Best PSVR Game Today (October 2019)

With PlayStation VR, Sony's jump into virtual reality proved more successful than many, including Sony, had expected. Within a year, the player bought more than a million headsets in the market, and after reviewing VR headsets, it's no surprise that the hardware was very impressive.

Like all video game platforms, hardware can't beat and maintain loyal fans. PlayStation VR has a steady stream of great games, and luckily I had to keep a lot of time busy since launch. Here is a list of the best PSVR games currently available:

Action adventure

I expect you to die

I expect you to die

Technically not related to the 007 or James Bond franchise I expect you to die It features the white tails and tense spy action you'd expect from this series. Armed with extraordinary telekinetic abilities, you only have to avoid certain deaths by using all your wits and all the tools found in the environment.

Remove the bombs and keep the room from flooding. I expect you to dieRetro aesthetic feels like it was pulled directly from a 60's spy movie. All humor has a healthy amount of humor to make you feel a healthy death.

Batman: Arkham VR

Batman arkham vr review feat

Of course, with Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Trilogy Batman: Arkham Origins Made me feel like batman but actually lose baton? Batman: Arkham VR Interrupt the efforts of Gotham's most evil criminals, solve puzzles along the way and defeat enemies with various famous gadgets, turning your action into first-person view.

Much shorter than the other titles of Rocksteady, the chance to start his cowl in a dark knight's costume is well worth the entrance fee and extends the story of some characters from other Arkham games.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek has a very loyal and dedicated fanbase. Star Trek: Bridge CrewYou can jump into the chair of the federation box and explore the unknown parts. The Vulcan population is up to the American crew in search of a new home. Aegis visits The Trench to find replacements.

Playing with a group of friends, the game supports real-time lip syncing, making your characters look as if they are actually talking to each other, and with recent updates, you can also experience people without PlayStation VR. Star Trek: Bridge CrewAs well as.

Fisherman's story

Fisherman's story It's a game that can only exist in VR. You play as a fisherman's puppet named Bob. Bob needs to go to the lighthouse before the terrible storm. At least it's a setting. The reality of the situation is much more fun and ultimately creative. When Bob opens the house, he sees himself in response to every move. Play as a puppet doll, manipulating the world, solving puzzles and guiding Bob to the lighthouse. Stories shine, puzzles are challenging but accessible, and the vigorous pulling of strings in VR creates a constantly engaging and impressive adventure.

First person shooter

Blood and truth

Blood and truth

when Playstation vr world One of the most promising products released with headsets a few years ago was London raidGuy Ritchie is a first person shooter inspired by movies. Blood and truth It greatly expands the concept by providing action and spy activities that have a complete blockbuster value with a budget rarely seen in VR.

Blood and truth It's a full-fledged action shooter that works only in virtual reality, not a proof of concept technology demonstration. Filled with twists and set moments between all firearms, this platform is one of the most powerful games on the entire platform and is worth the entrance fee.

Firewall zero hour

Firewall zero hour

Except for excellence League: Mechanized Battle LeaguePlayStation VR doesn't have many competitive multiplayer shooters. First contact entertainment Firewall zero hour Not only fill this void, but fans Rainbow Six Siege I love you immediately.

With multiple playable characters and customizable weapons, you can wear the correct equipment to join the battle, and everyone in the squad must play a role in order to succeed. With the great PlayStation VR aim controller in your hand, you'll feel even closer.

Wave point

PSVR wasn't the best place for first-person shooters at launch. Wave point Headset for the genre. In the course of studying the mysteries near Jupiter, the explosion will set you and your team on a deserted desert planet full of hostile aliens. Separate from the crew, meet with your friends and get out of the enemy waves to escape from the planet.

During Wave point Strong support for first person shooter in VR. The PSVR Aim Controller (a gun-shaped VR peripheral that can be purchased with the game) is well worth the investment. Wave point Alone. With Aim, you'll feel like bold in this alien world through the game's fast, frenzied and responsive battles. The story is overwhelming, the environment is repetitive and somewhat embarrassing, but the action itself Wave point PSVR experience to play.

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Fate VFR

There are several AAA first person games that support virtual reality, Fate VFR Break the fungus. Not just remaking 2016 Destiny For PlayStation VR, the developer ID created an entirely new game set shortly after the UAC Martian facility was overrun by the devil.

It is up to you to negate the ghost's plan and restore the security of the facility, since recently unconscious humans have been transferred to the artificial brain matrix. As with the 2016 game, there are various ways to blow the devil to the smithy, and the teleport system allows you to compress around the battlefield and hurry to reduce pain.

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Super hot VR

Oculus Quest headset takes you to VR VR 2019 super hot

In the form of already expanding innovative titles Super hot VR Work on devising a strategy to defeat the enemy, including pistols, shotguns, knives, bottles, etc. Originally, each time you stop, the time stops, and the enemies are stagnant when calculating the next move. In VR, static mechanics is used using the PlayStation Move controller, which acts as a hand. The VR version is a fast, first-person shooter focused on strategy, but in VR Super hotInherent tension is increased. Do you want to kill or take a less direct approach to your next workout? The choice is you.

quest Super hot'S limited space, sifting past and defeating enemies was not as satisfying as VR. PSVR's limited camera tracking can make the gameplay loop a bit disappointing, Super hot VR Nevertheless, it provides a unique experience for PSVR owners. To do this, it takes place in our list.

