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Kapil dev

Kapil Dev is a former Indian cricketer. He also served as the national coach of India from 1999 to 2000. Occupy India for the first time in the 1983 World Cup. In 2002, he was nominated by Wisden as Indian cricketer of the century. He is considered to be one of the best players to play the game. In 2010, he entered the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

Wiki / biography

Kapil Devney Kani Born on January 6, 1959Age: 60 years, 2019), Chandigarh, India. His father, Ram Nikalj, is from Deepalpur, Pakistan, and his mother, Raj Kumari, was born in Pak Patan, Pakistan. His four sisters were also born in Pakistan. At the time of the Indian division, his family moved to India and settled in Punjab Pazilka. After settling in India, he and his two brothers were born. His father was a famous timber merchant. Later his family moved to Chandigarh, Dev was educated at D.A.V school and cricket classes with cricketer Desh Prem Azad.

Kapil Dev childhood photo

Kapil Dev childhood photo

Physical appearance

  • Hair color: Salt and pepper
Kapil Dev with Sunil Gavaskar

Kapil Dev with Sunil Gavaskar


He was born to the Jat family and gave birth to Lajwanti to Ram Lal Nikhanj and Raj Kumari.

Kapil Dev with parents

Kapil Dev with parents

He has two brothers La Messi (younger; living in Chandigarh -9 Ward), Bushan (elder; living in Chandigarh 27 Ward) and four sisters; Pinky Gill and 3 others

Kapil Dev with his brothers

Kapil Dev with his brothers

He married entrepreneur Romi Bhatia in 1980, and the couple gave birth to their daughter Amiya Dev (born in 1996).

Kapil Dev with his wife and daughter

Kapil Dev with his wife and daughter


He made Hariana's domestic cricket debut against the Punjab. In his debut, he had six turnstiles, limiting Punjab to 63 RBIs. During the 1977-78 domestic season, he took his first 10 wicks. On October 16, 1978, he made his international test cricket debut against Pakistan in Faisalabad. His performance was not impressive, but he surprised Pakistani batter with his pace and guards.Kapil Dev Bowling

In the third test match of the same tour, he scored the fastest test half a century on just 33 balls. On October 1, 1978, Dev made an ODI debut against Pakistan, but his ODI performance was not very good at the beginning. In January 1979 Dev played 126 balls 124 times against Delhi's West Indies.

Kapil Dev while hitting a gun

Kapil Dev while hitting a gun

He jumped twice to fifth and then established himself as India's first fast bowler and finished a home series with 28 wickets against Australia. When Pakistan traveled to India in 1979, he became famous for his performances. He helped India win two fights. He scored 69 points in Wankhede Mumbai and took 10 points in the fifth match. In this series, Dev became the youngest cricketer with 100 test turnstiles and 1000 runs in 25 fights. When India traveled to Australia in 1980-81, Dev was injured with a groin injury before the third test match. He was supposed to take a break, but he was willing to join the match, join the team and surprise Australia with a bowling 28/5. India won 1-1 in this match.Kapil dev pictures

Before the 1982 World Cup, India traveled to England for Dev's high performance. For the lost cause, he ran 130 times in the first century and filled five segments. He finished three match series with 292 runs and ten division rules and won the top of the series. In the same year India was defeated by Pakistan, but Dev and Mohinder Amar Nath performed very well.

Captain City and the World Cup 1983

Before the 1983 World Cup, Kapil Dev became India's captain on behalf of Silil Gavaskar during his 1982 trip to the West Indies. But during the whole tour, India was able to secure only one victory at ODI. India touched two games throughout the World Cup. One in Australia and the other in the West Indies. In a match against Zimbabwe, he saved India with only 138 balls 175 runs. This century began when the best batters in India did nothing. Together with Kirmani, he has maintained 126 run partnerships for 27 years. He was named the man of the match.

