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Florida was on the blade in the 2016 US presidential election. Almost every poll was too close to make a call. A few weeks before voting, commercials appeared on radio and television demanding that Hillary Clinton be so fragile, so free, and ethically compromised to be president.

Dr. Dareld Morris, owner of a small medical clinic in Florida, recorded and paid for his Clinton ad. Unlike others, he suggested that voting on Democratic candidates was not just a political choice but a result of chemical imbalances. “Hey, Doc Morris is here.” The book started out as a drab, mattress seller. “I'm not familiar with the negative effects low-T can have on mental states, for example, the ability to focus and think clearly. So as a community service I make this special offer. Considering the vote for Hillary, I would like to offer a free testosterone test. Let's see if registering with my office in Fort Myers can help. "

Not many people have taken Morris's ads too seriously. Most news outlets were delighted with the bubbly story in elections lacking light relief. Morris himself backfired and told the ad that it was just a & # 39; experiment & # 39 ;. "I think it's more fun because I'm actually voting for Donald Trump."

However, in the years that followed, the free-minded man who supported feminism among the American conservatives became a strange orthodox result of abnormally low testosterone levels. Like many conservative conservatives, it began with bulletin boards where various rights activists gathered. From there, "low-T" became the best insult along with other male challenging burns like "cuck", "soyboy" and "beta". Donald, Reddit's largest Trump community, has thousands of posts that say, "POST-VEGAS CUCKOLDRY: Low-T Leftists turn his guns to determine the virtue signal." There is also a “Low-T Beta Male Starter Pack. Includes pictures of Bernie Sanders and Desert Boots.

Sam Wolfson-Testosterone Magazine Feature

Difficult behavior: Sam Wolfson is waiting for T-test results. Photo: Pal Hansen / Observer

But it is an idea that quickly spreads to the political mainstream. Republican lawmaker Matt Gaetz at the time proposed prosecuting a "take of supplements for supplements" when the Attorney General Jeff Sessions suddenly started to prosecute the White House leak.

During the campaign, Trump's testosterone levels were revealed in a special episode of the talk show. Doctor OzSure president first. The people cheered by Oz confirmed that Trump's T-Score was 441 "good."

Politicians have long It was believed that demonstrating physical strength exerted the power of a leader. But the obsession with testosterone is more than you can win the fight. Testosterone is a hormone that is commonly misunderstood by both men and women. It plays an important role in sexual function and can help build muscle, but it also helps with cognition, energy and mood. People with low testosterone are more likely to have multiple chronic health conditions (although researchers claim that causality has not been proven). Therefore, someone saying that testosterone is low falls into a dark mix of anxiety. It's not like a man, there's no determination and you can't be sexually satisfied.

In fact, testosterone levels are much more complicated to understand. Only a small percentage of the total testosterone molecules available in the body are “free”, and levels constantly change with mood, time and other environmental factors. It's also not true that testosterone makes exercise more athletic, which is an advantage for Caster Semenya. However, IAAF's own analysis of 1,100 female runners showed that women with low testosterone performed better than women with high levels in three of 11 running events.

The truth is that most men have experienced a decrease in testosterone levels since the age of 30, and until recently, most people thought testosterone was part of a kind of “male menopause” for older adults with weaker libido. But this new, politicalized understanding of testosterone is not about aging. This article was succinctly explained in a video titled The Truth About Soy Boys, created by Paul Joseph Watson, a member of Ukip and one of the shining lights of all British communities.

Watson argues that many of his despised politically correct lefties are vegan, and foods such as soy milk and tofu contain estrogen and estrogen lowers testosterone, making vegans more feminine and more liberal. Insist. "Buzz feed observation, eating tofu, male feminist virtue cues, beta orbital soy boy."

This seems to be a quirky new way to mock political opponents, but there is a scientific background to bullshit. A 2007 study found that the average level of testosterone in the main population was significantly lower, so men 50 years old in 1988 had higher testosterone levels than men 50 years old in 1996. That level can drop by 1{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} every year.

In other words, the men in the group are getting softer and there is a science to prove it. To reverse the trend, simply increase testosterone. What can be the hardest thing in a factory for those who want to make America great again or regain control?

