Juventus is waiting for a new era

Torino's old lady will change her voice this summer because the departure of Massimiliano Allegri proclaims a new era in Juventus and is no longer ruler at age 51. Crumbling.


When referring to Serie A in the last decade, only one team has been synonymous with competition, and this is Juventus. Since the 2011/12 season, they have also won all Italian championships and long distances. Their eighth consecutive title landed in May, and Cristiano Ronaldo won the championship for the first time after transferring big money from Real Madrid almost 12 months ago. But domestic control is not the reason for the appearance of the Portuguese icon.

In 2015 and 2017, Juventus was short in the Champions League final, and Ronaldo was reasonable to sign at the age of 34 because his new employer became synonymous with the competition just like Serie A. However, the plan to conquer the continent was terrible and meant that the post was on the walls of Massimiliano Allegri after being out of the best club competition in Europe by this season's amazing action Ajax.

The decision not to offer him a new contract was considered harsh by the wider football clubs, especially when considering how many trophies he won while playing Juventus. At the same time, Key's clubs are not afraid of such drastic decisions, so they have kept their heads and shoulders longer than their Italian colleagues.

Even after this most recent cataclysm, they won the Serie A next season and made a choice of many sponges. Of course, it is not only the opinion of former players and managers to provide a guide to who will be the champion, but there are also bookmakers who are ready to present their respected views. Looking at the current Serie A bet, Juventus scored the best in the pile, bet365 priced the holder at 4/6 and then followed things like Inter Milan and Napoli at 4/1 and 5/1 respectively.

Although Sari brings an innovative style to the club, the person who will be the successor of Allegri is rarely relevant because it is almost one of the easiest jobs in European football. Depending on who is the new leader at Allianz Stadium, he will inherit a group of incredibly talented players, including the addition of almighty Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

Therefore, despite the big decisions made at the boardroom level, there should be no real difference from the problems of the stadium, and if that is the case, be prepared for Juventus to once again rule the Italian resting place.


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