Best HTC Vive games to enjoy right now in 2019

Moss review

Virtual reality offers the potential you haven't seen in games yet, and Vive makes everything a reality with VR headsets. Consumer-grade VR is still in its infancy and many developers are still trying to find the best way to create compelling games, but in reality there are more than a few gems available on platforms that offer immersive VR experiences. Here are the HTC Vive games you need to purchase:


Gargan Tua Sword

Virtual reality is perfect for sword fighting with motion controllers. Gargan Tua Sword As a warrior killing monsters, it is one of the best ways to revive your fantasy. Includes 100 single player missions and 30 weapons to kill enemies at any time. Haptic feedback support for the sword feels like you're actually wielding a weapon.

If you're tired of playing alone, you can fight against waves of enemies in four-player co-op play and support cross-platform to give you more potential teammates. Reasonable price is one of the best value in Vive right now.

Raw data

One of the best action games available in VR Raw data Transport you to the future to take control of the evil company. Eden Corporation can take control of the world, but as an agent of the underground hacking group ndiSyndiK8, it goes directly to the company's walls, siphoning as much data as possible to reduce work inside.

Sci-fi setups are wonderfully realized and action-driven gameplay gives you full control over a variety of weapons and nanotechnology. Raw data A challenging game that rewards players for using all their abilities. Discover the true motives of Eden with solo or with your friends.

Eagle flying

Showing off the exploration strengths of VR, Eagle flying Watch the eagle fly in the streets of Paris. Humans have been extinct for 50 years, now animals dominate everything. Eagle flying Historic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower offer a breathtaking vantage point.

The action happens when you dive down when you fight other animals in honing on your territory. Air dogfights are exciting, but they will be most exciting when playing through the game's competitive multiplayer mode. One of the attractions of VR is that there are experiences that you have never experienced. Eagle flying Just yes.


Best switch game for people who travel

One of the things that makes virtual reality exciting is that it can dominate the player's senses in ways that screens and monitors simply can't. No game is better than this GiantThe game is a so-called "rhythmic violence" game in which players control the metal beetle and defeat and defeat giant monsters along the psychedelic highway. The player then uses simple and intuitive commands to avoid obstacles along the track, hang in the direction of rotation and jump over the rails.

The danger is synchronized with the "game's soundtrack" and consists of armed drums and ominous soundscapes. Even at the distance allowed by the monitor Giant It feels oppressive but in virtual reality it actually falls to hell. While the various environments of the game look great in VR, the boss fights are really awe-inspiring. Huge cosmic fear is not as threatening as VR.

Beat saber

Saber Star Wars Beat Me

It's not an officially licensed Star Wars game, but it's easy to see where it's inspired by this action music game. With a pair of HTC Vive controllers, you'll bump into the rhythm of an instrument track that catches up with illuminated blocks. Rushing these blocks is not as satisfying as killing a storm pilot, but quite drastic.

Technically still in its infancy, so more content, including single player campaigns, should line up. As is, Beat saber There are 10 cool tracks and several difficulty levels to master. Similar to Thumper in that it is a rhythm game that feels like an action game. Do you remember when the guitar hero captured the world? Beat saber Capture that magic in VR space.

Elite dangerous

Elite dangerous game like no sky

From the cockpit perspective, space dogfight is one of the most immediate ideas when considering VR games. Elite dangerous Deliver the promise concisely. Starfighter's cockpit is a great way to justify your VR experience. Frontier has been porting the game to VR since Oculus DK1, and that level of iteration shows the gloss of the final product.

elite It has the first mover advantage with the longest history of Vive's development titles, and since the multiplatform launch has already been successfully completed, this open world space game will be a natural starting point for gamers looking for shine. Proven experience.


Super hot VR

Super hot VR

Super hot VR Turn your already innovative and exciting shooter puzzle game into a more memorable experience on Vive. The downtime mechanic switches to the hand of the player wielding the Vive controller in any movement. Thanks to the accurate tracking system provided by Vive, you can create fluid and accurate movements without any frustration.

Goal Super hot VR Same as the original. Dissolve the enemy in the calculated movements, passing through the white room. Super hot VR Pump your adrenaline and actually show you how immersive VR can be. It's probably the best experience on Vive.

Reds Infinite

Remake of the 2001 Cult Classic Reds, Reds Infinite It's a perfect pitch VR adaptation that makes us feel like a feeling. Reds It always meant VR. Reds Infinite It's still an on-rail shooting game that brings players through a computer network full of dangers, but the chaos coming from all directions, enemies you have to aim and shoot, pop in VR.

