12 benefits of Monday fasting at Sawan (सावन) Month

Shraavana (Sawan or Sravana) is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, one of the most sacred months of the Hindus. According to the English calendar, it starts in July and ends in August. For many Hindus, Shraavana's moon is a month of fasting. Is considered very auspicious to pray Lord Shiva. In the Sheraton Moon, it is believed that Shiva worship is 108 times more powerful than usual. Millions of devout Hindus observe Shravan Somwar Vrat. Fast and perform Pujas (worship) on Monday Sawan Month.

People have their own purpose of observing this quickly. Some observe it for longevity, happy marriages or for the happiness and prosperity of children. Sawan Somvar Fast offers wealth, luxury and generation.

Significant Benefits of Lord Shiva's Worship by Fasting in the Month of Sirabana


By worshiping Shankar worship on Savan & # 39; s Monday, not only the interrupted work is completed, but also dedicated people read Sawan Vrat Katha, Shiv Chalisa, Shiv Aarti, who gain the special grace of God.


Men and women who worship Lord Shiva on Monday are blessed of God and are believed to have had a hope for marriage or pregnancy.


Those who interfere with marriage or pregnancy are said to fast on Monday in Shrawan Month. Believers worshiping the Shiva god and mother Parvati. Believers are pleased with ardent people.


Sawa My Moon is considered very precious to the god Shiva. According to ancient beliefs, those who fast Monday are blessed with happiness and all the joys of the world. All his wishes came true.


Donations and charities donated this month offer fruit similar to a visit to Joey Linga.


Lord Shiva is worshiped with Belpatra, believing that this day is in the roots of Belpatra. Therefore, this worship gives the same result as a pilgrimage visit. Sawan Somvar quickly brings happiness, prosperity, wealth, luxury and generation growth.


In particular, the four Mondays coming to Shravan's month are very auspicious. Few people extend this and end with 16 Mondays, continuing through December. Shravan Shiva Vrat is one of the important religious practices associated with Shiva. This fast is famous for finding a good life partner.


Believers who do not fast swans on Monday may begin fasting from the first Monday of Sawan month and continue until 16th Monday, or may stop until Monday, April 5, which corresponds to Sawan month. That way, you'll benefit in the same way, even if you did it every Monday throughout the year.


Some fast fast throughout the month of Sraban. They stick to certain types of food for a month. Foods such as sabudana and fruits are usually eaten in Shravan Shiva vrat. Those who follow Shravan Shiva vrat religiously eat only once a month. It also eats food without salt when fasting.


Shravan Shiva vrat is especially important for women. Both married and unmarried stay fast for other reasons. In general, single women keep Shravan Somvar vrat to help find a good husband. Married women keep this fast to pray for the husband's longevity. Keeping this fast should guarantee a long and happy marriage.


Some medical experts believe that fasting is good for health during Shravan's month. When it starts to rain, the sun is scared, which slows down the digestive system. It is recommended to eat food that is easy to digest. That's why many Hindus follow a strict vegetarian diet during the month of Sraban. Fasting also has a detoxifying effect on the digestive system. This is a natural protection against waterborne diseases that usually occur during this time of year.


Hindu women wear green and yellow bracelets, as well as red attire, pray for a long and prosperous life for their husbands. In Hindu months of Shrawan, it's about a henna tattoo or Mehendi, which is called locally. There's something very trendy about the beautiful henna shades that every woman loves. Shrawan is also a month that is believed to provide sponsorship for mehendi wearers.

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