How to make a good student business card

Today business cards are the most powerful advertising tool for many successful companies.

Most companies use business cards as a means to convey the necessary information to their customers. This is very important in the modern world, because the business card remains with the person and can be used at any time as soon as the service of a specialist is needed.

Properly designed business cards are a powerful tool for students. With it, you can introduce yourself in a favorable light to the right people. For example, at an annual employment fair, employers usually don't have time to listen to a resume, but a well-designed business card can help you and everyone get the results you want.

Many recent graduates ignore this business card and believe that it is ineffective, unnecessary cost, and long ago. But as practice shows, a correctly designed business card can be several times more efficient than a big board in the city center. However, not all employers select all business cards. Most business cards are dumped in the trash after 5 minutes. Why does this happen? Not all business cards are at the correct level.

Today a Pro-Papers specialist will tell you how to make a proper and effective business card.

Pay special attention to the text

Business cards are not advertising booklets, so you should not try to fit everything in there. The correct business card should contain concise and clear information. It is enough to indicate the name, the institution of graduation, the year of graduation and the contact information. We recommend displaying your professional website or email. When your employer wants to see your participation, you can specify the association in which you participate.

In fact, that's it. You can't put anything else in your card. Of course, each card has its own purpose, but what you need to remember is that the information overload is negative. Clarity, Conciseness, Informationality – Three basic commandments for business card text.

Graphics and backgrounds for the correct business card

Today minimalism is perfect for business card design. Minimalism has three correct foundations: clarity, conciseness, and information content. You do not need to use many graphic elements, pictures, logos, all kinds of photos and patterns. Business cards made of bright, soft colors are inconspicuous, but at the same time attracting attention is the best option.

Array of elements

How to place all the elements on a business card plays a very important role. Create a business card layout and order several test samples. You can then look in real time to evaluate the utility and usefulness of your business card.


You can combine up to two fonts in a business card. This is to make the card look solid. Otherwise, even if you think it's very beautiful, you risk getting low quality business cards that can significantly damage your reputation.

Color spectrum

When building a color business card system, follow the rules of minimalism and use up to 2-3 colors. You need to choose the colors that best fit and complement each other. Also do not forget about the company colors. If you have it, the business card should be done with a similar color scheme.

The material of a good business card

In principle, you need to choose a material based on the scope of the business and the use of the business card. If the business card is intended for potential employers, it is better to choose standard thick paper and cover it with a thin varnish.

How to make the right business card

First of all, the method depends on the material selected. Then you need to pay attention to how and where to use this business card. Modern print centers offer a variety of options for offset printing, silk screen printing, embossing and die cutting, and dozens of ways to make business cards. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Do not print business cards on color printers by yourself. Trust us, you won't save money, but spoil your reputation. If your employer receives such a card, think about how many times it is worth working with you.


Rate from a copy other than the business card itself. When creating a business card, imagine what it looks like in a table surrounded by other cards. Your business card looks like a masterpiece, but test the originality on the stack with others. The main criterion of success: to stand out

Business card archive

Buy a business card holder. When you keep your business card in good shape and present your business card, you will take it out of the wonderful, beautiful and neat business card holder to be respected.

Edit business card

Of course, correcting wrong data with a pen will help potential employees get information. But at the same time, they will conclude that you are not serious about your business.

Errors and typos

Check your business card at every stage of production. In addition, if you give business cards to colleagues and employees of the company, make them look fresh, there may be inaccuracies.

Small mistakes in business cards are a hundred times worse than typos in advertising booklets. Ask for the most text for yourself and your business cards.

What should be on the student card?

Contact information should focus on the business card of the college student and include name, phone number and email address.

If you want, you can include & # 39; 2011 NYU Classes & # 39; or include areas like & # 39; Marketing Professionals & # 39 ;.

If you have a URL (such as a professional blog or personal website) that might be of interest to your hiring manager, you can include a QR code.

Fact you have [a QR code] By understanding and understanding that you are using new technology, you will find that you are ambitious enough to find new things and implement them for your own benefit. It means that they can contact you for your specific talent and start a conversation that already knows part of your background.

Keep this simple rule in mind and your business card works efficiently!



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