There is also information about the changing environment (lines, polygons, and bright prosperity) that arises when tied to a headset. Combining fast and fascinating gameplay with a rhythm soundtrack makes it easy to immerse yourself in the HTC Vive. Reds Surprisingly old, Reds Infinite In VR, it's the best way to play iconic games.

Serious Sam VR: First Meeting

Expand your amazing success Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, first meet Delivers a solid remaster of the 2009 HD remake for the first entry in the series. Supporting both perfect workouts and teleportation, The First Encounter gives you a quick experience, but you can enjoy whatever you want.

Thanks to the immersion of VR, 15 campaign levels are much more fun than the original. You can also play online collaboratively or in a stadium-style competition mode. There's also a Horde mode where you can connect with up to 15 other players to navigate through enemy waves.

Vive's full trackpad control Serious Sam VR: First Meeting Successfully duplicate controller play while increasing accuracy.

Arizona Sunshine


According to your radio, there are zombie apocalyptic survivors other than yourself, and it's your mission to travel through the southwestern heat to reach the human race. Yes, Arizona Sunshine Another game full of captivating zombies but in VR.

Being chased by the undead is much less offensive when you feel there. Explore the vast and barren world of the game and keep a horde of zombies out. Arizona Sunshine& # 39; Campaigns can be played collaboratively alone. Once complete, there is an appropriate Horde mode where you can face up to four players.

Space Pirate Trainer

vr roomscale playspace big score awesome vive game space pirate trainer

Shooting galleries are already so common in Vive. The controller is well suited for pointing and pulling triggers, and these games allow the player to barely move and still engage with obstacles. Space Pirate Trainer But thanks to tight controls and brilliant presentations, what stands out from the crowd allows you to experience it yourself in the 80s science fiction films.

The game is mainly done on an isolated platform. Players hold the Vive controller in their hands, each of which serves as an in-game gun. These guns are set up to perform a variety of moves, allowing you to use bursts or powerful fighting shots.

More and more difficult robot enemy waves will attack you, you have to shoot down while avoiding the attack. But this simple gameplay is amazingly fun, moving and multitasking. There's hardly any more thrilling VR experience than spinning around and shooting around an incoming laser.

Hover Junkers

vr workout exercise omni hover butcher hoverjunkersmulti

Many books available today look more like a proof of concept than anything else. Hover Junkers It has captured us with a fully realized and exciting multiplayer experience. Addresses the issue of moving a small play area to a limited space by flying around the battlefield and replacing it with the deck of a hover ship used to collect junk and cause an explosion with your opponent. Collected junk can strengthen defenses and curl up walls. Shooting and reloading are handled with natural gestures.

Controlling around, covering up and popping out to shoot enemies is as natural and immersive as our first-person shooter. Hover Junkers Act as a fantastic ambassador of the genre.

Fate VFR

Doom vfr review run

The first person shooter has never been as smooth, absurd and totally fun as 2016. Destiny Reboot. Capturing everything about the original two games, it felt like a direct response to the overly serious and systematic tone of the modern AAA title.

Fate VFR — Yes. “F” means exactly what you think. In Mars-based research, a new story about “Cybernetics Survivors” to stop the evil invasion coordinates the devil's fast-thrilling experience of VR. facility.

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Best HTC Vive VR Game Fujii

Break away from the violence and vivid battles found in many Vive games and relax in a quiet world. Fujii. Explore colorful and peaceful areas with narrative adventures and gardening simulators. Fujii Gradually, you can restore the life of life and interact with plants. When traveling and collecting seeds, unlike others, you can plant seeds in your own garden to customize them.

A lot of joy Fujii It comes from a splendid setting, from lush greenery to green white gardens and ponds covered with lily pads. Growing plants contain musical elements, and you can bring animals and small insects to your garden's new home.

Trover saves the universe

Wal-Mart PSVR Playstation VR Bundle Deal Trover Saves Space

In a bizarre and eccentric heart Rick and Morty Creator Justin Roiland Trover saves the universe. Although completely separate from the hit show, it features the same artistic direction and sense of humor. Trover saves the universe An adventure game full of gameplay opportunities, including platforms and battles. Experience Roiland's original satire brand and upgrade your Trover to help you in your adventure.