Until Dawn: Blood Rush

Blood Review Dawn Dawn Rush

At best, VR games are the most intense thrill you've ever seen. Until Dawn: Blood Rush I understand this. Horror shooters send you on a scary roller coaster full of monsters, and you have to use pistols, shotguns and other weapons quickly to survive.

The game includes multiple paths, so you can keep playing while you work along the leaderboards and this is the perfect game to show to your friends who are not familiar with PlayStation VR during the Halloween season. Do not play too close to bedtime.

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Exorcist: Legion

Episode game based on a popular movie of the same name Exorcist: Legion Place you in the shoes of a Boston murder detective to investigate the murder of a local priest. Each episode tells a new part of the terrible story. Expand your reach and introduce new and scary horrors at each level. So far, three of the five episodes of PSVR have been released.

This is probably the scariest experience on the platform. You may need to take a few breaks at the end of each episode full of jumping scares and nervous shocking creepy. Exorcist: Legion One of the better video games based on movie franchise in recent years. Horror fans should choose this immediately.


Persistence There are two genres we rarely see: horror and rogues. The eponymous spacecraft is on a mission to colonize planets far from the earth, but escapes their course and enters a black hole. Everyone on board dies, but in sci-fi games, you can reclaim your life by sending your ship back to Earth. The biggest problem is that the ship is crawling into a mutant that is blocking the way to control of the ship.

Persistence Plays like a stealth game in that you have to sneak past ruthless enemies. If caught, you will probably die again. In addition to the calm atmosphere and the cruel enemy design, the reason for making the persistence large is that a new ship layout is born each time you boot. The ship's floor and room are randomly generated, so no matter how many times you play, there's room for new fear.

Resident Evil 7

Best video game sale holiday 2018 playstation 4 game resident evil bio hazard

Fantastic game in itself, Resident Evil 7 Similar to the AAA games used on the PS4 and Xbox One, it paved the way for a longer and more intense VR experience. The title at the beginning of 2017 reverted the series to the roots of heartbreaking horror and chose to focus on mood and atmospheric tension in the action-packed battles of recent entries. The annoying bakers' homes come alive when playing inside the PSVR, so those creepy turns translate well into VR. Capcom has optimized the PSVR's controls to alleviate excessive head rotation and zoning, allowing for long gaming sessions.

Resident Evil 7 It's not a faint heart. One of the scariest games of this generation and the scariest game on PSVR. If you like to continue to be spooky, look no further. Resident Evil 7 PSVR's existing console games show that you can jump into VR while maintaining integrity and quality.

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Astrobot Rescue Mission

Remember the little robot being filled Playroom, The preloaded game that comes with every PS4? Astrobot Rescue Mission Take these little guys to a grand platform adventure in 5 worlds and over 50 levels. Astrobot What for PSVR Super mario 64 For Nintendo 64.

As a third person platformer Astrobot Excellence in a similar way Moss Prior to that, level design and original gadgets were created at levels not experienced by PSVR. Astrobot It does a great job of making you feel like you're in the game despite the limitations of a third-person vantage point in VR.

It's a healthy, endless fun platformer that always goes down as one of the great 3D platformers awesome. The following claims can be made Astrobot It is the first game in the PSVR to be called a system seller.


Moss review

PlayStation VR has been playing for over a year without a true killer app, but a quirky adventure Moss It might be that game. It is interwoven into children's fairy tales. Complete with a single narrator who carries out the voices of each character while parents read to their children. When the mouse jumps and overcomes obstacles, the reader must interact directly with the environment. .

plus, Moss Take advantage of PSVR's control scheme while using existing gamepad controls. It's one of the first PSVR games to truly understand the potential of virtual reality technology, and it's possible that there's less and less movement seen in other games.

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Playstation plus

This dreamy adventure follows a mysterious dancing creature in her journey to repair her home. The game has been available for a while on PS4 and other platforms, but with a new patch, the game will be fully playable on PlayStation VR. It doesn't use virtual reality for any good mechanical purpose, but it's an amazingly effective solution for switching cinematic cameras and creating beautiful animations. boundary One of the most impressive VR stories we've tried yet.

Puzzle games

Tetris effect

15 new feelings again with the Tetris effect

Tetris effect The classic puzzle game will feel new again. In the studio behind the Rez and Lumines series Tetris effect Infused with the studio's captivating music and environmental effects, it creates a new hypnotic expression for cutting-edge video games. The blocks change the gradient and change each time the synthesized soundtrack moves, transforming them into completely new colors and compositions.

