Carpooling made easy through rPool, a new app by redBus

offered by rPool

Nobody likes to get into a traffic jam, but everyone wants a luxury car. Doesn't that sound ironic? Well, this article is not about moral policies for life, but about the introduction of new apps. RedBus recently released an app called rPool, which can make it difficult for you to search for people taking taxis. This app saves not only time and effort, but also money. If you can't find someone, rPool can help. You can connect with experts from other fields and choose the ride you want to ride without hassle. Currently rPool has started services in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune.

How is this different from other carpooling services like Quickride?

We have seen many carpool apps in the shade and limelight. rPool is unique because it is designed according to the definition of carpool. In rPool, it can be & # 39; Ride Seeker & # 39; or & # 39; Ride Giver & # 39 ;. After successfully registering and verifying yourself in the app, it takes almost a minute to search. This app is dedicated to professionals, so you can find people inside and outside your workplace. When you post an invitation as a "rider," people can accept and link to confirm the ride.

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Pick up places will be displayed on the seeker map. If there is a problem with the pickup, you can call that person. Contacts are provided in the app with privacy guaranteed. For Ride Seeker, rPool gives you the freedom to set a fare every 1 km. It's a point-based system, so you can set points per kilometer of your vehicle. The app is in the flowering stage, so registration soon will benefit you.

Is rPool safe?

For online service apps, people are very skeptical because the real problem is not underestimated. Quick ride It solves this problem by allowing users with organization-specific email IDs to register for the app. Everything on the screen is smooth and the rPool stays the same in the real world. All registered users are working officials whose identities are verified. Depending on the previous occurrence of the inviter, you can refuse to board. If you have a problem while boarding, immediately cancel your boarding and contact our helpline number.

The application supports phone number creation so you don't have to worry about unwanted random calls. RPool has also cleaned up when it comes to profile visits. Only people with the same path as me can see your profile. From the current security point of view, the app looks safe and smooth. If you're having a hard time getting on a crowded subway or juggling a car rickshaw, we recommend using rPool. Save cost, time and environment at the same time.


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