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How did the Trump family's visit to the UK look on social media?

Charlie via email

I am pleased to emphasize that it was a visit to the state of the Trump family, not the position of the president. Because it was so much – I just have to give up Sly and Family Stone. Zip! Scratch Record! According to New Yorker, it was a bad reservation for this party, given that every time a person not currently known as President Trump visits a casino in New Jersey, "the bosses will put all blacks on the floor." . Stones: You can exit the fire exit and follow it quickly. This is a presidential issue.

The reason why US taxpayers funded Trump's four adult children on a family vacation to London has never been explained by the White House government as a policy that "absolutely never explains and never apologizes." But in the administrative Sunapu, a conscious person was hired to run the Instagram account of the White House, especially cutting out Trump juniors from all the pictures posted on London Vacation in National Lampoon. As we all know, she has a very important job at the White House where she has totally gained her advantage, but even Ivanka looks like a second, but by chance.

However, while the White House itself may sound strange to record the comedy Ralph King's sequel to the 90's, Trump juniors were recording every move online with a passion for all American embarrassment. And given that this presidency has almost won social media, it makes sense to remember high scores in the same way.

Ivanka started working with her photos outside V & A during his visit to the Christian Dior show, and as an American taxpayer, can you tell me how excited she is about what she paid her to do this? Other highlights include those currently known as children's photos of corn. Ivanka sent his head to Botox through the window of Buckingham Palace, sadly and sadly judging by a recent TV interview. Another picture shows that she is sitting at the executive table “to discuss the development of our bilateral trade relationship”. Of course she will-wait a moment and check the notes. I need more time. Ah! She is "President's Unofficial Advisor." Is that just the code for the "favorite child"? Nothing strange about her attending these conversations. Very similar to Barbie in the meeting room. Before anyone crying, I say no because Ivanka is an attractive girl. I say it because she is an idiot.

Connects to Dumb and Dumber, AKA Donnie Jr and Eric. Sadly, Donnie left for ex-girlfriend, former Fox News Kimberly Gil Foil to the United States. It's a shame because she was sludge on the beef pie of this trip. Nevertheless, Donnie was not total bankruptcy. His Churchill photographs and his brothers in the Churchill Warroom were practical insights for those who wondered how England would look when the Nazis won the war. Eric Trump is best known for his suit against his charity and not to mention the fact that he is here with his pregnant wife Lara. Other than that, it is illegal if his affection for touching his wife's belly with a photo ("see what I did!") Is so creepy.

I loved the decision that my youngest Trump daughter Tiffany would dress like aunt Pitipot for dinner at Buck House. But more than that, I liked that evening. One day, is it Ivanka with Liam Fox who has decided which Americans will pair with which British? Steve Mnuchin and Kate Middleton! Sarah Sanders with Prince Michael! – Can you explain how such a decision was made? And shall we go to hell to get rid of the shamelessly predictable Star Wars Cantina analogy? Oh, it's too late

But when I got on D-day by wildly tweeting about “psycho Bette Midler” at 1 am on Wednesday, it was the king of social media, the big money, that won the decisive victory in the social media wars of this trip. You can take Trump out of the United States, but you cannot take it out of Trump.



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