Get Ready For The Advanced iPadOS


Apple has always set high benchmarks not only in technology, but also in manufacturing. Every single update contains new features. This time, the company will all release a new OS for the iPad. At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this week, the company officially launched a new iPadOS. There are many reasons for this amazing iPad upgrade. Don't think this new OS is the same as iOS 13. This is because the former includes some new features that you won't find on the iPhone.

The company believes that the current design demands require a new OS specifically for the iPad. In addition to Macbooks, Apple does not offer devices to professionally design and develop models. Keeping this as the most thrilling update on iPadOS is the Apple Pen. The latency has been reduced to 9ms. Adding a new tool palette makes it much easier for users. The algorithm has been improved and the drawings are more natural and accurate. If you are an expert in the company's design team, we recommend that you consider the Apple Pen.

What to fall in love with iPadOS?

Recent updates have a completely redesigned file app manager. This allows for easy access to documents, photos and videos. The best thing about this update is that you can import and export files from USB drives, SD cards, and SMB file servers. You can compress and decompress files and folders. The multitasking part required a lot of attention and was taken care of. You can now use the splitter pane feature and swipe once to switch. You can also run two instances of the same app at a time.

Finally we have a dark theme

As for the display capabilities, the company had to strengthen the game. The new iPadOS released by the company has a long-awaited dark theme. Now you can work comfortably at night. Some users have occasionally reported irritating white backgrounds on Apple devices, but finally solved it.

What is it today?

New widgets have been provided for the new iPadOS. It can be customized and users can add the necessary information every day. It doesn't matter whether it's news, stock market updates, notifications, notes or anything you can add to this widget. Overall, if you like big screens, you can say this new OS is a real deal. Use digital canvas to rediscover your creativity. Accessibility and new features add a whole new experience to the user.


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