Big constraint is We quickly provided a miracle cure for this apparent illness. I first found a strange connection between Trump rhetoric and hormonal therapy in watching TV commercials in the United States. One asks about a product called Ageless Male:

Sam Wolfson-Testosterone Magazine Feature

Sharp practice: testosterone test kit sales increased Photo: Pal Hansen / Observer

Since these ads began, the number of men trying to raise testosterone levels has increased. In the United States, more than one million men have been tested for testosterone levels in four years and have started treatment with more than 283,000 testosterones.

The impact is felt in the UK. In addition to online startups, expensive pharmacies offer testosterone tests that allow men to conduct blood tests at home to satisfy or overcome their fears.

According to Superdrug, the number of requests per week for the kit has more than doubled since February. More people are going to the doctor with worry, and the NHS prescription for testosterone has increased by 20{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} in the four years since 2012.

Strict control over television advertising in the UK means that protestosterone accidents are going on in books and online. The claim is led by Stoke-on-Trent's fitness coach Daniel Kelly, who wrote his book in favor of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for young people. It is called Optimize under 35: how to increase testosterone, increase libido and achieve amazing health.

Kelly's book is typical of how testosterone likes to mix scientific versions with a conservative worldview. In the introduction, he talks about how testosterone helped his anxiety and libido, and promises that this book will tell the reader how to get the same benefits. Most of this book contains highly technical hormonal advice and references to scientific research.

But science harmonizes with the emotions familiar to late-night LBC listeners. "The exercise that empowers women shook the pendulum too much," he wrote. “Youths have been brainwashed with male antivirus… "etc.

Kelly sees this as a testosterone crisis, not a male crisis. In fact, he said the two "can't be separated." In one passage he wrote: “This low T reality has affected many areas of society to the point that it is unacceptable to present traditional or conservative views in polite conversation. Do not make a mistake. Toxic progressive ideology hates men who pose real problems to society ”

It's easy to ignore this as a menistic nonsense, but some of me think it will quietly make you feel bad when you know that T is there. In an expensive grooming system and an unrealistic body, it makes us think about how the false feminine model has been measured for a long time. Even politically perceived feminists can still feel that they are not looking at the zero model. There is pressure that people find it easier to avoid. But now, we are creating our own field where we can feel incomplete and inhuman – a field that is completely invisible.

To find out where I stand, I order a £ 50 T test kit from Superdrug. soon Sweeney ToddWhen trying to produce enough blood from a series of pin fricks to fill a glass bottle, the girlfriend shouted at the table, “Baby, finger milk!” When his girlfriend tried to bleed in a plastic tube. I have always been told that baldness, monstrous hair and fast facial hair growth are typical signs of high testosterone. Relatively trust samples that are sure there are no symptoms associated with low-T.

While waiting for the results, find out if there is real scientific evidence behind the fear that testosterone is not enough. I speak with Rebecca M Jordan-Young, a social medicine scientist at Columbia University's Bernard University, and Rebecca M Jordan-Young, co-author of the following book: Testosterone: stepless electricity. I am not surprised when she said that the much wisdom she received for testosterone was ridiculous.

“The idea of ​​Low-T has actually been pushed forward, but Low-T is not a problem in itself. You can have a pretty low T and get a lot from it, ”she says. “Average men have much more testosterone than they need for sexual function. When starting with a placebo-controlled, randomized trial of a healthy person without complaints … most trials have no difference in mood, cognition or behavior even at very high levels of testosterone. ”

Jordan Young says that hormones are very complex. The fact that eating more estrogen in the liver means less testosterone is a complete misunderstanding of how hormones work. In fact, testosterone is often converted to estrogen, which means that people who regularly inject testosterone often grow their breasts.

Other studies have shown that some testosterone therapies, especially those administered on their own without undergoing regular medical examinations, are prone to men with heart attacks and prostate cancer. Boosting testosterone can also make a person infertile. Jordan-Young says much of the confusion stems from the misconception that testosterone is a "male hormone."

