Best Oculus Rift Games You Can Get Today (July 2019)

The Oculus Rift was hard to get out of the door. Shipment delays and scarce game libraries had a big impact on the market during the first six months. Then a delayed Oculus Touch controller arrives at the end of 2016, improving the quality of most games and giving the player full motion control with each hand.

It's now out of service, and Oculus Rift continues to show a solid, solid experience. From first-person shooters to scary psychological horror games, quirky puzzle games, and cooperative games, there's something for everyone on this platform. We compiled a library of the best Oculus Rift games available on VR headsets today.


5 Nights at Freddy's VR: Seeking Help

Freddy's 5 Nights Surprise you even beyond the limits of the existing game system. Five nights in Freddie's VR: help wanted Includes a classic experience from the past of the series, as well as a new experience where you can not revisit the restaurant of Chuck E. Cheese.

5 nights at Freddy's VR As well as the first four games Sister position Participating, and it will amaze you with all the classic Annitronic killer you remember. Of course, your surprise and shock will be even more intense because of the cracks.

Fisherman's story

Virtual reality is often used as a tool for the player to live in an unfamiliar world and act like a hero of the story, Fisherman's story It requires a more surreal approach. It's as if you're on a different layer of virtual reality, as if you're a puppet fisher who lives on board and doesn't know the world around you.

As you progress, you will complete environmental puzzles that bend reality concepts and utilize physics in unique ways. Small dollhouse-sized things can turn huge in front of you, and figuring out how to use them when climbing a lighthouse is critical to success.

Ron Echo

Numerous VR experiences attempted to capture the feeling of floating in space, but Oculus Exclusive title Ron Echo It's the only way to give an accurate feeling.

In fact, most tasks involve simple maintenance modifications to the space station, but with an excellent Oculus Touch controller, there's an immersion where virtually no VR game is replicated in every move.

With powerful sci-fi stories and amazingly realized space settings Ron Echo'Playing for hours is the best way to visit your living area.

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Wilson's Heart

One of the most ambitious Oculus Rift games ever Wilson's Heart It brings psychological fear through the immersive experience of VR. Launched in the 1940s, the game is followed by hospital patient Robert Wilson, who only realizes that his heart has been replaced by an embarrassing device.

You play as Wilson, but you are not the only one who gets angry. You'll meet weird characters as you walk along annoying and full corridors. Everyone wants to know how and why weird hospital staff stab and stab. Jump scary and eerie realization, Wilson's Heart Make the most of your touch controller and get into the fear of changing your mind.

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Invisible time

Developer Tequila Works has tried something slightly different using VR. Murder mystery spending time observing various people and their roles in the story. Nestled in a huge mansion owned by the story's murder victim, Nikola Tesla, your mission is to wander the house as a ghost, an invisible observer, find clues and find out what people are actually doing and who the killer is is.

If you stick to the genre, everyone depends on something, and the story is very distorted. Spend time on rewinding and fast-forwarding to track the movements of others throughout the mansion and collect clues about who you are, why they existed and what you did. Although less interactive than most interactive environments Invisible time When it comes to storytelling, we suggest some cool things you can do with VR and give players the ability to roam the space.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Perhaps the best multiplayer VR experience so far. Star Trek: Bridge Crew Users can become members of starfleet crews such as James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, and Pavel Chekov to express their childhood fantasies.

Players work in a team of four in one of four roles: pilot, engineer, tactician, or captain. Each task (which works best with the Oculus Touch controller but can play with the Xbox One controller) requires the player to manipulate the computer panel. Bridge crew The need to work together for success excels in cooperative games. It feels like you are living inside the episode Star trek. In short, if you have a group Bridge crew It should be at the top of your wish list.

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Imagine a kind of cyberpunk, virtual dystopia from science fiction and movies of the 1980s and 90s. Technology. It's a kind of game where many evil companies “restock” as hackers across virtual landscapes to steal data.

Dark, dark and completely retro future. All are worth seeing. TechnologyIn-game game moments are also cool and fun add-ons and add multiple layers to your VR experience.

Destiny: Pledge of Silence

Viking center Destiny When his family returns to the village with an accident, he plays the role of a person on the verge of death. The gifts of the gods kept you in Valhalla but gave you your voice, something strange is happening in Nordic mythology.

Destiny It's a bit slow as a story-driven game, but heavy on character development and conspiracy. There is magic and mystery with very few Nordic myths here, and VR is used to put you in the shoes of a character who simply wants to save people in order not to completely destroy you.


Another story-rich experience, conference Basically it's a first-person adventure game where players collect items, solve puzzles, interact with characters and collect information from the environment to unlock stories. conference It's done in a secret science lab. Here personal drama meets the consequences of unintended gods. It's not a lot of action conference Useful VR tricks to solve VR motion problems. It's a good entry point for VR beginners who want something that tells a lot of stories.

