Which is better: green or red apple? | Fact Check and Nutrition Chart

Apples are sweet and edible fruits found in many varieties. Mainly people Green Apple vs Red Apple. Which is a better green or red apple that should be included in our daily diet? In fact, both apples are full of nutrition, vitamins and calories. There are some minor differences shown in the chart below.

Green Apples vs. Red Apples – Nutrition Differences Chart

Calorie, vitamin, sugar, carbohydrate, iron, protein, potassium and calcium statistics.
Nutrition listGreen appleRed apple
calorie58 kcal59 kcal
Sugar9.59 g10.48 g
carbohydrate13.61 g (5% DV)14.06 g (5% DV)
Dietary Fiber2.8 g (11% DV)2.3g (9% DV)
protein0.44 g (1% DV)0.27 g (1% DV)
iron0.15mg (1% DV)0.11mg (1% DV)
potassium120 mg (3% DV)104mg (2% DV)
calcium5mg (0% DV)6mg (1% DV)
Vitamin A100 IU (2% DV)55 IU (1% DV)
Vitamin B0.037 mg (2% DV)0.034 mg (2% DV)
Vitamin c15 mg (1% DV) 12.5 mg (1% DV)
Vitamin E0.18mg (1% DV)0.24mg (1% DV)
Vitamin K3.2mcg (4% DV)2.6mcg (3% DV)

When comes Red apple versus green appleThis is a difficult requirement, because both apples contain their nutritional benefits. They have some differences, but when it comes to nutrition they are more similar than others.

Green apples are mostly sour in taste and red apples are sweeter than green apples. In the chart above, we can conclude that green apples are a better source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K than red apples. Also, green apples contain more iron, potassium, and protein than red apples.

that much Health Benefits Difference Negligible But green apples can contain slightly more fiber and less carbohydrates and sugar than red apples. To include more Antioxidant In the diet Red apple You should prefer Again, the difference is small. Abundant apples Antioxidants, pectin, Quercetin and Flavonoids To protect the cells Oxidative damage. They are especially good for the heart, intestinal and liver health, making them easy to carry and delicious.

Apple's proven health benefits

  1. Apple juice is good for you
  2. Can help breathing problems
  3. They are good for your brain
  4. Apple boosts immune system
  5. It keeps you slim
  6. Apple Juice Treatment Constipation
  7. Reduced risk of stroke
  8. Keep your liver healthy
  9. Apple juice prevents cancer
  10. Reduced risk of diabetes
  11. Radiance booster
  12. Asthma Attack Prevention …(Read more)

Green Apples vs. Red Apples – Weight Loss

High food Low fiber, energy density or calories per gram can help people limit their risk of obesity. In general, apples can help you lose weight. Adding apples to your diet without eating them will not increase your weight loss. There is a slight difference between Nutrition facts of green apples and red applesBut for weight loss, eating green apples can play a more important role than red apples. Preliminary research shows that certain types of Polyphenols Found in apples can help you lose weight. Polyphenols It is a favorable plant chemical that acts as an antioxidant and a substance called free radicals helps to limit cellular damage to the body.

All apple varieties have similar nutritional value, but they are useful when limiting the risk of obesity. Seems to Green granny smith apples have a small advantage over red or yellow apples. Granny Smith apples, such as Gala or Fuji apples or Golden or Red Delicious apple varieties, tend to be the largest number of certain types. Polyphenols And fiber.

Apples can be taken in the form of fruits, juices, slices, ACV. Health Benefits of Apple Vinegar Proven as a miraculously helpful tonic Weight lossConstipation, etc.

Green vs. Red Apples – Check the Facts

  • Granny Smith (green apple) is low in sugar and 22% more fiber than red delicious apples.
  • The macronutrient balance of green apples is healthier than red apples.
  • Green apples provide 63% more protein than red apples.
  • If you eat apples every day, in a year you will turn them into green apples, stacking 160 g of extra protein.
  • Green apples also have less sugar than red apples, so it's good to understand that they are tastier and less sweet.
  • Sugar from red apples is not harmful to health by itself.
  • To reduce your overall sugar intake, this can help you switch to green apples, especially if you regularly eat these fruits.
  • Excess sugar intake is the primary cause of insulin resistance, which can cause dangerous health problems like type 2 diabetes.
  • Compared to the red delicious apples, Granny Smith (Green) apples provide more iron, niacin, potassium, thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin K.
  • Red apples are actually the biggest punch when it comes to antioxidants.
  • Eating a lot of apples can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, improve lung health, and reduce asthma.

Green Apples vs. Red Apples – The Bottom Line

Green and red apples have distinct nutrients and chemical constituents.

Does this mean that one is healthier than the other?

Green apples are nutritious in many ways. But Red Delicious apples will provide more antioxidants. Therefore, the type of apple that is best for your health depends on your personal goals. Most people can benefit greatly from the extra fiber, vitamins and minerals found in Granny Smith. If you are already eating high-fiber, nutritious foods, the antioxidants of red apples may be more beneficial.

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