Every time you play the game, the quiet background changes. Tetris effect In essence, make you a composer of your own rhythm puzzle game. Once in the groove it is difficult to lower the controller. Experience on PSVR has been improved Tetris Feeling alive and breathing. I've played this game many times, but never in such a fascinating format.

Ghost Giant

Best PSVR Game Ghost Giant

in Ghost Giant, While watching an anthropomorphic cat named Louise, help to care for his family and the people of the idyllic village Sancourt. Like Moss, it's a large organization where Lewis can use the PlayStation Move controller to help you get things done and help you interact with objects and environments.

Puzzles are mostly simple but why you should actually play Ghost Giant Sincere story and charming atmosphere. Using technology Ghost Giant It tells a story that can only be portrayed in VR. You can win on the weekend, but the weekend will be fine.

Super hyper cube

DT's favorite game of 2016

The simplest release title of PlayStation VR is one of the best. This 3D Puzzle Game Fez The developer Polytron asks the player to rotate a group of cubes that constantly expand through a certain shaped hole in the incoming wall. The cube structure is located just in front of the face, so when expanding it is necessary to move the neck more with a crane to identify the shape of the hole.

By using virtual reality mechanically, you can perfectly coordinate simple concepts about VR and create something entirely new. This game isn't the best game for friends new to VR, but it's a game you can keep playing even after the novelty of VR is gone.

Keep talking and no one will explode

It can be frustrating to show a nice new PSVR to your friends, with very few opportunities for local multiplayer. Keep talking and no one explodes. An asynchronous cooperative game that forces you and your friends to remove bombs while solving a series of complex puzzles has been available for some time on PCs and other VR platforms, but it's very fun.

The player wearing the headset on the PSVR is the only one who can interact with the bomb. The rest of the room should follow the online manual on page 23, following the steps to find a solution for each puzzle. Unique and challenging on weekend nights with friends or family Keep talking and no one will explode It's a great game for every PSVR owner to have their own sleeve.

Rhythm action

Reds Infinite

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's cult classic shooter returns. In addition to the new VR monopoly levels infinite In fact, I remastered the original PlayStation 2 game that appeared in 2001. But virtual reality made the game feel new again. The experience of flying cyberspace, tagging and shooting vector-based enemies puts your head on the swivel and forces you to constantly explore your eyes. Some players who are new to VR have some speed Reds Infinite Over time, you can enjoy the game longer.


Best switch game for people who travel

Depicted as rhythmic violence Giant Ash frame amplitudeTapping style rhythm as a future battle against giant virtual monsters. Players control metal space beetles moving with electronic beats, taps, slides, and braces along the track to hit everything they throw.

The VR elements are mostly cosmetic, but the ominous atmosphere of the wavy tentacles and the gigantic glowing eyes coming from the void is surprisingly impressive. If you are distracted for a while, you can lose flow. Giant The transition to PSVR is the ultimate pleasure, amplified to a new level.

RPG games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

CES 2019 Cyber ​​Shoes Skyrim

Even after 6 years we still Skyrim. The 2011 Bethesda RPG captivated gamers with a vast open world, but its charm comes from the adventurous choice. After a series of impossible ports Skyrim In order to disappear into the past, fantasy experiences entered the future of a game called virtual reality. A wide range of games, including SkyrimThe voyage to the PSVR is very impressive.

Visuals align more closely with the original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. SkyrimBut it is hard to think that too many knocks are the infancy of the medium. The game can be played with the PlayStation Move controller, enabling immersive battles. The basic movement system effectively utilizes short-range teleportation to eliminate the threat of motion sickness, but free movement actually works much better than other first-person views on the platform. Skyrim Not so welcome yet, and returning to Tamriel from VR is an exciting delight for both old fans and newcomers.

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Occupation Simulator: 2050 Archive

Who thought that everyday things in VR would be so much fun? Owlchemy Labs definitely did. in Job simulatorIt is 20150 and humanity has automated all the work on the planet. While boring humans want to spend time, use VR to simulate the past to find out what it was like to work for a living in good times. (Or at least assume that our robotic species work).

Four daily work scenarios (office worker, gourmet chef, convenience store staff and mechanic) each play the game in a new way. Yes, Job simulator Even the terrible job of working as a cashier makes it fun and fun. Reason Job simulator It is related to how to use VR. One of the main advantages of this technique is the ability to touch objects that do not actually exist. in Job simulatorThe world is your cave and you can touch and throw almost everything. Stupid jokes and throw into the world Job simulator One of my favorite places in VR.


League: Mechanized Battle League

League: Mechanized Battle League

Play for the first eSport in VR League Is a fast-paced arena sport in which two teams of three players controlling a huge mechanic fight to get the most points for five minutes. There are three types of play, three points of killing points, and the ability to load the ball through the opposing team's goals or defeat the ball to jump over the central ring.

Multiple online and offline gameplay modes and unique skill ratings and unlockable customization options for equipment and pilots, League Is one of the most fully realized games currently available in VR. Most releases still feel like technical demos. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun, and if you're drawing an important general player into a sustainable community, it's likely to be the initial pillar of the medium.

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