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Super hot VR

Thought to be an alternative to experimental first-person shooters Super hot, Super hot VR Fit the stop motion mechanism to your arm when using the Oculus Touch controller. Bullets rain from enemies as you move your hands. However, bullet relief begins if you do not consider the next move. The goal to exit the exit of each room remains the same, but in VR the intensity is amplified. Removing the enemy in VR will pump blood. To succeed, you have to move your hands systematically Super hot VRThe original design constantly gives pleasure.

Robo Recall

Originally designed as a pack-in game for the Oculus Touch controller. Robo Recall A frenzied shooting game designed to look cool while blowing out robots. Serves as agent 34 for robot manufacturing company RoboReady.

The job for the company is to remove the defective device from the production line, but the virus has caused the robot to fight the producer, so now it must be removed. During Robo Recall It results in a series of regular shooting galleries. Much more interesting than the average on-rail FPS. You can swipe with your hands to pick up enemies and throw them at other robots, catch bullets in the air and re-infect them to make the robots a pile. Robo Recall Shows the brilliance of the Oculus Touch controller. Best of all, you can play for free.

Arizona Sunshine

One of the only authentic first-person shooters available in VR Arizona Sunshine Drops you in the sparkling heat of the American Southwest, now full of zombies. Oculus Touch allows you to aim, shoot and load dozens of weapons.

More open than other shooters in VR Arizona Sunshine There is a campaign mode that allows the player to find the way out and explore the deserts and caves. At the end of the campaign, there are single and multiplayer modes and you can fight the undead hordes. Arizona Sunshine A fast-paced gore fest filled with bloody and hungry zombies. It's sleek and shows how Oculus Rift offers the perfect package with multiple game modes.

Eve: Valkyrie

One of the well known & # 39; Oculus & # 39; titles Eve: ValkyrieA game that places you in the role of a spaceship fighter pilot. The good news is that if you want that experience Valkyrie Get it.

You shoot gorgeous space places like shipyards and asteroid fields, hunt and fight enemy ships while dodging missile locks and avoiding fire. In terms of exercise, it can hurt some people with a fierce game, but if you can handle it, Valkyrie It's a VR proof-of-concept that has attracted players for years.


Penn and Teller VR: honestly unfair, unkind and unnecessary

Best oculus lift game penntellervr

The legendary comical magic duo Penn & Teller has a virtual reality game developed and released by Gearbox. With the power and a little training of the Oculus Rift, you can perform awe-inspiring magic to confuse your loved ones. Want to get out of the chain box when the water goes up, but is there no risk of drowning? Want to shrink and shoot to the size of a marble? More than that is possible Penn and Teller VR.

Penn Jillette acts as a mentor when trying to be a global magician. If you play games with others, you will be an audience, but even if you play alone, you can be a volunteer in one of the duo's crazy tricks. Of course, the biggest trick is to get the teller actually talking.

Virtual Ninja VR

The young children's dream is to become a ninja, acquire katanas, and blow deadly at the enemy. Wow Virtual Ninja VRYou can fight the samurai with meticulously planned blocks and powerful blows.

You can also test the precision of your shuriken throws and even cut watermelons to become a real fruit ninja. But to test your skills, you have to fight 5 bosses in the game. Each boss is intense enough to spot virtual pants.

Occupation Simulator: 2050 Archive

Evidence that VR from Owlchemy Labs excels at transforming mental work into exciting and sometimes innovative experiences Occupation Simulator: 2050 Archive Will play as advertised. But ordinary VR is fascinating. Who would have thought this would happen? This year is 2050 and humans have automated every task.

To enrich a casual human life, you can now use VR headsets to simulate what “honest work” is. As a convenience store clerk you can ring chips and drinks, repair your car as a mechanic, use the teppanyaki as a short-term cooking chef, or handle paperwork with a steel mill 9-5 office staff. Of course this is a robot think The task was the same, so it can be different and much more fun than you remember.

Vacation simulator

From the same bizarre people who brought you Job simulator, Vacation simulator I know that sometimes you need to rest and rest. Of course, vacationing is not sunlit, but full of mini games in environments like mountains, forests, beaches.

While jumping into the sea or playing handball with robot no Work? For some reason, you can also make a snowman, eat ice cream or hit a fish. Good morning. Vacation. You can do whatever you want!


It is the closest place to be a wizard at home. Oculus Exclusive Unspoken The heralded developer Insomniac Games does a very impressive job that makes you feel like you're doing a lot of wizard work without making a lot of impressions.

Unspoken It's an urban fantasy filled with customizable wizards and spellcasters, just one of them. The various orders deployed through the Oculus Touch controller feel as if they were actually guided at your fingertips. There's a bit of exploration and a lewd game world here, but the meat of experience comes from a duel that helps to advance the ranks of the wizard fighting club. Unlike the fight clubs you think it's okay to talk about this. We recommend playing it.


