St. Louis wins its 1st Stanley Cup championship

Bruins Final Game 7: Boston (AP) – Stanley Cup latest between Boston and St. Louis (America) Final Bruins Game 7:

St. Louis Wins 1st Stanley Cup Championship

10:42 am

St. Louis Blues won the first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Ryan O & # 39; Reilly and Alex Petersongo scored in the second half of their first game and Braden Shann and Zack Sanford scored because the Blues set up the Boston Bridge in the Stanley Cup final on Wednesday night in the third round.

O & # 39; Reilly blew a point shot of Joe Bovemesteer, who survived 3:13 before the third blues shot of this game. Jaden Schwartz left Piotrangelo for 7.9 seconds for the incredible score.

The survivors of Shane 8:35 and Sanford forwarded the blues 4-0 at 4:38 and stopped cheering at two separate clock parties in St. Louis. Boston added a goal later in the 2:10.

Boston was looking for the seventh NHL championship, but couldn't solve the blues goalkeeper Jordan Bin Nington. Bruins fan fight


9:55 at night

St. Louis Blues is 20 minutes from the Stanley Cup Championship.

The Blues were 2-0 ahead of the Boston Bruns. There was no goal in the second period. Blues goal contender Jordan Binnington stepped up his case against Con Smythe Trophy, blocking all 11 Boston Shots, and the playoff MVP saved him as 23.

Bruins limited the blues to 10, but Ryan O & # 39; Reilly's deflection and Alex Pietrangelo's backhand scored two goals against Tuukka Rask. Bruins Net Minder scored 3 goals with 3.18 goals in Game 3 in the NHL career.

Boston will host their first Game 7 Cup Final game in pursuit of the 7th NHL Championship. David Ortiz Bruins


9 pm

St. Louis Blues made an incredible 2-0 lead in Boston after their first season in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Bruins was a much more aggressive team and the Blues didn't hit most of the opening 20 minutes. But the first one hit was the blues.

Ryan O & # 39; Reilly recorded a complete deflection, and Captain Alex Petrangelo received Tuhka Rusk's backhand in the last two rounds of the first round, giving St. Louis Blues two goals.

O & # 39; Reilly has hit Je Bauweemmaster's point shot from 3:13, during which the blues shot of the game was abandoned. After a bad line replacement for Bruins, the Blues won a number in the attacking area and Jaden Schwartz left Petrangelo for 7.9 seconds for an amazing goal.

Bruce's crowd score was scored in a row. Bruns drove the blues 12-4 in the first term, but St. Louis goalkeeper Jordan Bennington saved many brilliant bronzes by beating.


8:40 pm

Boston Brewers have a strong start from home ice with St. Louis in the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Final.

So far, blues goalkeeper Jordan Binnington is ready to challenge.

No goal was scored for 13 minutes after the start of the match, but St. Louis was scattered and came out of the 7-1. Bennington, along with Brad Marchand on Power Play, saved a lot of money, including the right side.

Since Boston wants the 7th NHL Championship, they host their first game 7 Cup Final. St. Louis is going to the first title.


8:21 am

Stanley Cup Final 7 between St. Louis Blues and Boston Brin will take place after the deaf game.

Olympic gold medalist Eli Raisman and superball MVP MVP Julian Edelman in David Ortiz jersey were kicked out to flush the Bruce flag. He was associated with Liam Fitzgerald, a young adult fan of Bryce who survived cancer.

When he was introduced, Bruce's captain Zedano Chare's roar was much bigger. What is your belief in playing with 4 broken jaws?

For example, in the case of the Stanley Cup in Boston's history, the emotional seventh game is not enough to add to the mood of Ortiz. The retired Red Sox star is recovering from Boston Hospital because the police's original attempt is to kill the Dominican Republic.

Since Boston wants the 7th NHL Championship, they host their first game 7 Cup Final. St. Louis is going to the first title.


8:15 pm

Until the Stanley Cup final of Game 7 in Boston, the Red Sox star was not far from Bruce's fans to regain David Ortiz.

3rd Olympic gold medalist Eli Raisman and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman of New England Patriots Ortiz Jersey at Brun & # 39; s Banner exit before a decisive match against Louis Blues. He was associated with Liam Fitzgerald, a young adult fan of Bryce who survived cancer.

The banner became the tradition of Captain Bruins in connection with local celebrities or sports stars. All-Time Bruce's Great Bobby Or has already done this poster twice.

Police are recovering from Boston Hospital because the first Dominican Republic attempted murder.

There is no surprise in the lineup. Two weeks after the attack by St. Louis forward Oscar Thunder Kiss, Boston Defense Man Matt G. Jetz returned and the game was stopped. Gregshieck, who went to Conger Clifton, missed the last four games.

There will be Rob Thomas, fifth in six games without injury during the St. Louis series. Sammy Bliss worked with 6 Suspension and Thomas Out and Ivan Barbashev on the Blues 3 line.

Boston is looking for the 7th NHL Championship. St. Louis is looking first. David Ortiz Bruins


4 pm

Not surprisingly, Matt Grasilke was excluded from the concealer protocol in the Boston Brins lineup instead of Connor Clifton in the Stanley Cup final. Making St. Louis Blues was a difficult decision.

Craig Verive decided to replace defender Joel Edmondson in place of Robert Bertujo after the team's match six collapsed. He told Colton Parco and Alex Petrangelo that they were playing in the right way, so it was okay for four left-handed shooters.

Bur Bay told Edmondson that he was healthy in the last two games on Tuesday.

Edmondson said, “This is going to be the fourth game because I thought I played 3 games in 7 seconds. "No one of them compares it. Obviously this is the biggest sport in my life but everyone is excited."

Robert Thomas left the lineup from honesty to Ivan Barbashev's return. The third line of Tyler Vox and Patrick Maroon is Sammy Blas, struggling for St. Louis.


2:25 PM

A few hours before the 7 games of the Stanley Cup Finals, I was ready on the road outside TD Gardens in Boston.

In the afternoon, the police were setting up paving hurdles when preparing for their first Championship Series game in Boston on June 12, 1984, as the Celtics defeated the Lakers and won the Blues Bruins Day NBA title.

Thousands of fans are expected to be around the stadium, and the area has a paid environment. Buzz started broadcasting the day before Patriots quarterback Tom Brady became a free game flag to fire the crowd, and former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was in intensive care at Massachusetts General Hospital. While on the receiving, he will show up on the video screen in his room. Three days ago, he filmed his original Dominican Republic at once.


At 1:06

Matt Greyzcek (GRIHZ & # 39; -lihk) We look forward to returning to the Boston lineup of the Stanley Cup Final for Game 7 against Louis.

Grzeczisk's profits were a big help for Boston in the Blue Line. He faced a conspiracy in the game of Series 2 two weeks ago and missed the last four.

Bruce Cassidy said Wednesday that a few hours ago, a spoiled defender was settled on a formal protocol. Corner Clifton is ready to make a room.

St. Louis is changing too. Joel Edmondson replaced Robert Borzuo with defenders, Ivan Brabachev withdrew from suspension, and Sammy Blas took on the role of explosive Robert Thomas. Craig Verive says defense man Colton Ferraco and Alex Peterson Go are playing for one minute.


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