Play guns against Zimbabwe in the Kapil Dev World Cup

Play guns against Zimbabwe in the Kapil Dev World Cup

In the semifinals, India beat England with six turnstiles and faced the West Indies. In the final match, India advanced to 183 runs and Dev had only one wicket with 15 runs, but with the good bowling performance of Madan Lal and Mohinder Amarnath, India limited their 140 West Indies and won their first victory. World Cup. Scored 303 points and won 12 wickets in 8 World Cup matches.

Kapil Dev with the World Cup Trophy

Kapil Dev with the World Cup Trophy

After West Indies traveled to India after their world tour, India defeated the 6 match test series 3-0 and beat the ODI series 5-0. India could not achieve a single victory. According to his argument, Team India reached the semifinals at the 1987 World Cup but lost to England before reaching the final. In 1994 he retired from cricket.


Cricket test

  • In 1994 he became the highest turnstile in the world, breaking the record of Sir Richard Hadley. His record was broken by Courtney Walsh of West Indies in 1999.
  • It is the only player to achieve a versatile 4000 test drive and 400 turnstiles.
  • The highest number of innings in a career (184).
  • The youngest cricketer sees 100, 200 and 300 test turnstiles.
  • The only captain who rides nine wickets in a trial inning.

ODI cricket

  • Highest Wickets (253 Wickets) Until Retirement in 1994
  • Highest ODI score on sixth place hit (Zimbabwe 1983 World Cup)


  • In 1994, at the pinnacle of the game fix debate, former BCCI chairman, I.S. Bindra insisted that Kapil Dev failed to give Manov Phra Bakah money on a tour of India in Sri Lanka in 1994. But the claim was later dismissed.
  • In 2016, Kapil Dev and his wife, Romi Bhatia, entered the radar of the income tax department when buying stock in the company at a discounted price. The income tax department issued a notice and asked the person in charge to explain it to Kapil Dev and his family.

Award / Honor

  • Ar Junsang (1979)
    Kapil Dev won the Arjun Award from President Sanjiva Reddy at the time

    Kapil Dev won the Arjun Award from President Sanjiva Reddy at the time

  • Wisden Cricketer of the Year (1983)
  • Wisden Indian Cricket of Century (2002)
  • ICC Cricket Hall of Fame (2010)

Favorite things

  • Cricket: Ian Botham, Don Bradman, Imran Khan, Richard Hadlee
  • food : Cheese, Thai and Italian Cuisine

Style / argument

Car collection

Porsche Panamera Sedan, C-Class Mercedes (HR 26 DA 1983), Mercedes GLS 350 d (HR 26 DB 1983), Toyota For Tuner (DL 8 CAF 1983)

Kapil Dev with his wife

Kapil Dev with his wife in his car


  • Elevens – Kaptains Retreat Restaurant in Chandigarh Sector-35, India
    Chandigarh's Kapil Dev Restaurant

    Chandigarh's Kapil Dev Restaurant

  • Elevens – Kaptains Retreat Restaurant on Fraser Road in Patna, Bihar, India
  • 5{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} stake in Zicom Electronics
  • Dev Musco Lighting Pvt Limited Partners with Musco Lighting to Install Flood Lights in Sports Stadiums in India
  • SAMCO Ventures; Samko Securities Holding Company


From 1999 to 2000, he was coached by the Indian National Cricket Team. 5 Lakh / match + bonus.


  • He loves to drink.
    Kapil Dev while opening a bottle of champagne

    Kapil Dev while opening a bottle of champagne

  • Spokesman Paul was in a former sport where he was in charge of the DAV school (where Dev was educated).

“I listened endlessly during school hours. Kapil was a triple jumper and won a medal at the school's middle school. ”

  • Until the age of 13, he did not play cricket.
  • He accidentally got into a cricket. When the Sector 16 team was short on one player, Dev was chosen. His brother, Bhushan Nikhanj, received a lot of encouragement after being selected.
  • His coach Desh Prem Azad recalled his first meeting with Kapil Dev

I refused to fill in the first case of his appearance. ”