Trover saves the universe It will continue to evolve over time. Future content for the game is free and has options for how to play. The game is fully compatible with Vive or can be played on traditional displays.


If you see weight "Notice, I want to see how scary it is to be stranded alone in space." Adr1ft Give you a chance to know. When the game begins, you wake up completely alone in vast cosmic silence.

The rubble of your destroyed space station floats around you. But you do not really understand the significance of the event because you have no memory. Even worse, your oxygen suit gradually fails, choking in the void between unnamed stars, constantly threatening death.

Main draw Adr1ft It was a nice visual. It's like it's like it's like it's like With approximately four hours of experience, you are mostly looking at the environment, slowing down your efforts to save yourself. Of course the controls are rough but with a visual display Adr1ft It is worth checking out.


Moss review

Many virtual reality games are dedicated to first-person view and try to be the characters you control, but Moss takes a different approach. The action adventure game takes control of the little mouse in third-person view and engages in battles and moves around the world just like in traditional games.

But the world itself is controlled by the user and can take advantage of this when solving puzzles and removing obstacles. Moss'Storylike stories and settings are perfectly suited for young players if they can already handle VR.

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Occupation Simulator: 2050 Archive

Work simulator

In 2050 life is boring. All occupations have replaced humans with robots and are now feeling some pressure. To stay busy, see what it's like to do with your VR headset. in Occupation Simulator: 2050 ArchiveYou can work as a convenience store clerk, mechanic, chef and office worker.

It may sound normal, but everyday tasks are much more attractive in VR. Will help Job simulator There is a whimsical humor, but in most cases the experience is excellent. Because almost everything is a point of interaction. Picking up, moving, and throwing things in VR is a pleasure.

Vacation simulator

If you are tired from what you are doing Job simulatorOwlchemy Labs still covers: Vacation simulator. The game brings adventure to clear beaches and snow-capped mountain tops by playing ball, grilling delicious meals, swimming in or swimming around the pool. Hiking can also be done, but in general there are no insect bites and dirt ruining such an experience. The robot is not hanging when you actually go on vacation.

Vacation simulator It's a lighter VR game and is less likely to cause disease problems than a more intense product. Owlchemy Labs' sense of humor shines in a new environment and is a game that exists only in VR.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

The closest place to make your dreams come true in the enterprise Star Trek: Bridge Crew It does an excellent job of capturing the essence of Star Trek space combat in VR. Explore the stars and the universe with 4 teams aboard the spaceship.

One pilots the ship, the other acts as an engineer, the other a tactical choice. The fourth team member acts as a captain and sees everything on a global level. Team-oriented experience Bridge crew Best when you have 3 friends. If you are interested in remote Star trek You can play with your friends.

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Accounting +

Is virtual reality a good medium for comedy? Accounting, Short adventure game written by Rick and Morty Creator Justin Roiland gives a strong example of this. The various layers of colorful hues allow players to grab and move objects in the world, most of the time they only need a violin with their surroundings.

The mechanics may not be memorable, but writing is certain. It's filled with friendly characters who talk in wacky and irrational conversations. Rick and Morty Pan. Fans of the show, or generally anime comedies, will undoubtedly like this short but memorable VR beat.

Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel

HBO Show Silicon valley You can explore Pied Piper, the world's most dysfunctional technology company, for free. Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel Game, barely oily machine can be ledger.

The game has functional rods if you need something to give some creative inspiration as well as the biggest characters of all the shows including Jared, Jian Yang, Big Head, Richard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle. However, virtual marijuana may be in a legalized state or in a virtual prison.

Veeve Port

Role play

Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 Bethesda's legendary world construction and quest design combined with an improved combat system is one of the most ambitious role-playing games ever. Fallout 4 VR Put you in the game to realize our arched residence dream in virtual reality, not as a small part of the game but as a whole experience.

Stop & Go V.A.T.S. Combat system and slower movement speed, than similar virtual reality titles Fallout 4 VR This is a great time given the world scale of Bethesda and the amount of content you have.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Skyrim on Alexa

Nobody can create an open world like Bethesda Game Studios. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It can also be a developer masterpiece. in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VRYou can experience the whole game in virtual reality and look much better on HTC Vive than on platforms like PlayStation VR.

Traveling through Skyrim and fighting Draugr in a secret cave is much more immersive than in the original game and you can start to be the character you actually created. Every decision has a new weight and meaning, and every battle feels even more important.

