Whatsapp Continuous Audio Message Playback क्या है?

Hello? Whatsapp New in What is continuous audio message playback? It doesn't matter if you don't know. What's new in Whatsapp today What is continuous audio message playback?Let's start before you know. of Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp And how is it used? I'll try my best Whatsapp Information in Hindi If you have been using the internet for some time and have some knowledge of the internet, you may have heard of this new messaging app WhatsApp. With this you also have to think about what it is and why it is so popular. How can I use this?

Friend, you might think it's a bit strange, but Whatsapp has been among us for years. When interviewed at Facebook, a Yahoo social network company, two employees of the Yahoo company refused Whatsapp.

Then, with the help of Russian coders, WhatsApp's founders, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, made this communication app much more granular and made people more fond of traditional messaging services, including better features. Done

Whatsapp was released in January 2009. And you all know Now you know how Whatsapp was introduced in the Playstore. What's new in Whatsapp What is continuous audio message playback?

What is continuous audio message playback?

Friend, Whatsapp always brings new features to the app for you. Well, there are a lot of whatsapp features but today we will tell you. This feature was recently added by wahtasapp called "Continuous Audio Message Playback".

This feature allows you to send voice messages through continuous audio message playback. Now we think that we send this earlier too. Please wait for the feature of this feature as it is new to this feature. We are telling it to you

I used to send a voice message to someone before, but I had to download the sent audio, but this continuous audio message playback function is like this. Completely opposite. Yes, now if you send a voice message after updating this new feature of Whatsapp, you do not need to download the voice message to others.

Continuous audio message playback Kaam Kaise Karta Hai?

You do not need to download this voice message sent, it will instead appear on the screen in text format. Plays as soon as the message arrives. Now WhatsApp Android users can also take advantage of this feature. This feature is in the WhatsApp Android app version 2.19.150.

Continuous audio message playback Do you want to download Kaise Kare?

Continuous audio message playback is available on the most stable version of WhatsApp Android. user Google Play Store You can take advantage of this feature by visiting and updating Whatsapp. WhatsApp Update If you don't have the option to update WhatsApp from the Google Play Store, you can download WhatsApp's APK file and install it on your phone. This new feature in the Whatsapp app requires WhatsApp (v2.19.150), which must be downloaded from APK Mirror.

Play Whatsapp Audio Messages


Apart from your friends, Whatsapp comes with some new features. One of these features allows users to share Whatsapp Status as a story on Facebook. In addition to this, Whatsapp gives the user a dedicated QR code button in the profile section.

conclusion :

Dear friends, I have come to know what Whatsapp Continuous Audio Message Playback is. How does continuous audio message playback work? Did you like this information?

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