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Potatoes and feta roast tea with sour cream (pictured above)

Preview 10 minutes
cook 40 mins
serving 4

for rösti
three desirée potatoes (To get 900 g of meat)
Swallowtail 300gbroken
6 egg yolks
1 tablespoon dried pepper
Dried mint 1 tsp
6 tablespoons grams of flour
50 g parsley leavesFinely chopped
Spice 30gFinely chopped
1 x Good Glue Olive Oilfried food
1 large handle unsalted butterfried food
1 bundle Spring onionTrimmed and chopped
1 small bunch corianderPicked, leaves
1 lemonCut into wedge shape

150 ml Sour cream (Ie 1 pot)
Cracked pepper
1 lemon flavor
1 tablespoon dried pepper
1 tablespoon spicechop

Unshelled spuds are placed in a brine pan, boil and boil for 15 minutes (it is important to use wax potatoes for this dish, otherwise the rösti mix is ​​too wet). Drain, let cool and peel off. Put the flesh in a bowl. Fold in feta, egg yolks, peppers, peppermint, gram flour, parsley and spices. Keep the mix overnight in the refrigerator for as long as you use beeswax potatoes.

Heat the oven to 200C (180C pan) / 390F / gas. 6. Heat oil and butter in oven and frying pan until foaming. Form rösti mix neatly or simply as patty as desired. Cook 2 or 3 pieces at a time, stir-fried the roasted tea until it is golden (about 2-3 minutes) on one side, carefully turn it over and cook for 1 minute on the other side. Finish in the oven for 8-10 minutes until the end of cooking, then use a piece of fish to lift it out of the pan.

Meanwhile, add sour cream in a small bowl, add a lot of black pepper, then finish with lemon zest, pepper crumbs, chopped chives.

Prepare rösti on a platter and garnish spring onions, coriander and lemon wedges. Serve with sauce. To make this dish the best brunch dish, choose from crunchy bacon, smoked salmon or poached egg fry.

Peanut and chopped salad And lime dressingRoasted kohlrabi and red cabbage

Bill Granger's chopped salad with peanuts and lime.

Bill Granger's chopped salad with peanuts and lime.

Preview 25 mins
cook 30 minutes
serving 4

50 g of soft peanut butter
Coconut Milk 40ml
Fresh Lime Juice 10ml (I.e. from about ½ lime)
Tamari soy sauce 15ml
20 ml of water
Maple Syrup 5ml

For garnish
100g Bleached Peanut
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 tsp rock salt
1 teaspoon soft brown sugar
One makrut lime leavesPeeled and chopped
One Lemongrasschop
1 tsp inchlli flakes

olive oil
1 egg stalkPeel and cut into 2½ cm dice.
Three small yellow beets
¼ Iceberg LettuceRipped
juice 1/2 lemon
Salt and pepper
250g cherry plum tomatoesIn half
2 persian cucumbersCut at an angle
100g peasBlow
1 avocadoStones and flesh spread out
¼ small red cabbageFinely crushed
1 small mix dill, coriander and mintPicking and tearing leaves
1 limeCut into wedge shape

Mix all the dressing ingredients.

Put peanuts, oil, salt and sugar in a peanut tray and fry at 180C (160C pan) / 350F / gas 4 for 6 minutes or until the color starts. Fold the lime leaves and lemongrass and fry for 4 minutes until golden. Fold in chilli flakes, cool, then crush gently.

Warm some oil in a frying pan, fry kohlrabi and stir until often golden brown. It only takes a few minutes. Bring water to a boil, boil beets until soft, about 20-25 minutes, then lift out. After cooling enough, peel the beets and cut into quarters.

Place the lettuce in the middle of a deep bowl. In a separate bowl, lightly coat and taste the remaining salad elements in olive oil and lemon juice. Place cabbage on a mound above the iceberg, make a height, then arrange other elements in small piles around it. Pour the dressing, sprinkle with nuts, decorate with herbs and lime wedges.

Coconut Poached Cod, Jasmine Rice and Tamarind Chili Sauce

Bill Granger's coconut cod, jasmine rice and tamarind sauce.

