The verdict is in on KFC’s new Cheetos sandwich

Star Cross lovers Cheetos and Fried Chicken will finally unite in a sacred marriage this summer.

On July 1st, KFC launches Cheetos Sandwich, which, in its first collaboration with Frito-Lay, can fulfill all of his childhood dreams of cheese, crunch and crispy fried chicken. The Cheetos sandwich will only be served by the end of July, but Bob Das, KFC's chief cook, told Business Insider that the chain will continue to offer such limited edition mashup menu items.

As your faithful fast food taste tester of Business Insider, we have tried this loving child of junk food and fast food. It was strangely delicious as in a trivial dream.

We didn't know what to expect, but what we got was a soft potato bread filled with uneven crispy chicken, an intense orange artificial Cheetos sauce, and Cheetos filled with knuckles.

It was orange. Oh, so orange.

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We were not ready for the upcoming Rock Magic.

The sharp and spicy cheese cheese tang goes perfectly with KFC's crispy chicken pride. Cheetos added more crunches with mayonnaise swabs and stuck them to the floor.

Kate Taylor, business insider's chief retail correspondent, explained that sandwiches are "better than salads" besides nutritionists.

The fried chicken from Cheetos and KFC was a game made in the sky, and we were relieved because they were able to complete long-distance harassment for a long time. Happy couple and KFC props are celebrated to fulfill your childhood dreams.

Kevin Hochman, chairman of KFC, told business insiders that KFC is seeking more cooperation with other major brands, such as the Cinnabon dessert biscuits that were launched earlier this year.

I can't wait

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