How to Make Money WhatsApp In Hindi

How to make money whatsapp in Hindi: Friend, whatsapp do you use? About 75{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} of people in this new technology world today Whatsapp Let's use and he only message And image Let's use it to share.

But did you know now you can make good money using WhatsApp from your mobile sitting at home. If you want to make money on WhatsApp. This articleHow to make money whatsapp in hindi) Should read full. Please tell us.

How to make money whatsapp in hindi


How to make money whatsapp in hindi

You always Internet Search Paise Kaise Kamaye online So today we have brought you the best way Earn Money Online Watts app to do. You will know WhatsApp is an Instent Messinging App. This allows you to talk with your family or friends far away. WhatsApp allows you to send audio, video, photos, text messages, video files, audio files and documents.

You should be told by many people that you can make money on WhatsApp. But how does not give complete information about it, so today we will tell you how to make money through WhatsApp through the medium of this article. I say WhatsApp doesn't give me money. Yes that's right. WhatsApp doesn't give us money, but you can make money from WhatsApp.Whatsapp how to make money in hindi) Please tell us.

To make money from WhatsApp friends, you first need to know how. Only then can you make money on WhatsApp. I will let you know first. Money whatsapp accumulate How can I do it?

How to Earn Money WhatsApp in Hindi »How to Make Money with WhatsApp |

Online internet Making money is not easy. I'll tell you once via WhatsApp Making money If you understand the tips you need to do, you can earn a high return with this task. There are many ways to make money.

Who can earn by sharing with friends or friends on WhatsApp. What is shared on WhatsApp? From Whatsapp Making money What happens? Payment Methods They are all described in detail. Please read and understand the websites that offer earning on the internet online and try again. You can see your earnings results in front of you.

How to Make Money on Whatsapp (How to Make Money on Whatsapp)

  1. In affiliate programs
  2. Online training
  3. From the PPD network site
  4. Referral / Invitation
  5. In the short link URL

Earn money on WhatsApp using Hindi affiliate program

Affiliate marketing Let's find out a bit how to make money with WhatsApp in this affiliate program. Affiliate program They are the people who sell the product. Items available for purchase on the website's online shopping site.

How to make money whatsapp in hindi

Amazon, Flip cart By joining an affiliate on your site Whatsapp You can earn money by sharing. It's a simple matter. Join the free subscription program. Write about the product according to the market demand and write on the website by pressing the "Buy From Amazon" Buy From Flipkart button. By clicking on the link you provided, the fees of all products purchased on the shopping site will be added to your account.

Make Money With Online Education

If you are an expert in something or a field, you can teach about it with WhatsApp Online. And you can take them as a fee. You can teach anything like software, websites, video makers, school education. To get a good profit, you can create your own banner and share it on social media WhatsApp, Facebook. Which customer will be interested, he will send you a message. In this way, you can make money through online training.

Make money with WhatsApp using Pay Per Download Network (PPD)

How to make money on WhatsApp. In other words, the fourth way to make money on WhatsApp is PPD. Full name of the paid PPD per download. This means paying for the download. In other words, if someone clicks on your link and downloads something, you will receive his money. It doesn't matter anything: movies, video songs, guys, files, PDFs, whatever.

To make money on PPD, you need to do some file uploads on the PPD website. Just like a new movie or a new video song, you can upload any file. After uploading you will be given a link to download that file. Copy the link in the file and share it on WhatsApp social media. The more people you download, the more money you have.

List of the best PPD websites to make money:-

  1. Individual stocks (excluding surveys)
  2. UsersCloud (without survey)
  3. Fileice (Poll)
  4. Daily upload

Monetize WhatsApp using short link URL (in Hindi)

Make Money Online in the Internet World The third way to make money is to make money by shortening links. In other words, if you link to any site, link to an app, or lack any kind of link, you can make money by sharing it on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media. If you click on the short link you sent, you get money. Hindi meaning short links in short links.

Click on 100 Views or 100 Click and you will get 1 $. The price of 1 $ is 60-70 rupees. Now you can make more money by clicking Think Short Link. To do this, you need to create an account on the Short Link Site. Paste the link, make it short and share it on WhatsApp on Facebook.

The process of creating an account and shortening the link:-

  1. Create an account from a short URL-> Sign up for
  2. After creating your account, paste the link into the blank box and press the button shortly.
  3. Then share it on social media like WhatsApp.

Payment Method :-

  • Click or look at short links to earn money.
  • 100 Views or Clicks 1 $
  • You can transfer to PayPal and then transfer from PayPal to your bank.

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Dear friends, I hope you understand how to make money with Whatsapp (How to make money in Hindi with WhatsApp with money). If you still have questions, just leave your comments in the comments box.


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