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Keep talking and no one will explode

Virtual reality headsets seem like isolated experiences at first, and you can mirror the footage on the screen for those around you, but there's no way to deliver the experience you're seeing today. Keep talking and no one will explode It's a unique multiplayer experience that provides a way for people who don't wear a headset to join.

The game does the work to the player wearing the headset while releasing the bomb with the input of another player. Problem? Only the player wearing the headset can see the bomb. To unlock it, the main player must describe the various modules of the bomb, while other players refer to a long manual that provides instructions to perform.

The result is a tense, often an enthusiastic experience, as players shout at each other when the clock is shaking. Modules that can appear in bombs specify players to perform various tasks, such as morse code translation or memory games, and communication is essential. It can also break down quickly. Asymmetrical gameplay Keep talking and no one will explode Provides the templates you need for fun and socially oriented VR games.

Fantastic strike

Vive's motion control and the use of real physical space opens up some interesting possibilities that can actually get your hands dirty. Fantastic strike Perfect example. Based on a flash game of the same name in 2008 Fantastic strike Use simple components such as wheels and bars to configure the device to move the target object through the level into the target area. Conceptually reminiscent of the old series of incredible machines, the components are simple and focus more on physics.

Unlike previous models where you used a mouse to connect parts and configure 2D devices, you can now manipulate components directly by hand in full 3D. This concept is beautifully transformed into a new medium, and it is happy to rejoice to step down on the hands and knees.

Mr Mercedes Rare Escape

Mr Mercedes trailer Stephen King TV series

Why pay for going to the escape room when you can experience the same thrills and frustrations in the comfort of your living room? in Mr Mercedes Rare EscapeA puzzle game based on the AT & T TV program and Steven King novel, you have to escape from the locked hideout before the end of time, and the scene of the program set was used for your own experience. It confuses and darkens the escape room, which has entered into psychological fear. It is actually making the way out of the room even more stressful.

Veeve Port

Tetris effect

Tetris effect epic game store virtual reality vr oculus htc vive lift

Use the sublime and original classic puzzle game. Tetris effect It shows how important the game's visual and audience cues are to shape the experience. At the most basic level Tetris effect It's still a classic Tetris Tetris effect Use crescendo and movements to create the game's soundtrack. If you continue to clean the lines and go through several steps, the design will change just like the environment behind it.

Tetris effect It gets its name from the phenomenon of players looking for pieces everywhere, even in dreams. For this reason, HTC Vive is the perfect place to experience gaming. Even if you close your eyes, you can definitely see the blocks falling.

Social and creative

Lich's Boarding Experience

If you're not sane, maybe at least small Especially when you are near the top of a skyscraper without barriers, so as not to fall, afraid of height. in Lich's Boarding Experience, You can try to overcome that fear by kicking off 80-storey wooden planks from the air, and you can try to see what friends and family can do with virtual reality.

Developers can suggest using real wooden planks in the game space and customize the in-game plank size to match the plank size used in the actual game. Only now Ed, Ed and Eddie Characters include …

Recording studio

Playing in the room for free

Social VR experience, Recording studio It's a kind of VR social space where players can mingle with other players and play colorful mini games. Control your avatar, play basketball, soccer, paintball, disc golf, charrad, and more, everything is played in life-size VR, making you really immersed in action.

Recording studio It's one of the more comfortable experiences offered on the HTC Vive, and with early access, we expect to add more mini games over time. As is, Recording studio For HTC Vive owners, it is free to download and play.


Tilt brushes

Tilt Brush in Oculus Rift

Tilt brushes It's not a game in itself, but it's one of the most interesting and medium-sized applications currently available on Vive. This Google-owned app can use two motion controllers as brushes and palettes to paint in 3D space.

Palettes, on the other hand, allow you to select brushes and colors, manage system settings, and apply multiple tools such as straight or mirrored axes. The main hand is holding a brush so that you can quickly change the scale with the touchpad. In addition to the standard options like oil paint, markers or dry brushes, the palette also includes effect brushes such as smoke, fire and stars, bringing your creations to life.

Tilt brushes Although we don't yet have the tools you need to make it professional, like the ability to create standards, geometric shapes, it's a fantastic and intuitive way to quickly sketch your ideas in 3D. Unlike many games released so far that simply port the existing genre to VR without radically changing gameplay, VR painting / sculpting is a categorically different experience and is likely to be a very important area in the industry.

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