Bill Granger's coconut cod, jasmine rice and tamarind sauce.

Preview 20 minutes
cook 1 hours
serving 4

For fish
Fresh Turmeric 30g
About chopped
10 makrut lime leavesTorn
50 g of gingerPeeled and chopped
2 lemongrassgibberish
Two red peppersAbout chopped
3 cloves of garlicPeeled and chopped
400ml water
400ml Coconut Milk
500-700 g Smoked Cod Fillet
Jasmine rice 300g
½ lime juice
1 tablespoon fish sauce

½ lime juice
2 tablespoons fish sauce
Two red peppersIf you want less heat, remove the genus and seeds
2 cloves of garlicexfoliation
2 tablespoons soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons tamarind

To finish
1 small bunch coriander
About chopped
3 spring onionsFinely chopped
1 red pepperFinely chopped
1 tablespoon crispy shallot
1 tsp rock salt
1 teaspoon pepper slices
1 teaspoon roasted fennel and coriander seeds
6 or 4 soft-boiled eggs
Peel and cut in half
½ limeCut into wedge

In a heavy pot or casserole with water and coconut milk, add all aromatics, boil gently, cover and boil for half an hour. Add fish and boil for 8-10 minutes or until ripe.

For the fish I remove my skin and bones and then divide them into large pieces. Put the rice in a pan, add hot ingredients, close the lid and bake at 200C (180C pan) / 390F / gas 6 for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, blit all the ingredients in the sauce.

Discard the fish through the rice, then put it back into the oven for 5 minutes until the rice is fluffy and the fish warms up. Pour tossed lime juice and fish sauce.

Decorate the rice with coriander, green onions, peppers and crispy shallots. Stack a little bit of rock salt and spices on a plate and serve it with eggs, lime and lamekin sauce, each to your own taste.

Guard Guardian aims to publish recipes for sustainable fish. Check the following for your local rating. UK; Australia; Us.

Pea Falafel, Peas and broad bean salad, tahini sauce

Bill Granger's green pea bread, fresh peas, broad bean salad and tahini sauce.

Fresh peas and broad bean salad while eating Bill Granger's green pea bread. In tahinini sauce

Preview 10 minutes
cook 40 mins
serving 4

3 cloves of garlicexfoliation
1 green pepper
100 g mixed coriander, parsley and dill leaves
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
100g frozen peas, Thawing
100 g canned Chick bean
50g Gram Flour
Vegetable oil

10 g of garlic ( (About 2 pages)
50 ml olive oil
Sea salt
100 g of tahini
80ml water
Lemon Juice 30ml

150 g peeled fresh peas (Raw or packed together depending on freshness and sweetness)
150 g shelled broad beans (Raw or packed together depending on freshness and sweetness)
1 olive oil
Squeezing Lemon Juice
1 small bunch mint
Pick a leaf, tear it
1 small bunch dillPick a leaf, tear it
Lemon 1/2 Flavor
1 pinch each sumac and Aleppo pepper

Blit the garlic, peppers, herbs and spices with a hand blender. Add peas and chickpeas, mix in a coarse paste, tilt in a bowl and fold gram flour. The mixture is slightly dry but still moist. At this stage, it is stored in the refrigerator for two days.

For sauces, mix well until garlic, oil and salt mix well. Add tahini and water and mix again until smooth and loose. Add lemon juice and mix. The source should then be in correct consistency. The sauce is also kept for two days.

To cook fafafel, fill the pan with vegetable oil and heat it until the fire goes out. Drop a falafel mix for testing. (If there is a probe, the oil should be about 170C). Coarse chunks of chickpeas in hot oil, fry with a spoon, until golden brown-3-4 minutes-drain from the kitchen roll and season with salt.

To serve, spoon the sauce in a wide dish and place falafel on top. Lightly coat and taste peas and broad beans with olive oil and lemon juice. Sprinkle salad over falafel and sauce, garnish with herbs and sprinkle on lemon flavor, pepper and lacquer and serve.

Bill Granger is a chef / owner of Granger & Co in London.



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