earn paytm cash by watching videos in hindi || free paytm cash kaise kamaye

Get paytm cash by watching the video: Hello everyone Did you know how did you get Paytm Cash for free?Free paytm cash kaise kamaye.) If you don't know, this post tells you on Android mobile. Free paytm cash kaise kamaye. Let's get started.

Do you have an Android phone? Are you always busy on social sites? By the way, most people spend time watching social sites or video usage on their phones. But did you know that recently you have money to watch videos.

Now you have to wonder who will pay us to watch the video. But friend, this is absolutely correct. I'll tell you today. One of them Money making app Watch the video about it and you can get Paytm Cash for free. Earn PayTM cash on your mobile if you like too.Earn paytm cash while watching video) Should read full.

Free paytm cash kaise kamaye
Earn paytm cash while watching video


Watch the video to get paytm cash (How to watch the video to get paytm cash?)

As you know, friends. Today, about 75{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} of people use Android mobile. And according to this, Android applications today are also millions of dollars. Google Play Store Available from you through the work by downloading the app according to your own.

However, some of these applications can be used within millions of millions of applications. What we do Earn PayTM Cash Give me a chance. Friend, today we will talk about which of these is such an app. Earn Paytm Cash when watching videos. By the way, there are many applications that offer Paytm Cash.

But today we will talk about the app. The name of the app is Lopscoop so let me know. What is this Lopscoop app? And how can we get Paytm Cash from it?

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What is the Lopscoop app?

Friend Lopscoop App is one such application. You can earn Paytm Cash in a variety of ways. The Lopscoop app is one such app. Earn Paytm Cash by watching news posts or videos. There are many other ways to this application.

Like:-You share this app with your friends and tell them to use the reference code, you will get 1000 gold coins = 6 rupees and 1000 gold coins. Similarly, you can share, like, or comment on posts. Therefore, you can get gold coins in return.

You can deposit this gold coin, convert it into rupees, and transfer it to your cash from your Paytm account. Do you know what the Lopscoop app is so far? And how to get it? Do you know how to install it now?

How to install Lopscoop app

Here's how to use the Lopscoop app: If you want to know this you need to download it. Now you will know how to get Paytm Cash in Lopscoop app. To download this app is provided below Download button Click to download.

Free paytm cash kaise kamaye

Apply invitation code: -MYVP4236959

How to use the Lopscoop app

As soon as you open the Lopscoop app, you will see the home interface you need to sign up. To do this, you can see the picture below. You need to click where (MY) is written.

Earn paytm cash while watching video

As soon as I click on mine, a second screen appears and I need to click on the screen from the top.

Now when the login page opens, you can sign up or sign up with your Facebook account.

Earn paytm cash while watching video

Now bind PayTM Number to this app. Click INR or Instant Money. As soon as I click on INR. So the option to bind this Paytm is preceded by the Enter Paytm number and confirm.

Earn paytm cash while watching video

So far you have learned how to install the Lopscoop app and sign up for it. Now you know how to get free Paytm cash in Lopscoop app?

How to earn gold coins and rupees in the Lopscoop app

Lopscoop There are many options to get gold coins in the app. Let's look at where you can get gold coins and rupees.

  1. You can get gold coins with the daily app.
  2. Click the receive button every hour to make gold coins.
  3. You can get gold coins by reading articles like articles, subscribing to labels of interest and sharing articles to watch videos.
  4. You can make money through referrals and invitations from friends (immediate transfer to your paytm account).
  5. You can earn money with daily wheel spins (immediate transfers to 100{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} winning and paytm accounts).
  6. Check in daily (up to 500 coins) to receive gold coins.
  7. You can get gold coins with full profile, join fb groub, enter invitation code MYVP4236959, Email binding, etc.
  8. Get Gold Coins with "Box Open & Share"
  9. Level up to gain additional coins.
  10. Suggest additional income in the “I” section.

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Lopscoop App Video Tutorial:-

If you want to know more about this application, you can watch the video below, which will tell you how to use this application and how to withdraw the Paytm cache.

Dear friends, I hope in this article you learned how to earn free Paytm Cash on your Android phone. (How to get paytm cash while watching the video) If you still have questions. Please contact us in the comment box. We will do our best to answer your questions.


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