Pokémon Sleep Will be the New Way to “Catch’em All”

Pokemon Sleep 2019 Conference

With Pokémon Go fever in 2016, everyone wore shoes. Found in the streets where people are looking for their favorite Pokemon. The company has made great profits and good names through the game. One of the main features of this game was the fact that people can interact with me at home. The latest Pokémon 2019 press conference confirmed the buzz of a new app called Pokémon Sleep. It's barely public except for the name of the upcoming app. Officials said Pokemon sleep "will turn sleep into entertainment."

You can say that the new app will focus on providing proper sleep for trainers and Pokemon. Trainers with proper routines have special rewards. The game will be released in 2020. Pokémon Sleep will actually run other gaming apps with money. The company launched Twitter with lighting for upcoming apps.

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Why focus on sleep

It's interesting to understand why companies like Nintendo are focusing on & # 39; sleep & # 39; as a source of entertainment. We all know how the trendy games in the world today are taking night sleep. Sudden sleep patterns in teens and adults are also a real problem these days. Due to this factor, the company decided to sleep the rewarding and fun part of the game. There are a number of problems with which deprived individuals face early and late sleep. Pokemon sleep not only solves such problems, but also promotes health care habits. This strategy is considered the golden egg of the future.

The United Nations recently declared excessive gaming as a mental disorder. It can be said that the game business will face many changes in the future. The Pokémon Sleep app requires you to monitor the sleep and routines of your trainer to give you access to battles and ventures in the Pokémon GO app. In the near future, announcements have been made for several other applications such as Pokémon Masters, Pokémon Home and Pokémon GO Plus +.

Win-win situation

Pokemon sleep has been much loved for its properties. The launch date is set to 2020, but the market has already begun to react. At some point we can not say that we will play a non-addictive game. Because people are important to popularity and use. But if you try to maintain healthy habits and entertain the game, it will help in the near future. Correct sleep patterns "if you can catch them all".


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