going in the wrong direction. People say we have typed. No, we are out of the batter. They are hitting the ball well. Will occur. "

Will Jacks can replace Scott Borthwick against Knots for half a century in a second inning defeat to Essex this week. Amar Virdi did not play, and Stewart was with the first group of teams, not competitors, where off-spin bowlers played with the intended switch to Gareth Batty, but fitness, strength and conditioning As well as technology under supervision.

Virdi received a target that was threatened before it started effectively if he didn't achieve his goal before the end of his season. Stewart said, “In the last two weeks, we have achieved outstanding results, but it should be the standard. "You have to take care of yourself and be careful. If you are not injured or your performance stops. He is responding and he is beginning to understand. But we want him to play for England. "

Here Virdi spent lunch bowling on the stump at the edge of the square, balancing the tournament itself. Kent played the remaining four Irene opening turnstiles 39 times in the first hour, but Morkel's cold-hearted opening barely delivered a threat of & # 39; hostile & # 39 ;. Suddenly he showed Chase a more intense appearance.

Sean Dickson knocked out the last ball before the end of the match against Rikki Clarke and Kent was still 71 short shorts when Daniel Bell-Drummond pulled out Sam Curran's nick. But Heino Kuhn responded positively, and Robinson, who had six catches in two innings in frost, has matured over 20 years. Strangely, Rory Burns withheld Morkel's return until Kent needed 34 more to win.

"This is probably one of our best victories over the years," Robinson said. "From the beginning I would have lied if I told you that I didn't have some nerve. But we knew the two partnerships would do that. I had never been in that situation." I feel special. I think we upset the odds a bit.


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