For those who want to play traditional video games and find the VR world comfortably Chronos Good option. Easy comparison Dark Soul. This game is full of pitched sword duel, where you have to hit carefully and stay alive by blocking enemy attacks.

Chronos In favor of a third-person view of viewing and controlling the action from a separate perspective, it avoids the usual VR approach of first-person view. Much like a camera recording an event.

Edge of nowhere

Insomniac Games took a horror in virtual reality in a different way from almost all other games of its genre on the platform. Use first-person view to place the camera behind the main character, not following the usual path, as if wearing the hero's shoes and looking through the eyes. Chronos.

The result is a more psychological and clandestine fear. Edge of nowhere It's one of those VR games that I think could easily exist as a more traditional game, but I'm experimenting with the platform to find new ways to surprise players.


Survival games seem to be all the rage these days, and the best survival offer from Oculus Rift is Subnautica. After a giant spaceship crash in the alien sea, your mission is to save the rubble and find your way through.

That means gathering edible plants, finding the components needed to purify the water and gathering the materials necessary to make the tool. Oh, and not to have lunch with alien animals either. Subnautica It's still actively developing (in Early Access in Steam) and not completely complete. But it gives a strange and beautiful world to get lost.

Megaton Rainfall

It's amazing that more developers haven't created a superhero experience with the power trip you can experience in virtual reality. Megaton Rainfall It's one of the few places out there, and it can cause powerful explosions on enemies and buildings lined up through the sky.

Like Superman, you can get out of Earth's atmosphere and head for space.


Lucky story

Although it's another game that's not Really Must be in virtual reality Lucky story It's still a great way to relax in VR and it's a fun way to take advantage of the way Rift suggests that players exist in space.

The game is mainly similar Mario 64But it acts as a camera where the player mouses over the action. The ability to look around the universe does something interesting with standard platforming formulas. in Lucky story, The way you deal with levels depends on how you view each part of the level.

Mount wingsuit

If you're an ordinary, wholesome person, the prospect of jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit is terrible and in reality it's something you can never really do. Mount wingsuit It's a really welcome VR experience.

Starting from high peaks, race through the mountainside, running through the air, trying to fly through rings and avoid timely (bloody) death. Luckily, the death you're going to have is virtual too, so you can learn from your mistakes and go another way.

Role play

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Indeed, it is not surprising that Bethesda's masterpiece role-playing game eventually hit the Oculus Rift. Skyrim VR full in here Skyrim It's not a diminished experience, but an exploration of all the worlds that are more immersive than ever.

The first dragon kill in VR is even more rewarding and you can get more into the game if you actually feel like firing a bow or casting a spell. Even if you steal everyone's gold and let the dragon kill you again, you have no choice but to spend 200 more hours into the game.

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Tetris effect

15 new feelings again with the Tetris effect

Tetris effect It's totally magical. It's rather amazing because everyone is another repetition of one puzzle game. Tetris effect Add music and environmental effects created in awesome studios. Lumine and Reds. The electronic soundtrack responds to each twist and turn in the falling block. When you empty the line, the environmental effects surrounding the board, such as animals, fireworks, and the skyline, dazzle and burst to create a calming and winning visual display.

In VR, the effect is much more affected. Tetris effect Beautiful and artistic spin of the classic puzzle. Calm and energetic at once.

Keep talking and no one will explode

Keep talking and no one will explode A party game where people share a room, but only one person is in VR. A person wearing a headset can see and interact with bombs covered with special panels, each of which presents a puzzle that requires a solution for removing explosives. But VR players have no idea what it means to see what they are seeing. Therefore, it will help others in the room to explain it using the ultra-complicated bomb dismantling manual.

The game requires quick thinking, communication and teamwork, and there are fun moments when players scramble to find the right information in the manual. Best of all, having fun playing VR games is an excuse.

I expect you to die

The title of this game allows you to expect different horror experiences, but vice versa. I expect you to die Become the world's most capable secret agent and help you complete some clever puzzles interspersed with fun conversations and terrible situations.

For example, when picking up or interacting with dozens of in-game objects, such as dynamite with lights, players should use the Oculus Touch controller. The game feels like a classic British spy show except in the light of villains and heavy on humor.


Beat saber

Oculus Rift doesn't fire rays until Disney or Electronic Arts decides to create a Star Wars virtual reality game. Beat saber.

The rhythm game lets you wield multiple swords according to the rhythm of each song and swipe up, down, left, right and diagonally when you become a similar conductor of motion. After mastering the thrilling, challenging and dangerous interpretive dance, you are ready to face Jedi Knight's trials.

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