  • In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a match between the Pal Club and the King Crown Club in Chandigarh. Kapil Dev was used to play these games. At that time, the loser tended to treat the winner with Channa-puri in a popular restaurant in Chandigarh's 27th district.
  • Following Sunil Gavaskar's advice, Dev corrected the bowling behavior and started bowling on the stump, making a more dangerous swing for Face and Batman.
  • His friend Sunil Bhatia introduced him to his future wife Romi Bhatia.
    Wedding pictures of kapil dev and romibatia

    Wedding pictures of kapil dev and romibatia

  • In the game against West Indies in 1979, Ropil Bhatia was invited by Kapil Dev to watch the game. In that game, Dev completed the first century by hitting the sixth century.
  • In 1980, Dev offered to Romi Bhatia on a local train in Mumbai.
  • In the 1980s, Kapil Dev, Ian Botham, Imran Khan, and Richard Hadlee competed to become the world's best comprehensive players.
    1980s Fourth All-rounder

    4 great all-rounder of the 1980s

  • Dr. Ranji's first claim to Dr. ChaRavinder Chadha once announced the case: Rajinder Ghai got Kapil Dev, but Umpire refused to appeal and Dev recorded 193. Ghai asked the judge why he made the wrong judgment. The referee answered.

Sabhi Log Kapil Ko Dekhne Aiyee Hain, Thumhe Nahin

  • In his long career of 184 innings, he never fell.
  • His favorite scenes were hooks and drives. His favorite bowling was to throw or drop a yoker.
  • He played County Cricket in Northamptonshire and Worcestershire in the UK, except for cricket matches between India and the Haryana State team.
  • Dev was also good at soccer. In the 1980s, he played football with Shah Rukh Khan, the captain of his college football team.
    Kapil Dev and Shah Rukh Khan Football

    Kapil Dev and Shah Rukh Khan Football

  • In the final of the Cricket World Cup in 1983, Kapil captured Lord Viv Richards at the midpoint of the abyss.

  • Circa 1985, he launched a syndicated agency, & # 39; Dev Features & # 39; but was unsuccessful in business and after his first failure in business, “I bought my office in the central Bangla market area of ​​Delhi. Worked at my house. The business grew and decided to try more. ”
  • After winning the World Cup, he became the first choice of TV commercials. His Palmolive Shaving Cream ad became very popular.

  • He has never missed a test match in injury and stamina throughout his career.
  • After retiring in 1994, he started playing golf and was a founding member of the Asia Foundation of the Laureus Foundation.
    Kapil Dev Golf

    Kapil Dev Golf

  • In 1994 he founded & # 39; Dev Musco & # 39; and started the Floodlight business. The idea of ​​starting such a business came to mind when he stumbled upon a flooded land of schools and colleges when he went to America. In this business he said.

It was a person who really opened my eyes. Children playing under floodlights. It was fascinating. I dreamed of building a similar infrastructure. ”

  • Later, his company, Dev Musco, provided floodlights at the Mojave's Punjab Cricket Association Stadium and floodlights in football, hockey, and golf.
  • In 2008 he was named lieutenant colonel by the Indian territorial army.
    Colonel Captain Dev

    Colonel Captain Dev

  • In May 2017, the wax statue was presented at the Madame Tussauds Museum in New Delhi, India.
  • He said, “Dillagi… She has appeared in several Bollywood films with cameo roles including Yeh Dillagi ”,“ Iqbal ”,“ Chain Khuli Ki Main Khuli ”and“ Mujhse Shadi Karogi ”.
  • Dev wrote three autobiography: “By God's Law” (1985), “Cricket Style” (1987), and “Straight from the Heart” (2004).
    Kapil Dev with his mother and autobiography

    Kapil Dev with his mother and autobiography

  • He has a good friendship with Imran Khan of Pakistan, who became a cricketer. When Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan, Kapil Dev was invited to the oath but refused the invitation.
  • Kabir Khan biography of Kapil Dev's life & # 39; 83 & # 39; starring actor Ranveer Singh. Deepika Padukone played the role of Romi Bhatia, Kapil Dev's wife.
    Ranveer Singh and Kapil Dev

    Ranveer Singh and Kapil Dev


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