A Fox News host compared desperately overcrowded migrant detention centers to “a big party” with too many guests

  • On Tuesday, "Fox and Friends" organizer Brian Kilmeade defended the Customs and Border Protection Bureau after a group of Democrats insisted on the abuse of immigrants.
  • Kilmeade compared crowded facilities to busy house parties. He said: At first it will be fine with 30. Then after 100 people a little tax will be charged. Can you take 5,000 pictures? "

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  • Democratic spokesman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez criticized Kilmeade and asked what the last party people would go to "where they are locked in the armed guard's cage".
  • Tuesday's Homeland Security report details the overcrowding, food shortages and lack of sanitation in prisons.
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The host of the Fox News channel compared the immigrant detention facility on the US-Mexico border with a house party where immigrants packed into dedicated cells in the waiting room and had too many guests.

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In Tuesday's "Fox and Friends" edition, Brian Kilmeade said immigration detention after a group of Democratic lawmakers inspected a facility near El Paso, Texas, after customs and border protection authorities accused the abuse of prisoners Defend the conditions at the facility.

New York representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez said immigrants were told not to drink clean water and even drink from the toilet.

Kilmeade said in this sector that the CBP was unfairly criticized for the conditions of the facility and compared the center to a house party that they had in hand.

He said:

"Imagine yourself. There is a house, a family of 5 people. A party, there may be more than 30 people. They had a big party or more than 100 people and two and a half baths.

"At first 30 would be fine. And after 100 people, some tax will be imposed. Maybe you can get outdoor facilities. Can you get 5,000 points?"

You can have the best facilities in the world, but it's so excess … "

This statement caught the attention of O Casio-Cottes, who mocked his claim on Twitter.

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Hey, @kilmeade:

What was the last "party" you visited?
-Trapped in a cage of armed guard
-Drank in the bathroom
Does your mouth become inflamed when you have eaten food that is not good for a long time? https://t.co/UfO8EQzRbI

Later Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security released a report on the shocking population concentration at the immigration detention center.

The photos of the facility showed that the immigrants were packed with clogged areas and cells, and the report showed that children could not have showers and hot meals.

On tuesday Kill Mid continued to defend his words CBP's action on Ocasio-Cortez.

"They're not a cage-the divider that @BarackObama engineered children who did not accompany two adults to @DHSgov had no intention of accommodating 690k people for six months.

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