The New PUBG Update 30 is a Game Changer

PUBG Update 30

If you are a PUBG lover, the new update will thrill you to the utmost. 19 daysWork Update # 30 during June was removed from the test server. This particular update offers so much that it can't be reverted. Over time, the game is about strategy and planning. In this update, you'll find new weapons, new vehicles, better UI, and off-course bug fixes. Let's start revelation one by one.

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New vehicle BRDM-2

All of us were saved by the armored UAZ from the flare drops to rush to the safe area. Now it's time to change and upgrade your vehicle. A new vehicle called BRDM-2 will be introduced in the game. The total HP is 2500 points and the rest of the features are similar to UAZ. You cannot shoot inside the vehicle, and the tires have bullet proof. Tanks are available on all maps and can only be obtained through Flare Gun.

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Deadly Beagle is here!

Let's say all your prayers have been heard by all the fans who lost Deagle. This new weapon can be found on every map. New weapons deal .45 damage per bullet. The best part is that you can use both red dot vision as well as holographic vision for this weapon.

Railing grabs are no longer a fault

Another incredible update that captures the hearts of players is ‘Rage Grab.’ Players can now grab the railings of their homes and buildings. This will help you get out of difficult situations as well as better attacks. Although the team of developers is still working on this, this update is very useful and easy to use.

Bursting gas cans

Have you ever thought you could use more gas than to refill a vehicle? Guess whether your wishes are true now. You can now turn a simple gas can into a burstable throw to damage nearby enemies. Execution of this feature is very important as it can harm your teammates and yourself if you don't handle it properly.

The new update seems to have more purchase options with BP. If you are tired of using BP for the same old food, here is some good news. It is believed that new updates will have more options to use your valuable BP in stores and elsewhere.

In addition to all these major updates, we have also improved the UI and major bugs that were resolved at once. There are also key steps for communication between global players. If you like this game, everything is worth it with this perfect update.


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