“Hormones were originally found in research programs featuring male and female sex. Originally, when they discovered & # 39; male essence, they thought it would only be found in the male body, and it was harmful to the female body and was about sex-related functions. None of them turned out to be true, but they all lived in our folklore. ”

TRT can be very effective for those at low risk of testosterone, but we are probably talking about men under 1{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5}. The biggest impact that TRT can have on everyone else is the massive placebo effect.

Jordan-Young says there is little convincing evidence for testosterone reduction in men. There is no doubt that even men claim that they have less testosterone than the previous generation. The research is in conflict. Some say it hasn't declined at all. One couple says that there is a small but statistically significant decrease over time. However, the best population-based data in the US does not show a decline in men.

But on this In a strange world where endocrinology overlaps with gender politics, myths spread faster than any scientific approach. Many healthy men think more testosterone is needed because there are men whose TRT can change lives.

Some of them are treated by Dr. Richard Petty, who runs Wellman Clinic. Petty calls her secretary “girls,” and she is a fantastically luxurious doctor with an office on Harley Street, as big as my apartment. He ran a private clinic in Chelsea in the 1970s and then began to specialize in men's health. After a recession and three days a week, patients could no longer afford to live in this area. “They had to live in a country house or move to Putney.” – The wife and children were renewed. Suburban doctors and he kept the “chapter”.

He began to deal more with prostate cancer, learn about testosterone, and publish its importance. He is stronger than Jordan Young for the life-changing prospect of TRT.

I ask if someone knows when testosterone is low and comes through the gate. “Never see in the distance. You get disgusted. It is pale, not pink, even brown. Arteries on the face dilate less than they don't. ”

Dr. Petty tells many of the patients he sees that TRT not only improves sex life, but also significantly improves mental health, which can alleviate depression that was previously ineffective.

I asked about my own tests and said he is very vague about online labs and can get a 15{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} discount. Still, I'm only hoping for a very rough idea. He said T's seriously low score was less than 13 points.

New armed I understood how testosterone works, gave Daniel Kelly a ring, and hopes men under 35 are sure that they don't need to be involved in testosterone boosting. He is sometimes drilling holes for society to behave like women.

He now explains that he plans to directly inject testosterone twice a week and do so throughout his life. He says testosterone levels were very low, but he is concerned about keeping optimal levels, not just worrying about lowering them.

I explain what Jordan-Young said. Optimal testosterone is not real, the body can do a lot with a small T, and Kelly moans. “Mainstream doctors think that the hormone is fine as long as the person in the ivory tower is in an arbitrary range that does not understand the hormone. Random reference range they created. There is a big difference between normal and optimal health. It will be balanced, but what is the alternative? How do you feel like garbage because it's in a random reference range? ”

He cites studies that refute the link between testosterone and prostate cancer. He believes that over-the-counter hormonal boosters can be dangerous, but only prescription TRT "constricts the ball" and provokes acne, otherwise "no risk".

He should accept that the fact that some people do not need TRT, change their diet, stay healthy, and be the last resort after drinking. However, he still believes that many men will be happier if they artificially raise T levels, as well as men who have serious symptoms or think men have low-risk T. The rest of their lives. "Low testosterone makes men more gentle and lacking in confidence, and the honest truth is that most men will not give you a strong handshake if you walk down the road."

As often happens when science and politics collide, there are pieces of truth that are hidden in many nonsense places. Testosterone can be transformed in people who lack it. But the idea that some kind of male sexual crisis was caused by low testosterone in the population is a fiction that exists in people who are undergoing right-wing physician science.

Or I was convinced right away until my T result arrived in the inbox. I was shocked that I'm in the 1 star gasoline category with a score of & # 39; Super Drag Doctor & # 39; rated as & # 39; lowest within normal range. Despite having no problems with low testosterone, I am ashamed of the T-score. My logical brain knows I should not worry, but I look back at Kelly's book for advice. Maybe I'm trying to concentrate. Who is not a bit lethargic at times? If testosterone anxiety has not been manufactured anywhere in the last decade, it definitely works for me. Superdrug says that a second test should be done to confirm the result. I immediately start searching the internet to find a company to comment on and get better results.



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