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OnePlus 7 is basically OnePlus 6T with the built-in features of OnePlus 7 Pro. This sounds bad, but for 500 pounds it's probably the best bang for money.

There was nothing wrong with the 6T design, so it wasn't in the 7. The 6.41in AMOLED display is bright and crisp, and most phone fronts have a small chin on the bottom and tear marks. The top of the selfie camera.

It's still one of the coolest designs available, but the notch is no more intrusive than the Honor 20 and higher hole punch design, and it's not the same level as the OnePlus 7 Pro.

oneplus 7 reviews

The mirror gray glass back reflects purple shades. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

This phone is only available in mirror gray in the UK and has a slight purple tint. It looks smooth but is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. The mirror blue version is available in India and the red version in India and China.

The back glass doesn't slip like other phones, and the back is curved and narrow at 74.8mm, making the OnePlus 7 one of the largest metal and glass sandwiches.

In comparison, the OnePlus 7 is 24g lighter, 1.1mm narrower, 4.9mm shorter than the larger OnePlus 7 Pro, but 7g heavier than the similarly sized Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The remaining dimensions compare favorably with the competition.


  • screen: 6.41 inch FHD + Optical AMOLED (402 ppi)

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

  • lamb: 6 or 8 GB of RAM

  • Save: 128 GB or 256 GB (UFS 3.0)

  • operating system : OxygenOS 9.5 based on Android 9 Pie

  • camera: 48MP rear camera + 5MP depth sensor, 16MP selfie

  • Connectivity USB-C (3.1) LTE, dual sim, WiFi AC, NFC, Bluetooth 5 and GPS

  • size: 157.7 x 74.8 x 8.2 mm

  • weight: 182 g

Competitive Hardware

oneplus 7 reviews

The cable is the only charging method available in OnePlus 7, but at least it's fast. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

OnePlus 7 has the same powerful combination of Snapcom 855 processors, 6GB or 8GB RAM, and 128GB or 256GB UFS3.0 storage that goes beyond Qualcomm's range, which is much faster than the previous UFS2.1 storage commonly used by others.

So the phone flies. Everyday tasks are very fast and smooth and the game is great. It's not as fast as the OnePlus 7 Pro because it lacks a 90Hz screen, but it's not really that far.

It also has good battery life and plays around 200 emails, messages and push notifications, 2 hours browsing in Chrome, 5 hours Spotify via Bluetooth headphones, Futurama 90 minutes 20 minutes phone calls from Google and about 15 photos.

In other words, OnePlus 7 can be used from 7am to 2pm 4pm a day, or lighter, or by activating one of the sleep modes for longer.

There is no wireless charging, but the fast charging technology included with OnePlus uses 80{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} in 50 minutes and full battery in 90 minutes.

Oxygen OS 9.5

oneplus 7 reviews

Oxygen OS is one of the most polished and optimized versions of Android, with a variety of customization options including a choice of navigation system. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

Oxygen OS 9.5 is the company's latest custom Android 9 Pie version, almost identical in OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, with only a few changes since OnePlus 6T version 9.

OxygenOS is a sleek standard Android version that focuses on speed and liquidity and offers a few more customization options than what Google Pixel and others offer. Therefore, it is one of the best Android versions you can get and you can expect 3 years of software updates from the release, including security updates every 2 months.

OnePlus lets you choose between the standard three-button Android navigation keys, Google's & # 39; navigation buttons, or gestures. Swipe up from the center to return home or keep your recently used apps up and down on the right side of your previously used apps. Backward movement up from the bottom left or right corner is not as easy to use as Huawei swiping from the left or right side of the screen. We're also adopting Android Q.

Oxygen OS includes Zen mode (phone timeout), which is a game mode and RAM boost, so you can learn your favorite apps and precache them in RAM. However, there is no real one-handed mode that can be used with the other hand, like Huawei.

Fingerprint reader

oneplus 7 reviews

Fast, accurate and well-placed display fingerprint scanners are now no better than this. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The fingerprint scanner is in the same location as the OnePlus 6T (below the split screen at the bottom of the screen), but has been greatly improved for a quick and accurate unlock that can be compared with conventional capacitive fingerprint scanners.

Best suited for OnePlus 7 Pro in current business.


oneplus 7 reviews

The OnePlus Camera app contains all the features you need to swipe, which is great. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The OnePlus 7 has the same main camera as the 7 Pro, but without the ultra wide and telephoto cameras and a 5MP depth secondary camera for portrait mode shooting.

The main camera, like the 7 Pro, captures great, detailed exposed photos. Both smartphones witnessed a shooting for a recent software update that improved the camera. Image quality doesn't match Google Pixel 3 or 3A, but I'm mostly happy. Low light performance and dedicated Nightscape mode are great but not best in class.

Zoom is demoted up to 10 times digital, so optical zoom can't withstand the flame, but pinch is no problem. Like selfie cameras, video capture is pretty good at up to 4K60Hz. If you want some smoothing on the lifeline, there are three levels of beauty mode available.


oneplus 7 reviews

The alert slider on your OnePlus smartphone continues to be one of the most convenient features. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian
  • The screen comes with a pre-installed screen saver, creating a sharp edge that you can feel when using the swipe gesture on the bottom of the phone.

  • Stereo speakers are pretty good

  • The OnePlus notification slider on the phone side continues to be great.

  • The included TPU case is one of the best that comes with the phone.

  • The large chunk of camera on the back felt bigger when I was holding my device than my previous OnePlus phone.


The OnePlus 7 is priced at £ 499 for 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and £ 549 for 8GB and 256GB.

For comparison, 699 pounds for 128GB OnePlus 7 Pro, 899 pounds for 128GB Huawei P30 Pro, 599 pounds for 128GB Huawei Mate 20 Pro, £ 899 for 128GB Samsung Galaxy S10 +, 869 pounds for 64GB Google Pixel 3 XL, 64GB iPhone XS Max The price is 1,099 pounds.


At the pinnacle of OnePlus 7 Pro, the "non-professional" OnePlus 7 may seem like a solace award, but OnePlus 7 is better in many ways because it sticks to the winning OnePlus formula.

It's smaller and lighter, so it's easier to use while still using a big screen phone. Similarly powerful, same software and performance, longer battery life than Pro brothers.

It also has the same on-screen fingerprint sensor and a great main camera. But if you're looking for multiple cameras, it's not zoom in and out. The screen looks great, but the screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro changes and it's not an addictive smooth and smooth screen.

Offering 500 pounds with the OnePlus 7 is a great phone with the best experience near this price. It would be nice to have only a few phones other than 5G.

Advantages : Fast performance, nice screen, dual sim, nice camera, Bluetooth 5, great software, small notch, fast in-screen fingerprint sensor, warning slider

Disadvantages : Glass back, no wireless charging, no IP waterproof rating, no expandable storage, no headphone socket

oneplus 7 reviews

The camera lump on the back is more noticeable to use every day than most other smartphones. Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

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