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I was probably hit by generational discrimination in my response to I Nicola, who was awarded five stars by Lucy Mangan (July 23). I can't deny that the smoke was impressive and absorb 60 minutes, but I can't agree that it's a monster that Adam controls.

He suffers from jealousy and anxiety, a common failure of humans, but he acknowledges the problem and expresses his desire to change.

Perhaps he did not say anything for a few years, but at least felt that Nicola should give him the opportunity to get help. Her main accusation is that he does not make her happy. First, no one has the right to happiness. Lucky is a rare blessing that comes to you in blind and precious moments. Second, no one is responsible for the happiness of others. How does the need differ from Adam's hint for suicide? Relationships are difficult to negotiate.

This person could be restrained. After all, if people are rejected for failing to fulfill the impossible obligation to make someone happy, are they worried about what is the point in recognizing vulnerabilities and what is their desire for reform?
Susan Seeger

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